Report: Busta Rhymes Hates Faggots

Busta_rhymes_1An eyewitness reported to Page Six about a few homophobic Winter Music Conference moments between rapper Busta Rhymes and a fan at the 11th Street Diner in South Beach, which was “packed with transvestites, gay men and drag queens.” Aside from the fact that drag queens and transvestites are one and the same, most of the drag queens I know would take an eye from someone talking like this in the same room. Here’s the account of what happened when an “effeminate” man approached the rapper:

“This became evident when a young gay guy came up behind Busta and tapped him on the shoulder to congratulate the rapper on his recent comeback. Before the guy could even mutter a word, Busta turned around and repeatedly screamed, ‘Why the [bleep] you touchin’ me, man? Get the [bleep] away from me’ . . . his two huge bodyguards then caused an even larger scene by pushing the kid away . . . Busta quietly whispered to his bodyguards, ‘I hate [bleeping] faggots, man.'”

Kanye West Revisits Homophobia [tr]


  1. Glenn says

    Not to quibble — OK, I’m quibbling, sue me — but I don’t think “transvestite” and “drag queen” are synonymous. To me, a transvestite is someone (male or female) for whom cross-dressing is an expression of gender identity, whereas a “drag queen” is (1) necessarily a man and (2) someone who cross-dresses as a performance.

    None of which, of course, changes the fact that Busta is an asshole. Maybe Kanye can give him some sensitivity training.

  2. judemillsy says

    I’m not surprised at all.Hip hop artists are nothing more than closet cases waiting to happen.And Busta is way too ugly to be worried about gay men’s attention.

  3. Ian says

    Sounds bogus, or greatly exaggerated. “Busta *quietly whispered* to his bodyguards, ‘I hate [bleeping] faggots, man'”. But somehow “eyewitness” Thomas Barker heard him? Busta doesn’t like someone touching him on the shoulder, but the eyewitness somehow was close enough to hear a whisper? This IS the NY Post we’re talking about people, take it with a grain of salt.

  4. Rad says

    Um… aside from the fact that I consider ALL rap artists to be talentless hacks (and that Lenny Kravitz look-alike, Kanye West included)… why did he attend the function in a gay establishment in the first place if he “hates faggots”? Why not go some place that would appreciate such as sofisticated urban performer, like Alabama or South Carolina.

  5. Britt says

    Actually, drag queens and transvestites are completely different by definition. Transvestites are straight men who dress in women’s clothing for sexual fetish.

  6. Jonathon says

    Guess what, Busta? Most of us really don’t care for talentless thugs like you who pollute the airwaves with your hate speech. Rap is just noise – and Busta’s rap is pretty damn crappy.

    I agree with an earlier poster who suggested that Busta avoid locations where there is a large gay presence. I think that he’d be much better off hanging out in South Carolina, Alabama or Mississippi where he could “hang” with his fellow “peeps” who love to hate.

  7. busta says

    “Transvestites are straight men who dress in women’s clothing for sexual fetish.”

    That said, I doubt there were many straight men in women’s clothing at the 11th street diner.

  8. brian nyc says

    Speaking of straight men in women’s clothing, what was up with the housedress Busta was wearing that year on the Grammys with Martha Stewart, huh? (Or maybe it was MTV VMAs). And he had the Princess Leia/afro-puff look going on too that night. So he was looking pretty gay himself. I think we need to get that pic up on the front page, Andy.

    And oh, maybe this outburst happened as a result of something he may have done in the phase of hip-hop’s brief flirtation with ecstasy, which made rap music sound a bit housey for a second. Maybe he’s still overcompensating.

  9. Kyle Childress says

    Well, you might think the distinction between transvestite and drag queen is merely a quibble, but it is important in this instance, cause there’s several(presumably) straight black actors who don the dress for movie success:
    Big Mama,
    Big Mama2
    White Chicks
    Nutty Professor
    Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion

    Just sayin’

  10. moptopmouse john-eric says

    Sounds like ‘Busta’ will be coming out eventually.. but until then Damien Hirst could do an f-tank sculpture of Mr. Rhymes and call it ‘the physical impossibility of intelligence in the mind of someone stupid’..

  11. Don says

    One must confess–this is the thinnest of stories. Surprise negro rapper hates fags.
    I hate rap. I hate the Escalades they all drive. I hate the jewelry, the lack of talent, the stunningly stupid lyrics that seem to be about 1) how unfair it is to be a negro in america 2) how my woman, or my bitch is on this planet for my abuse 3) i got a big cock and know how to use it…but those Escalades keep on shipping.
    And..can someone explain how fags get to be lumped with drag queen and transvestites, or transgendered for that matter? Honestly, what do I have in common? I look terrible in a dress, I have no inclination to dress in women’s clothing; I find drag queens, (unless they really sing) a terrific bore, (What a miserable holiday Halloween is) and transgendered, and I know a few, are frankly lovely people, but I have no desire for a vagina, or to remove my penis. I am serious, what do I have in common?

