road.jpg Joan Rivers on why the gays hate Star Jones: “Ask her husband.”

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal adopts a puggle, the most fashionable dog in NYC.

road.jpg Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson says that although he still faces opposition from many church leaders, he hasn’t had a death threat in over a year. Speaking at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London, Robinson said that full inclusion of homosexuals in church practice isn’t something we’ll see in our lifetime, and the hate baffles him. Of those other leaders, he said, “It never occurs to them that the church might be a better place and a more godly place with our full inclusion.”

road.jpg Proving that it really does take balls to run the New York Marathon, a giant set of testicles ran the storied race on Sunday. (via gawker)

road.jpg Boy George has been spotted with a brand new Star of David tattoo on his bald head, generating rumors that he’s the latest Brit to join Kabbalah.


  1. Leland says

    Reconfirmation that I am on the wrong planet occurs anytime an item about Baby George is still news. As he has no real talent beyond the occasional bon mot, he has only managed to keep the pilot light of his fame burning low by more and more outrageous looks. After effectively pouring blue paint down his head and face, what’s left but a strategically placed and chosen tattoo? Now he can embarrass nongay Jews, too. Poor Mike Tyson: he trashes his visage and nobody cares. A more interesting angle [if there must be one] is why La George is cancelling previously publicized stateside
    DJ appearances east and west. The White Party in Miami. A Halloween event in San Francisco. Another drug breakdown? Trying to avoid more problems with US Lily Law? [coke bust hearing was to be in DC] Simply an irresponsible pig? All of the above?

  2. Jay Croce says

    >>Boy George has been spotted with a brand new Star of David tattoo on his bald head…

    It’s not really a new tat. I know he had it last March. And I doubt that it has any connection to Kaballah. He widely criticised Madonna for embracing Kaballah, a belief which calls homosexuality a sin.

    ‘I detect a slight edge of hypocrisy here,’ says George, luxuriating in the irony of understatement. ‘She has now joined a spiritual movement that believes homosexuality is a curable disease. How can that be all-embracing?’

    The reason behind the hexagram on his head is still unexplained.

    Within Indic lore the shape is generally understood to consist of two triangles–one pointed up and the other down–locked in harmonious embrace. The two components are called ‘Om’ and the ‘Hrim’ in Sanskrit, and symbolize man’s position between earth and sky. The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, and the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva. The mystical union of the two triangles represents Creation.

    As far back as the late 1300s it was customary for brewers, particularly those in Europe to brand or paint a six-point star on the ends of their beer kegs, known as the “brewer’s star.” The star was hung outside breweries and incorporated into logos for breweries and can still be seen in small village breweries in Bavaria.

    Maybe Georgie is a Hindu Brewer.

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