Ian Somerhalder Clearing the Air

Ian_somerhalder_shirtlessIan Somerhalder says his words about his onscreen kiss with James van der Beek in 2002’s The Rules of Attraction were misconstrued, according to Contact Music (CM never cares to cite their sources). The actor now wants to clear things up: “It’s not me who can’t handle it, it’s the audience. Seann William Scott didn’t get all of the backlash that I received when he did just the same in American Pie 2. It was completely unjustified – fans and outraged men saying that I was making anti-gay remarks. I wasn’t and those very close to me who are gay were visibly upset. I’d never make a disrespectful remark about anyone, especially in public, about one’s sexual preference.”

So what were those controversial statements? Somerhalder had talked to Out magazine about the kiss: “We knew that it was an opportunity to do something that was very different and fuck with people, frankly. We totally talked about it before, and the first thing we said is no tongue — definitely no tongue. I have this crazy newfound respect for women. I don’t ever plan on kissing a guy again, because it’s so fucking scratchy.”


  1. says

    I agree — not too much controverial there. It’s no more homophobic than it would be heterophobic of all the gay men I hear talking about their aversion to “fish.”

    But I loves Ian — LOVES him. My husband gets a bit annoyed at my reaction when he gets screen-time on Lost.

  2. Brian says

    I have no problem with Ian not liking the scratchy. I happen to love the scratchy. But maybe Ian likes to eat mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. It’s a matter of taste.

  3. says

    Exactly. If those are indeed the remarks in question, then I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Even the article’s headline is over the top. “Anti-gay slur”? Hardly.

  4. Dan says

    I’m going to be ‘politically correct’ here and suggest that ‘sexual preference’ is a rather inaccurate term…showing Ian’s unfamilarity perhaps.

  5. Dawson says

    Need a little attention Ian. Frankly i don’t buy it. It has taken, what 3 YEARS to offer a retraction, give me a break.

    What i tell my children when they make a mistake is to own up to it right away. There is no shame in making a mistake. For three years he had the opportunity to take back his remarks but what this sounds like is an attempt to try to win over his lost gay audience. Too late.

    I haven’t forgotten how childish he and James acted trying to use us as an excape goat. I hate when any actor who plays a gay character has to justify how straight they are by saying how discusting it was to kiss another man.

    And it gets even better by having to mention his many gay friends. Sorry, you lost me at ‘NO TONGUE.’ This was unnecessary. It’s as if you were trying to PROVE how straight you are. What you were/are is a coward, and that is even worse.

  6. says

    I tried watching his commentary for “Rules of Attraction” but I just couldn’t do it. He really came off as a prick, trying really hard to make sure that no one thought he was gay. He mentions his girlfriend in practically every sentence, and while I don’t remember him saying anything overtly homophobic, it still left that impression.

  7. Jase says

    Who cares. There’s nothing homophobic about his stmt. So, he’s straight and set boundaries with his co-star. That’s pretty damn common in the industry. A lot actresses and actors fake french kissing.

    Also, it’s really lame to slam him with whole closet crap. How isn’t that a slur? Jeez, not every cute guy is gay. Heck, there are a lot of normal looking or ugly guys who are gay.

    BTW, what the hell ever happened to James Van Der Beek? Did the guy fall off the radar or what.

  8. Dan Mac says

    This is a Hollywood actor talking! Why do people expect to hear truth out the mouths of people who by the nature of the business must constantly lie – CONSTANTLY – in order to keep their jobs? Even if he was the gayest guy around, he’d still say it was “like kissing a dog” (an actual quote from a closeted actor when asked about a same sex kiss a while back) to keep his PR peeps happy.

  9. Jase says

    Ian got written up by 365Gay.com in April (the first time) The called him a gay hater because he said 1. “Playing gay was the worst thing I have ever don in my life” and 2. “Two guys kissing is disgusting”.

    He has made the matter worse by ignoring the gay press an is comming across as arrogant Extreme!.

    Nicky Hilton semi-outed Ian when she denied she was dating him 2 days after she got married. Ian’s PR just about had a heart attack.

    He owe the gay community for starting his career – he has played in 4 gay production, Young Americans, Matt Sheppard story, SVU (gay brother) and ROA. I know everbody has to lie to get work, but this guy has way, way skick sand in the face of Gays and he doesn’t care.

