road.jpg Massachusetts upholds ban on non-resident same-sex marriages.
Justice: “The laws of this commonwealth have not endowed nonresidents with an unfettered right to marry. Only nonresident couples who come to Massachusetts to marry and intend to reside in this commonwealth thereafter can be issued a marriage license without consideration of any impediments to marriage that existed in their former home states.”

Pink_pontiffroad.jpg Pope Benedict inserts himself into Italian politics ten days ahead of the national elections. Reuters: “He said the Church had a right and duty to defend ‘the recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family as a union between a man and a woman based on marriage’. It would oppose ‘attempts to make it juridically equivalent to radically different forms of union which in reality harm it and contribute to its destabilisation’.” In other news, the Roman Catholic church received 783 new claims of sex abuse by clergy in 2005.

road.jpg American Idol contest Mandisa has been a powerhouse diva the past few weeks, occasionally blowing our minds while occasionally looking like she could appear onstage at gay bar USA. But is she gay-friendly or ex-gay friendly? The Advocate looks at her interest in writer Beth Moore, whose books and website advocate saving oneself from the “sins” of homosexuality.

road.jpg RCA pulls Clay Aiken sophomore release.

Scaliaroad.jpg Justice Scalia caught in lie about obscene gesture at Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Photographer: “The judge paused for a second, then looked directly into my lens and said, ‘To my critics, I say, ‘Vaffanculo,’ ‘ punctuating the comment by flicking his right hand out from under his chin, Smith said.” Vaffanculo, according to AmericaBlog, means “go get fucked up your ass.”

road.jpg British student forced to change schools after fellow students assemble bullying website accusing him of being gay. Student: “They had stolen photos of me from my website and put them on their site with really nasty comments underneath. I asked them to take the website down but they just laughed at me.”

road.jpg Naomi Campbell arrested for assaulting her assistant.

road.jpg Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney reportedly punches cop after alleged security incident. McKinney statement: “I know that Capitol Hill Police are securing our safety, that of thousands of others, and I appreciate the work that they do. I deeply regret that the incident occurred. I have demonstrated my support for them in the past and I continue to support them now.”

road.jpg Loch Ness Moncert?: Fatboy Slim, Mylo, and Carl Cox plan a gig on the banks of Scotland’s infamous lake.


  1. Jonathon says

    Isn’t this very similar to the old miscegenation laws used to prevent interracial marriage? Haven’t we already worked this out once before?

    And would someone slap the living hell out of Mitt Romney and tell him to take his a$$ back to Utah where he belongs? How in the hell did such a social conservative win a statewide election in one of the bluest-of-the-blue states?

  2. Mona says

    AmericaBlog is absolutely right. “Va fan culo” really does my “go fuck yourself up the ass” (literally “go do an ass”).

    Not only does Scalia revolt me, he insults me. Does he really think he can get away with saying something like that is not offensive when there are millions of Italian speakers in this country?

    Next time, he should try insulting someone in Quechua.

  3. Ray says

    Re. that pic of Pope Benny…is it just me or does he look like the biggest fag in the world? That self-hating, Gucci-wearing homophobic jerk looks like a horrible cross between Truman Capote, that evil Senator from Star Wars and Joan Collins circa Dynasty..with that headwear…Man, what a sorry excuse for a spiritual leader he is.

  4. Andrew says

    Thank you Andy for bringing up the Pope’s statements. I was molested as a kid in a Catholic school, and in response to your post, I called my Diocese to bring their attention to the hypocrisy. I try, they don’t.

    Thank you,

  5. Andrew says

    Apologies, for double posting. Tom, what the hell does race have to do with Rep. Mckinney? Why? Why is a racist, homophobe even visiting this site? Go back to MySpace and pick up your next ex-boyfriend.


  6. noah says

    “Another non-apology from the racist McKinney. No doubt she’ll get a pass because as we all know, blacks can not be racist.”–Tom

    Uh, how does hitting a cop make her racist instead of ill-tempered, ignorant, PMS-ing, flakey, nutty, etc.? Did she issue a racist epithet? What proof do you have of McKinney’s racism? Are you saying that white police officers never hassle African Americans unjustly? It’s pretty obvious that you don’t have any friends or acquaintances who are African American.

