road.jpg Gay partners to be given immigration rights in Australia in an effort to attract more doctors to regional areas in that country.

Gene_robinsonroad.jpg Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson is back at work after spending a month in rehab for his “increasing dependence” on alcohol. Spokesman: “He is going to kind of ease back into things. We are going to keep a low profile.”

road.jpg Cinematic send-up of Les Liaisons Dangereuses features all-gay Bush White House and Jeff Gannon character in the Valmont role.

Ian_thorpe_illnessroad.jpg Ian Thorpe looked positively beat up at the press conference yesterday where he announced he’s pulling out of the Commonwealth Games because of a mystery illness related to bronchitis and a viral infection. Get well, Ian.

road.jpg NYU’s first gay frat inducts four new pledges.

road.jpg Oversight group finds Los Angeles deputies acted appropriately in strip search of 22 gay inmates. “The inmates alleged the strip search was overly lengthy and held in an area exposing them to public viewing. Deputies also taunted the inmates and used derogatory language, the inmates said…Though the surveillance video shows the deputies laughing, Sheriff Lee Baca said the men were laughing at a G-string on the floor and not the inmates.”

road.jpg The 82nd Airborne paratroopers charged with appearing on gay porn sites are to be arraigned today at Fort Bragg.


  1. says

    People seem very eager to tear Ian Thorpe down. They said the same thing about Tiger Woods. He may have the last laugh.

    He does look like shit though!

  2. +Raymond says

    Kudos to our brother +Gene, upon his return from his retreat due to the issues relating to his physical and mental health.

    Perpetually in recovery, all his lesbian and gay brothers and sisters are with him in spirit and some in faith, as he becomes the Right Wing Living Effigy for the implosion of the Anglican Communion where ECUSA and the ACC in my country are concerned.

    I suspect that he allegedly is not the only ECUSA bishop, even openly so, who is gay. The allegedly closeted heterosexually married ones are the most homophobic.

  3. says

    That has got to be one smoking arraignment:

    “So you volunteered to masturbate on film for a gay production company.”

    “Hell, no. We was told chicks was gonna be there…”