  12. jon luddite says

    Don, your use of the outdated and, to many, derogatory term “negro” probably negates any points made in your first paragraph.

    And your second paragraph, despite your crude wording, is an interesting question. Maybe someone can explain?

  13. Brian says

    Dude… “negro”? Are you serious? Gross.

    That said, I agree that gays and lesbians have little in common with transgendered people. It’s a completely different gig, and a very tough one at that. I really think it’s much easier to be gay in this world than it is to be transgendered. That’s a tough row to hoe. But almost always, when I speak with transgendered people, I’m impressed by the depth of self-knowledge and introspection and understandng of the human condition. I would imagine that those traits are necessary to be successful and well-adjusted in the trans life… it’s a very interesting subculture.

  14. JOE 2 says


    What you, as a gay man, have in common with drag queens, transvestites, and transgendered people is that you all vary from what our society considers the only acceptable “categories” of sex, gender, and sexual orientation, i.e., 100% male or female and 100% heterosexual. As a gay man myself, I obviously have it easier than transgendered folks, but I still experience ostracism from a culture that only regards two very discrete points on the “gender” and “orientation” scales (male/hetero, female/hetero) as “normal” and “natural.” Hundreds of Native American and other indigenous cultures view gender identity and sexual orientation as an infinite number of points along a continuum (or, more accurately, within a circle) – points that are unique to individuals, and that often change during a person’s lifetime. Modern, “‘civilized” culture is very hung up on organizing all sorts of things into distinct categories, which is useful in many respects but also tends to maintain the illusion of “separateness” that is responsible for so much conflict and suffering.

  15. Zeke says

    Jeez…The hypocrisy here really pisses me off. I don’t understand how so many people on this comment page complain about a particular INDIVIDUAL’S intolerance and bigoted speech in the same breath that they insult and attack: 1) ALL rap music; 2)ALL rappers; 3) Kanye West and even 4) ALL people from Mississippi, Alabama, and the Carolinas, who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the incident, and have absolutely nothing to do with the industry. As a gay Mississippian, I am confused by, and take great offense at, the comments here that associate Mississippians, Alabamians and Carolinians with an NEW YORK rapper’s misbehavior in FLORIDA. Talk about collateral damage. How in the hell did we get dragged into this? NEWSFLASH!!: Not all gays are child molesters; not all men are rapists; not all Americans are arrogant war lovers and not all Southerners/Mississippians are bigots. I hate being stereotyped as a man and lumped together with all men who misbehave or say something stupid; I hate being stereotyped as a gay man and lumped together with all gay men who misbehave or say something stupid; I hate being stereotyped as a Christian and lumped together with all Christians who misbehave or say something stupid and I HATE being stereotyped as a Southerner/Mississippian and lumped together with all Mississippians who misbehave or say something stupid. GET IT? Frankly I thought I could expect better from people who should know better.

    I’m no great fan of rap music. I like country music myself (I guess that makes me ignorant and bigoted too). However, I am intelligent enough to realize that Busta does not speak for ALL black people, or even for ALL rappers and I know that it’s wrong to blame a whole group for the actions of an individual.

    In the future, try holding INDIVIDUALS responsible for THEIR misbehavior and/or speech without being equally as ignorant and offensive as they are by showing the same level of ignorant generalizations, stereotyping and prejudices that you claim to hate.

    Lord, what’s the world coming to when a Mississippian has to be the one to point out bigotry and prejudice to those from the “enlightened” parts of the country?

  16. Brian says

    Right on, Zeke. Right on.

    And don’t apologize for liking country music. I have a masters degree in classical/operatic singing, and have a not so secret Patsy Cline fetish. You’d be surprised how many serious classical singers have similar tastes, but they keep it on the DL. :-)

  17. busytimmy says

    Well, let’s remember that this is a rumor in a gossip rag!! Seriously, we need to get rid of the hair trigger, take a deep breath and calm down. As the article states, Busta has been “edgy” due to a shooting of a bodyguard who had been protecting his jewlery. Tapping someone on the shoulder is rude. How someone could hear him whisper quietly in a crowded and presumably noisy club is definitely a good question. Don’t overreact and jump to conclusions that say more about one’s own character than the alleged event.

  18. Chad Hanging says

    If I’ve learned anything from this thread alone: derogatory terms for gays are open for debate but those for black people aren’t. Not that I didn’t already know that.