  10. Hess says

    He owes gays nothing, its his acting ability, gay people are not that bad I have no problems with them. He has the right to oppinion and so do you but your blowing this way out of proportion, you chose to what you are now stop complaing about the sexy hunk he is, come on you have seen him!

  11. Jose says

    Ian is afraid of loosing his recent success, and I’m sure he’d like to play more important rols than the “beautiful eyes cute gay” I guess that’s why he said that, not to offend gay people but to show the producers listening he can act as a good dramatic and complete star, even if he didn’t say the right words to mean it. Not all the actors are good speakers!

  12. Jose says

    Ian is afraid of loosing his recent success, and I’m sure he’d like to play more important rols than the “beautiful eyes cute gay” I guess that’s why he said that, not to offend gay people but to show the producers listening he can act as a good dramatic and complete star, even if he didn’t say the right words to mean it. Not all the actors are good speakers!

  13. says

    I think there´s nothing wrong with his statements. I mean, everyone have got their opinion, so, Ian´s is that he, personally, would never kiss a man, although… his sexuality is very questionable.

  14. becky says

    u people r really sad on ian
    he is an ordinary person hu does wat he is told. he can’t help it.
    how would u like it if some1 was writin bad things behind ur bak???
    its not nice!!!!!!!

  15. says

    Some of you people are really pathetic.I’m sure you would hate to be slagged off behind your back! A guy is entitled to his opinion you know?I bet that you have slagged a straight person off before or even a gay person before you actually knew you were gay!Ian Somerhalder saying he doesn’t like kissing men is just like you gay’s saying you don’t like kissing women. You sad people have nothing better to do than call him ‘a pussy’ or ‘a prick’, but I think yu come across the pussies and the pricks saying all this mean stuff!

  16. ~*~*~ says

    HIya, I cant believe every1 is slaggin him off 4 sayin that he does not plan to kiss any other guys n tht he no’s he aint gay. He aint bein homophobic he jst no’s that all the press will give him a hell of a lot of hassil. Even if he is gay who cares, id rather him not tho coz he is a hunk (NOT THAT IM AGAINST GAYS) but god get over it plz xx

  17. mikeg says

    For all the girls posting here, you do realize that this is a GAY blog, right?

    I love how they go “I have no problem with gays” but clearly they do since they get so defensive.

    I’m sure the responses from them will now be “I have gay friends so I’m not homophobic!” Riiigggght.

  18. GIA says

    Well um, I think you got a point when you mention the gay characters’ he’s played but sometimes very goodlooking guys aren’t given the same choices as so-so guys who might have a shot at a heavier role. Meanwhile, a starving actor that needs work and exposure has to keep busy. The difficulty then becomes him separating himself from the gay guy characters he’s played because he risks being stereo-typed. I can see how some in the gay community might be annoyed but still, come on. The only fault I see is that whenever an actor, male or female has a role in a movie that didn’t bring down the house or was in someway maybe not the best career move, they need to be MORE gracious about it and not label it as bad, good etc. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with a straight guy letting people emphatically know, hey, I’m straight, I didn’t enjoy that particular kind of role but I like to work and it was a good experience etc. Anyway, he’s gorgeous and needs MORE roles, leading men roles, he’s got the ability, the looks, too bad hollywood would rather put jokers like Colin Farrell in movies that flop rather than using someone like Ian Somerhalder. Loved him every step of the way in LOST and was sooo heartbroken when his character died. My sisters and I go gaga over him. He’s got the face of an angel…women, men and mothers fall in love with. It’s intense and beautiful all in the same look. I also love Josh Holloway, gorgeous eyes, though he’s looking a little rough around the edges these days – too much time in the sun and squinting taking a toll.

  19. Steve says

    I just wanna know what an “excape goat” is. I guess it’s sort of like calling espresso EXPRESSO and escape EXCAPE. I’m thinking that an “EXCAPE goat” is an “expresso” drinking quadruped who got passed along by his English teachers because our educational system sucks. Ian Somerhalder has the same problem making himself understood, but he was probably passed along by HIS teachers because of his charm and good looks….

  20. Rort says

    I am tired of people saying that Ian Somerhalder is a homophobe because he is not turned on by two men kissing and didn’t enjoy kissing a man.

    The people offended by this are building the gays the stereotype of being overly dramatic.

    He has the right to be NOT turned on by two men kissing. Get over it.
    I got over it long ago.

  21. sarah says

    I’m saying this as a person who can’t stand when famous people go on homophobic rants: I read this TWICE and still can’t find the “homophobic” RANT

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