A River of Flesh


Spencer Tunick unveils one of his massive living installations this week at Gateshead, UK, where it was shot last July. His interpretation:

The straightbacked bodies reminded him of “newborn trees”, he said. But he also adduced a “whimsical, 1984-ish narrative element to the piece” – a sense that one might imagine some curious, even sinister futuristic process being undergone by the participants: mind control? Mass cloning? Evacuation?

Moons for the Misbegotten [tr]
Destination Florent [tr]


  1. ken says

    WOW, What a suprise to see this on here. This is my home town of Cleveland, and if you could zoom in really close you would see me and my partner in the 3rd row..
    It was an awsome experience, as far as BLUES remarks go.. Well his choice of words speak for them self and show just how close minded he is… It was a an experience I will never forget. I do have to add though, it did not take place last year, it was 2 years ago…

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