  19. Honest Truth says

    I’m gay and I hate faggots too, just as much as I hate niggers. Why do people get so upset when others express what’s really on their minds? We should all be more honest with each other.

  20. Mark says

    So HONEST TRUTH, even though I’m an educated black man who comes from a good family and have done well for myself, you still hate me because the pigment of my skin is darker than yours? Wow.

  21. JOE 2 says

    Notice that “Honest Truth” says that he is gay and hates faggots; i.e., he hates himself. Which goes a long way toward explaining why he hates black people, too. He’s pathetic.

  22. WHERE IS ANDY says


    This comment thread has gotten out of control. But worse, where is Andy?

    I love reading this blog, but it’s a shame that Andy can’t even respect us enough to moderate and/or respond to critics/supporters/flamers/etc.

    Andy: Our presence here makes you a lot of money via blogads. Have the courtesy to randomly check in the comments section. Otherwise, before you know it, people will stop reading you when they realize you don’t care about them.

  23. Raymond says

    Excuse me, but “rap” holds no allure for me despite whatever rthyme that they can sputter in staccato tempo – cramming a thousand words in one minute segments.

    It seems that the “music” industry also found the “bad boys” with marginal talent and extensive criminal rap sheets to launch this new “un-music” craze.

    I parade my ignorance, but whether you are hearing lyrics from Jamaican homophobes who advocate death for gays; with those who act upon it….and statements from others about their number not including gays, and rapping homophobia in iambic pentameter staccato verse.

  24. honest truth says

    I am a masculine, (fairly) well-adjusted gay male. I don’t identify with faggots similar to the way many well-adjusted blacks don’t identify with niggers. Why does that upset people so?

  25. PleaseThink says

    Okay my point, as my wise mamma told me, if someone does not like you for being gay it is becuase they are insecure with their own sexuality. And I must say, I have slept with many a black man that say publicly they can’t stand faggots but then come calling when the sun goes down saying your not all girly like those others. Yeah but I am still sucking your dick so I am as much as a fag as the girl ones. And Jeff go ahead and type the word n*gger all the way out, it still has the same punch if spell it completely out or just part of the way. It still reads the same and come on if we as black people still give that word so much power, then we need to get over it.

  26. BobBlog says

    Re: Where is Andy….what a putz you are..Edit? WHY SHOULD ANDY EDIT OUR THOUGHTS…This is a discussion about something, like radio dude, you don’t have to view the comments, you can move on to the slurping over some sports figure, ok? Really, what mindset do you have that wishes to control, edit and monitor what people have to say? This is presumably what we fight wars over: democracy, freedom of speech. And dude, its healthy, its healthy to say whats really on the minds of people, Andy does us all a service by providing this space…it isn’t about commerce, where did that come from?

  27. Embarassed for You says

    And this, ladies, is why the gay community continues to sink into an abyss of drug, alcohol, and sexual addiction. The ignorance displayed in this thread by vapid, socially unconscious, morally bankrupt white queens is unfortunately pretty standard today and is the reason that the entire country has mobilized to strike down any gains fought for so tirelessly by more enlightened and progressive gay men and women. It’s the classic tale of the “abused” becoming the “abuser” and one only needs to travel to any major city’s “gay ghetto” to see the proof both black and white. For the record I am Black and I am Gay…….

  28. Jordan says

    What do you mean, EFU? I’m black and I have plenty of great gay friends of all shades in NYC’s “gay ghettos” Chelsea, EV, HK, the village… You need to stop projecting your own hangups on others. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with white people but don’t blanket all white people in that light. Then you’re just being racist yourself.

  29. Embarassed for You says

    Jordan, I wasn’t blanketing all white people. I was referring to those on this thread who have stooped to calling black people n*ggers and those that I have been unfortunate to meet in Chelsea (the only real gay ghetto in your list) with similar “views”. I can’t afford to walk around blaming or being mad at all white people, because I work and interact with them constantly. I also made reference to it being a black and white issue. The bigotry goes both ways at this point, unfortunately……

  30. Hasan says

    I dont think the people here that used the word “nigger” actually hate black people. I think they were looking for a way to be as offensive to Busta Rhymes (and his ilk) as Busta Rhymes was to gays.
    It was wrong to use that word, but i dont think it came from a truly racist place.

