Calvin Klein’s New Sex Object Parker Shinn


Meet Calvin Klein’s new blond and tousled underwear model Parker Shinn, who, incidentally, has some fine shins. He’s an 18-year-old yachtsman from San Diego and he’ll be hawking the brand’s new line, Calvin Klein 365. Footballer Freddie Ljungberg is not gone and forgotten. His contract has been extended as well.

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  1. ian says

    Its also a very 70s street hustler look. Calvn Klein no longer runs that company,(as some of us alredy know) and granted he might still be on the board, I doubt he’s the main share holder. Yet they’re still playing with that image, not that Im complaining.

  2. says

    Meh. Blond boys don’t do it for me. And WHEN will this ridiculous tossled hair go away??? His isn’t as bad as some, true, but it just makes me want to yell, “Get a haircut!”


    parker is the coolest person ever. what a nerd. im gonna go make fun of him.

    keep lusting him.
    he loves it.

    <3 peaccceeee creeepers!

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