1. j-vass says

    Sean is totally hot, but did you know that he was in a totally trashy, totally homoerotic, totally unscary horror film called The Brotherhood II? It’s really worth a watch, just to see him shirtless and in boxer briefs. The scene of his initiation as a warlock is particularly gay (and kind of hot).

  2. Hunter says

    Sean Faris is without a doubt one of the hottest guys on TV at the moment. And he seems really sweet, according to the Life As We Know It DVD commentaries.

  3. Jim says

    brotherhood II a must watch.

    Anyway; you all know he is dating that kid from REBA. The tall dorky guy. I don’t watch REBA so I have no clue what his name is. At least 3 rags have busted their secret relationship wide open.

  4. Donald says

    Yet another hottie twentysomething actor so he must be gay. Oh! if all these rumors were true. Then Superboy would be the only straight hottie in Hollywood.

  5. egdam says

    “Modely” is the operative word here. Really goes to show what *good* hair & make-up *can* achieve, esp. if you compare the Flaunt pics with those fr his TV series.

  6. basis4insanity says

    umm…egdam? a dozen years in ugly showbiz & i’ve never met a hair or makeup person that can create muscles. personally i believe the operative word here is “hard-on” – erm…lick, nipple & body shots come to mind too. i don’t care if he’s gay or even if he can act. yah, color me dirty-minded. (thanks andy – this is the first sunshine i’ve seen in los angeles since saturday!)

  7. vinny says

    i love sean faris waay too much…..i like his abs the way they are now, i also enjoyed watching his crack in sleepover – i keep on playing that part again and again and it actually troubles my manhood!! :-)

  8. Jose says

    Hi Every One. Anyways Sean Is So Freakin Sexy I Loved The Way He Looked In The Movie Never Back Down. And By The Way J.S Dork He Aint Dead I Just Finished Talking To Him.

  9. Jose says

    And J.S Guy Dont Be Making Up Rumors Or Spreading The Rumor Before You Be The Word Dead On The Street.