First-hand Account of Protest in Poland

Polishprotest3UK Gay News has posted a first-hand account by Tomasz Szypula of the Days of Equality march in Poznan, Poland over the weekend at which 65 people were detained and interrogated.

There may be several hundred of us. Maybe three, maybe five hundred. After just several minutes the police stand in our way, both in front of us and behind us as well. We’re surrounded and can’t move.

We’re shouting: “Let us through! Freedom! Equality! Tolerance!” The people behind the police officers yell: “Faggot! Perverts!” Eggs begin to fly. I get one on the ear. I wipe it off. The ear hurts a little, but it’s nothing — I continue: “Tolerance!”

After a moment we realize that the police will not let us go anywhere. So we begin walking around between the police cordons and shout: “Democracy all around!”

After half an hour of walking like that, waving rainbow flags, and shouting “Equal, but different,” we take out candles and light them. Several hundred people hold the candles and shout: “This is a funeral of democracy.”

After a moment, the girls who lead this demonstration enter a podium and begin thanking people for coming to the march. We’re all wondering how to get out.

And that’s when it began.

Tomasz Szypula is secretary general of KPH (Campaign Against Homophobia) in Warsaw, according to UK Gay News, which has the full account