    Also, your use of the phrase “..we all know, blacks can not be racist” says something about your own seemingly racist, cynical line of thinking.

    The last time I checked, I recall Louis Farrakhan being denounced by other African American leaders because of his anti-Semitism. Your remark is the kind one would expect from the Rush Limbaughs of the right who decry “Political Correctness” because they can’t openly call African Americans “niggers” or gays “fags/dykes” or women “broads,” but take delight any time one of those people does wrong because it gives them a chance to say “see, I told you so!”

  7. Darren says

    Speaking as a constituent of Ms. McKinney’s.,. she is a nut… a complete looney tune.. but given the choice I had in the last election, she was the lesser of the two evils…

  8. Brian NYC says

    Gee, Tom, it seems more important to you to attack McKinney than to say anything about the Supreme Court Justice who is reported on the same day to say Ba-fong-gool right after Communion and also to say — on camera — that since the framers of the Constitution didn’t specifically write a right to homosexual conduct in the Constitution that year, there is no right and the sodomy laws should be reinstated so we can all go to jail.

    Hmmm. I wonder, Tom, why you like Scalia so much…

  9. Kyle Childress says

    I’m holding my judgment on Mandisa, although I have to tell you it looks bad. From the beginning of this year’s season, I thought she and Chris would fight it out in the finals, but she’d best hold her tongue if she thinks that ex-gay crap is of any substance.

    That said, how much does American Idol suck? It reels to mind that so many people watch. Hell, even I watch (albeit with Tivo so that I can skip all the chatter and product placement). I think it’s success in the ratings has less to do with how good it is, and more to do with the utter and complete lack of anything else worth watching on Tuesday night.

    Also, I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch again last night (props to Logo, btw). How many folks agree that that movie is just brilliant? It’s hard to make a movie musical that’s watchable (e.g., Rent), but I’ve seen this one tons and it still amazes. Am I correct or am I just displaying my bad taste for all the world to see?

  10. says

    >>‘To my critics, I say, ‘Vaffanculo,’ ‘ punctuating the comment by flicking his right hand out from under his chin

    How refresingly honest! I’m so tired of people being polite when they don’t mean it.

    Scalia has a job for life. It doesn’t matter what people think of him, and he knows it. I swear to God I’d do the same thing in his position. I’d tell everybody to kiss my ass.

    That’s real freedom!

  11. Chad Hanging says

    You can’t be suprised by Mandisa. Her “if Jesus can forgive his enemies as he died on the cross for their sins then I can forgive you Simon” speech in the last Idol auditions clearly identified her as a god freak. God freaks think homosexuals need to be prayed for in particular. What a shocker.

  12. Chad Hanging says

    Hedwig was a real treat as far as I’m concerned. If I want to freak out a straight person at work I just enter their movie conversation by describing this and watch my chances of professional advancment fly right out the window. Wicked fun.

  13. resurrect says

    jay – true freedom is just doing and saying whatever the hell you want, huh? long may you be captive. as far as Scalia, he’s a contemptible, arrogant pig. he should be glad that his people were in one of the former waves of immigration to this country – otherwise I’d love to have him as my “guest” worker.

  14. Chad Hanging says

    If Clinton did the same thing Scalia did, the Bushites wouldn’t have the same “freedom of speech and good for you for being honest telling your critics off with an obscene gesture” stance.

  15. Chad Hanging says

    Scalia just this month argued that the bill of rights does not gaurentee a constitutional right to homosexual conduct.

    Some gay people support him for this view.

    Go figure.

  16. Brian NYC says

    Jay, what do they say to you on the right wingnut blogs? Do they say you should get married and go in peace, or do they tell you they hate you and want to see you in jail, like Scalia does?

    hello? Jay? hello?

    What’s your favorite conservative blog? let’s all go there and post!



  17. Tom C says

    Literally vaffanculo means “go do an ass.” The closest English equivalent of that is “go fuck yourself” and that’s pretty much what Italians mean when they use the expression.

    And Scalia knows that. Probably not a very appropriate thing for someone in his position to be saying publicly. But has anyone really thought of him as anything other than a dillweed?

