Will & Grace Giggle Fest

JackI sort of skipped out on the last four seasons of Will & Grace but thought I would tune in for last night’s live premiere, which was worthwhile because of all the line-dropping and giggling that ensued between Debra Messing and Sean Hayes. There were a few points where Megan Mullally almost lost it as well but held her composure. After seven seasons she and Hayes are still the stars of the show. The Malcontent has posted a clip of highlights.

One hilarious line is omitted from the clip though. After Alec Baldwin’s passionate kiss with McCormack, Baldwin stood there with his bag of melting ice cream sandwiches at his side and McCormack looked down at that area and said, “Your package is dripping.”


  1. john says

    wasn’t Alec’s line “I like her, What can I say”…?
    I was rolling on the floor at that line, and his line to Will…”Sounds like someone went to the University of Fancy”

  2. Butter says

    Chris, I think it has to do with the fact that the number of times he has kissed a boyfriend (briefly pecked is more like it) can be counted on a single crippled hand. Meanwhile, he has already gone to second base with Grace on a couple occasions. For me, those displays of censorship make the show unpleasent to watch at best.

    But then again what can they do about it, this ain’t HBO. I really hope they take a hint fromk Dawson’s Creek and have Will dry hump a former boyfriend during the season finale. I vote for Karen’s cousin Barry, played by the incredibly hot Dan Futterman.

  3. Bill says

    Like Andy, I hadn’t watched a show in several years until last night. I just have never found the show very funny. Sean Hayes is MUCH better in the movie Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss than on W&G. However, last night’s show was enjoyable. Maybe my expectations were lowered.

  4. says

    Wasn’t there another season opener a couple years back that had mostly exterior & location shots? This show is SOOO much funnier without the stoopid laugh track! I think it’s time for a live TV revival.

  5. Leland says

    “Is a puzzlement.” While, just as with “Q As Folk” and “The L Word” and “Six Feet Under,” there ARE tons of things to criticize about this show, all of which I will skip except for the writers/producers unfathomable repeated efforts to make the best part of the show–Jack and Karen–seem genuinely evil [Jack: “She could have put her eye out. (both laugh”]AND their ultimate cowardice in how far they would let Will go, it frustrates me almost as much to constantly read that neither he nor Jack ever have dates. They have had several over the years. I just wish we had seen them played out more on camera. Regardless of how we feel, a certain portion of straight America fell in love with the show, and younger gays got to see variations on themselves, however imperfect, however much sucking and fucking their tricks/boyfriends off camera, on TV every week. And some of the lines, particularly from Jack or Karen, are as hilarious as any in any medium.

  6. Hunter says

    Okay, call me crazy, but I thought all sit coms that had a “laugh track” infact were taped in front of a live studio audience. How come they are selling tickets to tapings?

    I remember watching AMEN reruns and hearing a voiceover say that the show is taped in front of a live studio audience. Unless they say that, does that mean all the laughs are just laugh tracks?

    I’m confused over this.

  7. bron says

    I’m sorry, but “Will & Grace” was hilarious last night. Maybe it was the jitters of watching it live – knowing that they could (and kinda did) screw up a little bit – or maybe it was the distance I needed from it. In any event, bravo to them for good shtick to lure some viewers back!

  8. says

    A lot of shows are taped in front of a live studio audience, but many of the people there are actually PAID to be there. I know this because I did this when I first moved to LA. It sucks way more than you’d think. It is hard to keep laughing at something after the 10th take and make it sound as though you are hearing it for the first time. So they make you laugh and laugh over and over like some kind of chuckling monkey so they can record and mix it altogether so it makes it sound like you’re having a really good time falling out of your seat with laughter. When really you just want to get the hell out of there, go home and watch it on television.

  9. Henry Holland says

    “I vote for Karen’s cousin Barry, played by the incredibly hot Dan Futterman”

    Oh Goddess YES. Eric and Dan had good chemistry too, they would have been a great couple.

  10. Tom says

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the episode, but after watching the clip of the best moments, I wish I had seen it!

    They should really have this entire last season taped live. I haven’t laughed that hard at Will & Grace in a while.

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