road.jpg Circumcision reduces a man’s chances of acquiring HIV by 60%, a new study finds. In a study of just over 3,000 South African men, researchers found such a marked different in HIV infection rates they had to stop the study on ethical grounds. Evidence appears to show that the virus attaches to foreskin cells. WHO: “If male circumcision is confirmed to be an effective intervention to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV, this will not mean that men will be prevented from becoming infected with HIV during sexual intercourse through circumcision alone. Nor does male circumcision provide protection for sexual partners against HIV infection.”


  1. Matthew Rettenmund says

    #1 Circumcision might reduce your chances of getting HIV, but so would #2 having your dick cut off or #3 sewing up your ass. All three things are unnecessary mutilation.

  2. says

    Yes this war in Iraq is nauseating….child abuse is nauseating…Judy Miller and the New York Times are nauseating. A cock that has not been cut by a surgeon to fit into some ancient religious tribalistic ritual is NOT nauseating. Just natural.

  3. imconfused says

    I know my dick sure as hell wasn’t involved when I contracted HIV.

    I’m not sure why this study doesn’t specify that they’re talking about heterosexual transmission.

  4. Jay Croce says

    The only pertinent issue is the WHO statement, reminding us that foreskin or not, safe sex is the only real protection against infection.

    Personally, I see childhood circumcision and other forms of genital mutilation as child abuse.

  5. gwb says

    It is now 2009 we are better informed – educated on all the pros and cons related to the Uncut (Natural) verses Cut (unnatural) Penis, to the informed, regardless of cultural influences it is very obvious that the Male Penis is belonging to a human being and it is absolutely insane, with No real reason to Cut any male penis foreskin off. Not even religious teachings as in the past can warrant Cutting the male foreskin off as it all amounts to – Well – Bullshit- comes to mind.

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