From the Folks Who Brought you Butt


FantasticcoverAlong comes Fantastic Man magazine. I’ve long enjoyed Butt magazine, the art-oriented zine from Amsterdam. You’ve been missing something if you haven’t picked it up. Part porn, part art, part fashion, and very low key and alternative (this is no glossy but it’s smarter than one), it’s not easy to find but worth the effort if you’re looking for something hot and unusual.

Now the Butt folks are launching Fantastic Man and I’m curious to see the format. Thom Browne, Malcolm McLaren, Roy Blakey, and Rupert Everett figure in the first issue along with some fashion (hair on the chests guys!) that fills a hole in today’s gay print media.

I’m sure it’s simply fantastic!


  1. says

    Wow, it’s like what GQ used to be, and they don’t have a slutty personals section like the Butt magazine site. I like everything about it except Rupert Everett’s plastastic face.

  2. Mike P says

    Love the issues of BUTT I’ve managed to stumble upon – can’t understand why they would want to branch out with a 2nd magazine…?

    Interested to read the first issue of Fantastic Man that I can find.

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