Return of Brett Favre’s Sideline Smoocher


Who said the NFL is homophobic? The Green Bay Packers named the 49ers’ offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy their head coach today. McCarthy was the Packers’ quarterback coach back in 1999, and QB Brett Favre flourished under his care. But who wouldn’t with lovin’ like that? And who would miss a chance to plant one on Favre?
(via deadspin)

Northwestern Football Team “Flattered” by Male Attention [tr]


  1. Matthew says

    Favre is just a great guy. He has no pretense. You can walk up and hug him and he wouldn’t bat an eye. I know because I have. Hey, when I’m that close to someone that hot I’ll take it as far as I can without getting arrested. He’s just a big teddy bear. GREAT STUFF!

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