Tom Ford and the Fashion Bots

Tom Ford: “We’ve become plastic, objectifying the human body…waxed and polished and buffed and shined up and manipulated. And then, of course, I’m portrayed as the one doing the manipulating, the polishing, buffing, shaping, which is what I do. It’s just what we do. What the fashion industry does.”





I had to do a double triple-take at that third photo to convince myself it was really Mr. Ford in his birthday suit and the most shocking thing about it is that Steven Klein convinced him to change out of that dark jacket/white shirt combo he’s been wearing for nearly two decades. These are outtakes from a shoot in the November W magazine. More here.
(via farpas & bitaites)

Posted October 11, 2005 at 9:00am ETC by Andy Towle
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