road.jpg Old Apprentice contestants don’t die, they just sparkle away.
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road.jpg Students rally around Melbourne girl forced to remove T-shirt by school officials. “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian” deemed inappropriate for class pictures.

road.jpg Dutch study: Penis size is linked to self esteem in gay men.

Jake_baftaroad.jpg Brokeback Mountain gets four BAFTA awards — Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Gyllenhaal) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

road.jpg After 72 days in its initial release, Brokeback released for the deaf.

road.jpg Premiership football team to tackle homophobia in the stands. Tottenham hotspur says anti-gay chants will not be tolerated. Sports minister: “My message to the fans is: be supportive, not abusive.”

road.jpg A Missouri judge has overturned a state agency’s decision to deny a foster parent application to a same-sex couple: “We’re really relieved that the court has recognized that banning lesbian and gay people from being foster parents is bad for Missouri’s foster children. We were saddened when we found out that our loving each other was the only reason the state had for denying us the opportunity to give a child a home.”


  1. Rad says

    Having seen “Brokeback Moutain” for the first time this weekend, I can honestly say “Well deserved”. I liken the movie to this generations “Casablanca” or “Terms of Endearment”. So powerful.

  2. says

    >>Penis size is linked to self esteem in gay men

    Yet another government study to tell us what we’ve always known. Size matters.

    Before you know it, they’ll be telling us that homosexuals prefer men.

    Your Dutch tax dollars at work.

  3. Blue says

    Small penis size must only be a problem for the Dutch. Every gay man online in the US is advertising 9+ inches. Ok, this flies in the face of science, statisics, and well.. reality but seems to be the current online norm.

    I often wonder if ISP have a penis size minimum requirment since no one online seems to fall within the bell curve. It’s a conspiracy, I tellz ya!

  4. kevin says

    Yaay, Jake won! Over George Clooney – and anybody else in the category ( I think George is his heaviest opponent here).
    He really really deserved it. I really hope that with this win the Academy will notice his great performance and vote for him.
    Go, Jake, one more big award to go!

  5. Rad says

    Wow! Obvious Man works for the Dutch government! Duh!

    Conversely, they also proved that men with greater than 9″ of penis were generally the “catchers” in any realtionship.


  6. gordon says

    Yeah Team Jake~! 😉
    It’s funny that the BAFTA story says he was one of the “giddiest” award recipients of the night, and then doesn’t quote any of his acceptance speech…

  7. JT Stout says

    I can’t get into Ohlalaparis from work. Did Mr. Gyllenhaal discuss the movie as a ground breaking event or was he more “thank you for everything, Mom and Dad?”

  8. MJW says

    >> Jake’s win

    Following his win, Jake gave a lovely acceptance speech: “this movie means even more to me socially than it does artistically”.

    Watching it last night though, he seemed to be about to give a quick smack on the lips to Heath Ledger, but clearly thought better of it on live tv!

  9. Brian says

    OMG she’s doing commercials for the bedazzler! I love the bedazzler. It ranks right behind those glittery iron-on decals from the 70s in my hierarchy of awesomely tacky clothing choices…

    love it love it love it.

  10. Heath says

    He was so shocked that he won he forgot to thank his parents or sibling and yes Anne Hathaway. Greg must’ve mistaken Jake thanking Annie Proulx for Anne. I am so happy for him. He probably has a bigger shot at winning the Oscar than Heath now.

  11. JT Stout says

    I still think that Mr. Ledger actually “acted” while Messrs. Hoffman, Strathairn and Phoenix were imitating. They were certainly good, but I don’t know if it can be called acting. I didn’t see Hustle and Flow.

    I also think that Mr. Gyllenhaal is so classy that he deserves an award just for fashion sense and Mr. Ledger deserves one for proving that Australia can produce more than just hunks. Oh, wait, he is a hunk. Shit, just give him the Oscar.

  12. Iucas says

    Phillip, David and Phoenix had roadmaps like newsreels and recordings to help them portray their on screen characters. Heath had to literally start from scratch and that is how, to me anyway, his performance is more persuasive. The three others performances, while uniformly excellent, left me a little cold. Their characters’ lives did not live within me for days after I saw their movie.

  13. Brian says

    I loved how genuinly happy and proud Heath looked for Jake’s win. It was fun to see the normally well prepared Jake give a breathless, nervous, and adorable speech.

  14. pete says

    And Jake showed no obvious hard feelings for Heath’s un PC comment about his choice of Clooney winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor instead.

    Classy Jake classy.

  15. michael says

    disclaimer: i love BBM, seen it twice, cried my eyes out. it deserves to win several oscars, including best pic.

    but: i have this sinking feeling that since it’s won nealry everything alse, it will be denied the best pic oscar. anyone agree? or am i just a dawn-trodden discriminated-against pessimistic US homo?

  16. Ray says

    If that stupid piece of crap “Crash” (oh, rich whitey’s car got carjacked and he decided to write a movie about racism in LA) wins, i say all gays should boycott the Oscars next year!

  17. Carla says

    >>Students rally around Melbourne girl…

    This article reminded me of one I read a while back, of a senior girl in high school who chose to wear a tuxedo for her formal senior pictures and was then omitted from the yearbook. Sad.

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