  31. Embarassed for You says

    Hasan, yeah this doesn’t sound like its coming from a racist place at all:

    “I’m gay and I hate faggots too, just as much as I hate niggers. Why do people get so upset when others express what’s really on their minds? We should all be more honest with each other.
    Posted by: Honest Truth | Mar 29, 2006 10:41:44 PM”

    “another dumb fucking nigger rapper. next.
    Posted by: HonestAbe | Mar 29, 2006 4:17:36 PM”

    When did it become commonplace to deflect and defend insults from racists? You know, it’s OK to stand up for yourself or others and not be considered angry or embittered. Sounds like the “Condoleeza effect”…..
    I’m done with this thread.
    Good day to all

  32. Justin says

    It is MORE than a rumour:

    Busta Rhymes has always been pretty vocal about his hatred of gay minorities. At a show in Toronto a few years ago he told all the couples to dance together cause the song was for them but “none of that same-sex shit.”

  33. PleaseThink says

    Nigger, Faggot, White Trash — They are all just words and they only hurt if you identify yourself with what they are suppose to mean. So what he doesn’t like faggots, he is entitled to his opinion as we are ours. Yes I think it is stupid and I think it stems from him not being able to come to terms with he himself being gay but don’t give his ignorance power.

  34. E-RED says

    Whatever … there are rumors circulating in the straight community about Busta and his … predilection for transvestites. There are also rumors circulating in the gay community about Busta engaging in penetrative anal sex with guys. So to diffuse this, he’s now trying to maintain some semblence of “street cred.” But somehow, I don’t remember any housing projects on Long Island?

  35. Lalalal says

    The real truth is that Busta is gay. I once saw him perform and he was totally checking out a guy throughout the entire show. That set off bells for me, but his comment confirms it.

  36. Gilli says


    is ABsolutely gorgeous–especially in those tight, crushed velvet bellbottoms of his.


    To: Where-Is-ANDY

    Personally, I have yet to see Andy step into a racist discussion.

    I don’t know of any Blacks who respond positively to the word “niggers”. The usage of these types of terms always was and always will be HIGHLY UNEDUCATED.

    I have also yet to see or hear Black or White women who respond positively to Black/White men referring to them as “BITCHES”.

    I DON’T CARE if certain celebrities glorify these terms. For GAWD’s sake, people have brains that they shd try to use more often.

    I go out of my way to educate my Fellow BRETHREN both verbally and in-print whenever I hear them use these terms.

    To: ALL YOU RAP Haters

    Saying there is no positive or good rap or rappers is like saying there’s no good or positive





    or whatever-the-heck-kind-of-music you prefer. As with everything, if you look for it, you will find it. There’s TONS of positive stuff out there.

    At the same time, I’m not overly thrilled that our local Toronto hiphop station has begun playing GOSPEL RAP. (I feel this is the opposite extreme that can pose it’s own share of problems.) However, this is the radio station’s response to rapper 50-Cent’s, uh, genre.


    Long Live Lenny!

  37. Ceelie says

    White people hide behind the internet to talk sh!t….it’s like you guys wait to get home, crouch in front of your computer with your forky tails tucked between your legs…to type nigger, nigger, nigger, then go to work/school the next day and pretend to like blacks…I know you guy’s are glad the web was invented…

  38. deena says

    Zeke I appreciate your comments , it appears the intelligence is limited on this message board.
    But I have a question for the homosexual bigots. Being gay, why would you wrongly stereotype any other group when you face stereotypes on a daily basis. Are you waiting to get straight men drunk and turn them gay? Are you spreading AIDS across america? Are you promiscuious and will have sex with any man anywhere? Maybe you will, but these stereoytpes do not fit most homosexuals, as does your streotypes about blacks and rappers. I can waste my time and name dozens of songs by hip-hop artists that addressess political and social issues, but frankly I think you are too stupid and ignorant to care. The funny thing is that I actually feel sorry for anyone who lives in a vail of hate. You live your life like a coward because you are afraid to stand strong and directly speak what you feel, instead you choose forums where you can be anonymous, and hide like a rat in a hole. I am so sorry you have to live your existence.
    By the way, I am a straight black woman with many friends, who are people before anything else.

  39. says

    Finally ! A site where THE TRUTH comes out. I like it when Rappers express their true feelings about other people they hate. It is good to know who they want to BoyCot buying their albums. So this guy goes and does the unthinkable in the public’s eye and then the public is shocked, bans buying his albums and then his ego drops to nil. It is US that make HIM rich. So why did he go and discriminate a gay kid that felt Busta was the coolest and the gay kid was his fan. Well, I know some major famous rap/hip-hop stars and they don’t treat gays like this guy did. But one friend of mine recorded with Busta……Bottom line, LOOKS LIKE BUSTA “GOT” BUST-ED !

  40. ryno says

    Good for Busta! I dont agree with him but he spoke his mind and thats his buisness. Too many people today are being silenced by the speech police. 1984 anybody???

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