  18. says

    >>Gay people who support the Republicans and the right wing nut jobs are PATHETIC SELF-HATING MONSTERS

    Gee, that’s original. You post that about 10 times a day. Come up with something new sweetie.

  19. Brian NYC says

    Clinton-bashing every half hour is not too terribly original, and very 9/10, sweetie. What wingnut blogs do you post on? Do they tell you what they really think of you?

    What makes you love people who hate you? Jay?

  20. says

    Clever use of the picture of the Pope in pink vestments. It serves your ends well. However, that is the typical color of vestments to be worn on Laetare
    Sunday (he fourth Sunday of Lent, so named because of the first word in the Latin antiphon before the introit). Otherwise during Lent the vestments worn are purple “which signifies great solemnity, with connotations of both penance and royal dignity.” During the regular Church year (“Ordinary Time”) the vestments are green. The colors change according to the feast-day or season. For instance on the feast of a martyr the vestments are red.

  21. Brian NYC says

    what is it about gay blogs that attracts closeted cocksuckers, like the two above?

    As Coco Peru says, guys who hate guys who suck dick….suck dick.

  22. brian nyc says

    But what do you say when Scalia votes by one issue to put you in jail?

    And what do your conservative friends say to you when you post on their sites?

    What’s the conservative site you post on that loves you like a sister? Really. Let me read it. I might learn something.



  23. Brian NYC says

    But I want to know who your best str8 conservative friends are….let’s invite them all in and talk with them and let’s all learn something!!!

    Do you ever post on conservative sites with the people who want to kill you and put you in jail? Do they believe you when you say you love them and want to be killed by them?

  24. says

    what is it about gay blogs that attracts closeted cocksuckers, like the two above?

    Sorry for invading your space with some information Brian. I didn’t mean to make you step out of your echo chamber and act like a grown up. Carry on.

  25. Brian nyc says

    No, Jay they only want to put you in jail or leave you bleeding to death tied to a fence.

    Why does the right-wing noise machine puke itself into every place when there are plenty of wingnut websites where you can get more of the kind of hatred you have for yourselves?

    So you agree with the rightwing effort to bring back sodomy laws and put us all in jail, why is it necessary to repeat yourself ad nauseam? Go to the right wing sites and take it like they want to give it to you.

  26. says

    >>Go to the right wing sites and take it like they want to give it to you.

    I do post on conservative sites, and they know I’m gay, and I still have not encountered hostility like I get from you liberals.

  27. JT says

    Folks: This is always so fun to see gay men and women attacking each other because of politics. It’s like watching hyenas eating their young.

    A quick analysis: Jay posted a comment that, at its core, dealt with the absolute freedom from retribution provided federal judges.

    The next thing was a litany of attacks on Jay’s rather well-known political views.

    Then there are some attacks against conservative Republicans. So far, pretty typical.

    Then there’s a disconnect. Rather than the expected, we read some truly hateful nastiness, some viciousness and violence.

    Folks, this is pretty sad. I have to say, though, Jay, that you told me about Ms. Coulter’s site in our last e-mail chat, and it’s even less appetizing than reading the cannibalization in this thread.

    Maybe I’m just too thin-skinned.

  28. says

    >>you told me about Ms. Coulter’s site in our last e-mail chat, and it’s even less appetizing than reading the cannibalization in this thread.

    Too true JT. It’s the cancer of party politics. People tend to follow the party line, instead of thinking for themselves. As a Whig, I’m free to engage politics, and life, a la carte.

    Some folks are upset that I fail to fit into a tidy little box. I’m messy. I’m dangerous. I’m free.

  29. JT says

    Jay: They talk about how messy you are all over the bars in Birmingham! It never ceases to amaze me how we (myself included) can meet a perfectly nice person but will despise that person once we find which lever the person flips (or which chad is punched etc.)

    After I take over the world, and mandate universal peace, things will be a lot easier.

  30. r says


    Whether it is Laetare or Gaudete Sundays when the pink sets are taken out of mothballs….I find the metaphor concerning the Fuhrerpapen appropriate.

  31. Raymond says

    The MA Supreme Judicial Court decision was a clarion call for activists in all states to support the beachhead, or lose the only reality in the USA, and maybe await a century or more before the USA joins, if ever, the rest of the civilised world providing rights to LGBT citizens and their families.

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