Spencer Tunick Celebrates Skin in Caracas


Spencer Tunick convinced 1,500 Venezuelans to disrobe for him in Caracas, Venezuela over the weekend, just the latest in his series of human installations. This time, the freedom from clothing came at the feet of the statue of Simon Bolivar.





Tunick’s subjects posed for a knee-crushing two hours. Man I bet it smelled like ass in there. At one point, Tunick became angry at a group of gawkers: “There are some people over there with clothes, get them out of there!”

Moons for the Misbegotten [tr]
A River of Flesh [tr]


  1. sean says

    Funny, but I hope those aren’t your witty captions written on the photos, Andy. If so, I beg: don’t cave in and be like every other pseudo-“hot” blogger out there. The witty-captions-on-photo thing is getting tired.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. JT says

    I’m sure it probably is art. Clearly some people appreciate the underlying “whateveritis” that informs Mr. Tunick’s art. I just don’t get it. Of course, I don’t get Christo either, but I was blown away by pictures of the Gates. Mr. Towle has a link to one of his earlier essays on Florent and Mr. Tunick’s photographs taken there. I think the “whateveritis” of those pictures almost got me.

    The thing I think I like, though, about this series is having the freedom of nakedness around one of the icons of Latin American freedom. The other nice thing is that the picture was taken in Venezuela. No one could take the same picture at the base of Pres. Jefferson’s statute in DC…we just don’t have the same kind of grasp of freedom.

  3. ricardo says

    andy….regardless of bubbles/no bubbles, caption/no caption….i couldn’t help but giggle at something that this represents. in particular, i find it far more interesting than spamela eeeeeeeeewing and bobby on dallas.

    at present, the states is far more comfortable in hiding its diversity and color……it’s much better to carry the faulty appearance of steel gonads.

    thanks for the laugh!

  4. jimmyboyo says

    of course it is art

    Tunick glorifies the greatest master piece of all time. The human body.

    With our clothes stripped off we are all alike. No false illusions of division.

    Now cristo…..interesting ……less like art though

  5. Raymond says

    It fascinates me how society, in this case, many societies will villify someone, and yet, will pass on others.

    Why, in the fifties, did society allow Hugh Heffner to publish and yet others were considered pornographic?

    For me, the fact that Tunick has been given a “Pass Go, and Collect…” for over a decade equally amazes.

  6. Robert In WeHo says

    Quick! Where’s North Dallas Thirty to sanction this as vile pornography and be our Artificial Art Official. I simply can’t go a day without a good laugh at his expense.

  7. says

    I posed for a Tunick shoot in PA a year ago. It was indeed tiring holding some of the poses, and it was not warm at all, very early Spring, but it was a great experience. And while the shoot took several hours, the people did not smell like ass at all.

  8. Raymond says

    No, I agree it is not pornography, nor is it art….that commentary is merely ” tongue in cheek”. Considering the contortion poses, you may be presented with either set….

  9. dnash says

    Y’know, I don’t mind Tunik’s photos, they’re ok as art. I’m just tired of how every time he does a shoot now it becomes major headline news. How is this any different than the last time he got a couple hundred naked people together for a photo? Why is this news, why am I supposed to find this interesting? (Or maybe I’m just grumpy today.)

  10. Chad Hanging says

    Last year I was in an upscale area near Berkeley and passed by a Shoppe that partly serves as an outlet for artists to sell their wares. In the window was a large vase-shaped object comprised of nothing more than clear tops to yogurt cans held together by fish line. This no-named bitch was charging $600. What the fuck?

    Nevertheless, as annoying as I find him personally this guy is creating art. My ego may make me reluctant to afford him the lofty title of ‘artist’ but he is creating art. He works in several valid mediums including photography, performance art, & self-promotion just to name a few. I’m always more likely to assess the definition of each piece when I hear the visceral “I don’t want my tax money paying for this crap because it’s unfamiliar or it makes me immediately uncomfortable” cries from the sanctimonious few with a decidedly limited appreciation or understanding of what constitutes a piece of art.

    I would never claim to know enough about art to stand in a gallery and spew gibberish about something hanging on the wall but I know enough to know that art has been around since man first walked the earth and I’m comfortable accepting that it’s ok for art – like so many of the things society demands we choose a pre-determined position on – to defy definition.

    I’m also happy to say that I accept that I have no business being the one trying to define what art is for everyone else if I’m not able to think, feel or speak beyond the type of instant knee-jerk response I had to that yogurt top vase.

  11. says

    Hello one and all,
    As for art or not I would say yes, but only because I know I am hanging in at least three museums right now:Cleveland Museum of Art, Albright-Knox in Buffalo, and in the Akureyri Art Museum,Iceland till April 30th.
    Might have been in Havana, Cuba in Spencer’s exhibit there but I don’t know what he had on display.
    My wife and i posed for Spencer 3 time in the USA, and I was lucky enough to pose in Lyon lat year. I belong to the Spencer tunick forum, at http://www.spencertunickforum.org
    a site for those of us who have posed,those who want to or who are just curious about Spencer’s work. The next installation is this weekend in Spain, btw.

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