1. HisHolynessDPope says

    i recognize two of them as having been young choir boys who i’ve had intimate relations with… a few years ago.

    Why weren’t the close up photos of the circle jerks and anal penetration included above?

  2. says

    Not surprising, that they all needed to booze up before getting nasty with each other. This isn’t about frustrated homosexuality being vented in a sadistic fashion; it’s just the old story of having to get loaded before you can touch what you’d run from when…er…straight.

  3. Slugs4ever says

    Nothing in those photos look like like violent or life-endangering hazing – just another type of bonding via sophmoric humilation – isn’t that the backbone of bootcamp for centuries?

  4. Ryan says

    Being a gay athlete myself, it is not surprising to me that some of these guys may not have considered this hazing. Rather one in every five mans dream of getting drunk and naked with your team.

  5. Bill says

    Ah yes, the thrusting middle finger held defiantly aloft – the last refuge of the thong wearing, beer guzzling, masculinity questioning 19 year old.

  6. says

    Hello people. Perhaps you missed it. They are a LACROSSE team. I guess you don’t have to be in shape for that and that these guys couldn’t get onto any better sport teams. Also keep in mind that Marquette is a Catholic University and the only good part of it is the Law School. I am an old man and I find only one of them at-all attractive. I pick up cuter jocks in the bars.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    why does this even elicit any notice–much less any comment? this is garden variety adolescent-boy-behavior. Nothing the least but surprising – and definitely not fetching – about any of it.

  8. SteveDenver says

    It’s interesting that when a group of (supposedly) straight men have power over another group of (supposedly) straight men, butts and balls figure heavily into the equation. I wonder if this group of pledges took the “breathalyzer?”

  9. JayHobeSound says

    Still waiting for pics of the infamous UT-Knox Pikes’ Butt-chugging Party. Gotta give the brothers credit for keeping straight-ish faces during what was arguably the most embarassing press conference led by their bow-tied attorney.

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