road.jpg Three teenagers have been arrested, questioned, and released on bail in connection with the brutal Clapham Common killing of Jody Dobrowski last weekend in London. Witness tried to intervene during murder…

road.jpg Fred Phelps planning Newton, Massachusetts picket Saturday over school’s production of The Laramie Project.

road.jpg Bullying and gay taunts force Colorado high school cheerleader to quit team: After I got out of wrestling practice, four guys were waiting on the corner to beat me up because they said I was gay. I’m not gay…I just want them to stop…It’s probably harder for a person who is gay and has to be called names. I feel so sorry for them.”


  1. timothy says

    I hope that kid in Colorado gets a huge $$ court settlement for his awful harassment. Obviously school districts need to know that it will cost them dearly to ignore and any type of bullying/harassment.

  2. Ted B. says

    “Platte Valley cheerleader quits squad over teaunts”

    Maybe the Greeley Tribune should do an expose’ on correct spelling; or at least use “spell-check”. LOL

  3. Michael J. says

    I was born in Greeley and trust me it’s pretty much a pit. It’s also the home of Representative Marilyn Musgrave who sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment. Sadly, Greeley is one of those areas where anyone with a brain or who varies from the “norm” by even a degree flees at the soonest opportunity. But all they’re leaving behind is a dusty, boring nowhere place on the plains. The people left behind deserve to live in such a crappy place.

  4. Dustin says

    While visiting my brother, who attends CSU in Fort Collins, we drove past Greeley several times on the way to Denver and the airport. The gereral consensus amongst his friends was that Greeley is a sh*t hole… the place literally stinks because of the slaughterhauses and stockyards.

    The surprise of my visit was that Fort Collins had a HUGE once a week under-21 gay club. My jokes about the thing being housed in a converted double-wide trailer quickly ended once I saw the parking lot overflowing with vehicles (many bearing out of state plates – Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas) and the crowd of total hotties inside!

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