1. says

    Yes yes…hot, hot, hot…we know Ricky. It makes me increasingly upset that celebrities such as himself simply refuse to come out of the closet. They are single-handedly setting the GLBT movement back years because they are afraid it will hurt their careers. How can anyone be expected to expect equality when OBVIOUSLY gay folks like Ricky refuse to admit it.

  2. resurrect says

    Jacko’s comment about the gay signifier being a towel shook by two men was brilliant. it’s so true – the thoughtless acts we commit are the ones that truly reveal our nature. Reminds me of the old saw about how a guy looks at his fingernails – the old Boy Scout test.

  3. Eva says

    In my opinion there’s only one thing that would be more satisfying than Ricky Martin coming out, and that would be Ricky Martin confessing he’s really into large women–the one rubbing his back, for instance. Please, Baby Jesus; make this one happen.

  4. Jose says

    That’s Ricky’s Half-Brother Eric. He’s a regular shopper at Plaza Las Americas, the biggest shopping mall in Puerto Rico and the caribbean. I work there. He’s not a trainer, but he goes to the gym. And for your info,
    both Ricky and his brother practice Capoeira, brazilian style martial arts practice by many to keep in shape. I can tell you this because I’ve had the chance to talk to Eric in the past,(he is one of the niciest and down to earth people i’ve met) and this is not the first time they have gone to St. Barts.

  5. Jose says

    Also, the photo that they are using in:, where they present two photo side by side, The one on the left, is old!!!! He has a temporary tatto for the promotion of a line of clothing used at his gym. Eric Martin does not have any visible tatto on his body unlike his half brother Ricky.

  6. Chad Hanging says

    Good god. If his beach partner were a woman I’d swear this was a PR stunt to queel gay rumors. Either way, it’s hot so I’ll have more pics like these please and thank you.

  7. Nabor ******* says

    c’mon…theres nothing to judge, i’s just a picture of two brothers shakin’ off the sand from the towel…as you can see it is a beach towel, and I don’t know Ricky but I can’t stretch out my arms the size of the towel…I mean you could do it alone but isn’t easier if you have some help?.I guess if you see two women doing the same thing you would never say any thing about it.have you seen all the fotos?They’re EXERSICING…Check’em out at,THY EVEN LOOK ALIKE check the foto where Ricky in on his knees and Erick is besides him standin’ up

  8. Jack says

    Why is it anyone business if he is gay or not? Peopel seem to think just because they are a celebrity it entitles them to know every detail of the celebs life. Not so. As far as anyone worrying bout the GLBT movement being set back, if I were you I would not assume every same sex attracted person supports the GLBT, after all they are in the biz to make money as well hence why they promote condom use among gay men when condoms break. If gay peopel would stop looking for someone to stand up FOR THEM and worry about themselves and act like civilized people instead of idiots on Pride day and use gay as an excuse to act like beforementioned idiots, more people might take them seriously

  9. Pamela says


    My name is Pamela. I am 22 years old.
    Ricky is the sexiest man i have ever seen. I wish i could meet him face to face.
    Unfortunetly, I have only seen him on stage on the 27th of may performing in lebanon.
    He’s also the most tender tender man, he’s my dream man. Please if Ricky can send me a message on, don’t worry i will know if he’s the one or not who will send me the message, don’t ask me how but i will know.

  10. Pamela says

    To my sweet handsome Ricky Martin,

    I Love You for being there for many children,
    I Love You for showing care for them,
    I Love You for all you do and say,
    I Love You more and more each day.
    Acts of kindness warm the heart, soothe the soul, make the world turn more gently.
    Perhaps, you’ve never realized how your thoughtful, caring ways have made such a difference to others, how your many kindnesses have grown into ever-widening circles that have touched so many lives especially mine.

    I Love You , I Love You , I Love You , I Love You Ricky Martin!!!!!!!. I wish I meet you someday.


  11. says

    i think ricky martin is not gay .so i tell for those people that they say about him gay that he isnt gay and no body enter his life it is his own life and body else life . ricky martin when i was 3 years old ive been heard the songs of u from 1990 till now . dont care what people say thank u .

  12. Tex Mex says

    Being talented and being gay often go together, and that’s the way it has been since the first Neanderthal picked up a microphone. So if the music moves you, perhaps brings some magic to your life, does it really matter if the performer has a boyfriend or a girlfriend? He’s given you a gift — don’t give him your hangup. That’s so 30 years ago.

  13. ray martin says

    I remember seeing Ricky at a gay club in South Beach back in 2000, and thinking “Who is that guy, I know he looks familiar”. Then about 8 or 10 guys I asked said “oh, that’s Ricky Martin, he comes here occasionally.” like it was no big deal. Later, I suspected it wasn’t him, so when I saw him waiting in line at the restaurant across the street later, I asked him how many people think he’s Ricky, and he showed me his ID. I knew it then.
    Kimmie (El Portal, FL)

  14. yep Gay says

    Um OK two guys wear the same style swim trucks are not brothers. Adults couple do that and young children match. Than the children grow out of it. After Parents allow them to dress them selves. Children will find their own style. Adults dress like each other to let other people know. How much comfort with each other. The adults dress alike to show to others that couple belong with each other.(:Sigh:)

  15. F.Cantu says

    When you come out off the closet you have cross the line of no return. You no longer belong to that couple of mankind of Adam & Eve you have join the other group of Sodom & Gomorrah.
    Once you have taste another man’s flesh there is no return…good luck Rick, just wait until you start getting old, no children to carry your name, just another poor queer in the grave!!!

  16. Kentar says

    Cantu sounds homophobic, guess cantu has tasted the forbidden fruit.

    Good for you Ricky Martin, hope the world leaves you alone.

    He now has two sons to carry on the name. Suck on that cantu.

  17. cubanguy says

    i really belive hes gay , so what?? hes happy he helps thers , he’s a great person, let him be!!! let him decide what he wants to do with his life, he dosent owe us anything, does he? then let the man alone ,

  18. Mr. Jack Pennis says

    So it’s his half-bro, then it’s only half-incest and that’s even hotter! At least Dicky knows how to pick ’em, that’s stud’s sooooo dreamy hot!

  19. Robert says

    Wow, Ricky in St. Barts! That’s a small island, only about 7,000 people…oldest is Eugenie Blanchard, now 114! though she was 109 when Ricky visited.

  20. says

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