The Scent of a Metrosexual


Beckhaminstinct2David Beckham enlisted Annie Leibowitz to shoot this dark and stormy ad for his new fragrance, Instinct. “The Real Madrid star obviously wanted to show a darker side to his character in the photo” said British tabloid Hello!. The Times online just this week ran a story lamenting that the Real Madrid footballer’s star is on the wane, yet it also said that he’s the “perhaps the closest thing that modern Britain has to a Messiah figure. “

“‘Beckham the brand is all about salvation, redemption, even resurrection,’ Carlton Brick, of the politics and sociology faculty at the University of Paisley, said. ‘It is not me saying that Beckham is a pseudo Christ-like figure but it is how he is often portrayed and it is how he portrays himself.'”

That article’s title, Desolate Beckham rages against dying of the light, could very well be used to describe this photo.

Instinct, which he is producing through Coty, is described as “a sensual mix of orange, mandarin, Italian bergamot and white amber flavours” — spices that could only be described as posh.

ADDENDUM: You know, when I first looked at this photo, it immediately reminded me of the great tradition of English portraiture, most specifically the paintings of Thomas Gainsborough. The Blue Boy was the first one that came to mind. Makes perfect sense to me that Leibowitz would draw from this tradition to capture Britain’s most famous athlete icon.

Gainsborough subjects were also often the cultured, upper middle-class nouveau-riche rather than the aristocrats.



  1. Wayne says

    Coty? Aren’t they the same wonderful bunch that brought us Brut and Canoe? I’m sure it smells like aromatic alcohol. You can pick it up at your local Walmart on Tuesday 😉

  2. Iceman says

    I like the Annie Leibowitz photo. Annie Leibowitz again shows her incredible talent and is one of the top photographer of our time. The photo projects strength, power, and control in defiance to a bleak harsh world. I could care less about David Beckham or his cologne.

    Thanks Andy. It’s your eye for photographic art that keeps me coming back to your site

  3. Rami says

    my $0.02: he looks awful in that picture, and trust me when i say that i love almost every image of him ever. he looks awkward, airbrushed, and just overall wrong. i don’t get it.

  4. Tagg says

    “Christ-figure”? All the sacrilegious aspects aside [and I am a Card Carrying Athiest], is there any documentation that Jesus sounded like Nazarene Trailer Trash when he opened his mouth? And Beckham not only sounds like an illiterate “Limey” peasant but a milk toast one at that. The butch is all exterior. And, like most nouveau riche, wherever they’re from, he’s apparently too stupid to realize that he needs to class up the way he speaks along with his clothes, houses, cars, jewelry, et al. [Beyonce has a great singing voice and is uniquely beautiful, but it’s the ghetto on a hot Saturday night in August whenever she opens her mouth to speak.] At least he’s one up on his wife who, regardless of the price tag on her clothes, or how long she spends being shined up by makeup artists and hairburners, her trashy core always seeps through like an old red wine stain on a white carpet.

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