road.jpg Palm Beach School Board Chairman apologies for referring to gays as a “species” during a meeting.

New_shark_1road.jpg There’s a new shark in town. Is it footage from the prehistoric Megalodon thriller?

road.jpg Death row inmate’s conviction in grisly gay murder thrown out after judge says police “bungled” the case by questioning Robert VanHook without an attorney present. “VanHook had told police he had been looking for “a homosexual” he could lure away from the bar to rob, according to case records. He claimed he killed him because of temporary insanity, triggered when Self made sexual advances…A cigarette was left inside his stomach and a knife was left sticking out of his abdomen, records show.”

road.jpg Is the Tomkitten Suri named after the UK hometown of the late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard?

road.jpg Anti-bullying presentation by gay high school student causes fuss in Burlington, Vermont. Parent: “I’m from the old school, and it really bothers me that I’m not totally aware of what’s going on in the school…School is a place to learn. I don’t personally believe that learning about not bashing gays is going to get them a better job in life.”


  1. Brian says

    Shop class and phys ed didn’t help me get a better job in life, either. Neither did Sunday school, marching band, or all those drug education seminars the school administrators would bring in. Sounds like that dumbass parent needs a little more book-learnin’ himself.

    Just goes to show you that just because a person CAN breed, it doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

  2. Michael W. says

    Goddamn that school comment fucking pisses me off. That fucking dumbass of a parent actually says “…school is a place to learn.” Well, when you’re constantly bullied, intimidated, harassed, beat up, made fun of, etc., what is you’re learning environment like? How do you concentrate on school studies when you are constantly under the fear of getting the shit beat out of you? And then, to top it off, feel like you get no support from the teachers or principal? Somebody needs to put some fear into that parent to let him or her know what it’s like to live under constant threat. Maybe when their child is accused of rape or murder, or even simple assault, they can live with the fear of their child in prison. More likely than not, however, they’ll have enough money or pull to get them off…

  3. robertj says

    Suri/Surrey is a county. If she was named after Hubbard’s UK HQ town she would be called East Grinstead. Mind you, that’s probably prettier…

  4. DP says

    A quick Google of the parent quoted, Kristy DeGuise, gives an address and phone # in Burlington. I put $20 her # is changed by tomorrow.

    Any takers?

  5. Carl says

    Your brief report on the judge’s throwing out of Robert VanHook’s conviction gives a false impression by not including an important detail cited in the link itself: “VanHook must be retried within six months or released, a three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its unanimous ruling.” The way you cite this report makes it sound like VanHook automatically goes free, which is not the case.

  6. Chad Hanging says

    “I’m from the old school…”

    Whenever someone starts off a diatribe by proclaiming pride in their own ignorance we know were it goes from there.

  7. Chad Hanging says

    The “brief report” is just that: a brief report. It’s not misleading and does not give a false impression. Not only does that suggestion imply intent on Andy’s part but it’s also a bit of an affront to the intellectual curiosity of the reader by presuming to know what conclusion we’ll make by reading the least bit of information presented in the lead paragraph which was meant as the lure to pull people into reading more about the case, which we can all easily do as a link to the full article has been conveniently added to the first sentence.

    Andy isn’t Rupert Murdoch and you’re not Sherlock Holmes.

  8. dan says

    love this blog. imagine my joy when i finally have something of use to contibute… and then someone beats me to the ‘east grinstead is the home of scientolobollocks in the UK’ punch. sigh. i can only add that east grinstead is, confusingly, in the county of west sussex. my old roommate used to live there. lovely girl. she’s an accountant, now.

  9. dan says

    imagine my further joy when it transpires that i can’t type ‘contribute’ without dropping the ‘r’ as though i were some sort of dillentante esperanto spellchecker.

  10. Scott says

    Wow, Chad, get over yourself. The report on here does sound like the gentleman goes free, whether you read the linked article or not. Carl didn’t sound like he was berating Andy or the article–just pointing out his reading of it.

  11. Timothy says

    Quote: “I don’t personally believe that learning about not bashing gays is going to get them a better job in life.”

    No- but it might make them better people.

  12. Chad Hanging says

    The “report” only sounds like he goes free if you choose not to think beyond the snippet he referenced. This is one persons’ site, not the New York Times. Nearly every article referenced on this site links to the original article or further reading. I don’t think he was berating Andy either, just taking an opportunity to unnecessarily pedantic and yes, he did make the suggestion that it was the inclusion and exclusion of information that left a false impression and I disagree.

    Most gay people I know, and most of those I’ve seen here, are smart enough to discern beyond the immediacy of a headline. If anyone needs to get over themselves it would be someone who scrutinizes the brief leads Andy uses when he makes his posts to the point that they suggest he’s being misleading. It was his post, his choice to include or exclude certain information so he would be the responsible party being subjected to the correction of the peanut gallery.

    So now lead by example and show us how easily you get over your self.

  13. says

    Did I miss something while the world was turning? What’s so reprehensible about “species” in the right context? My blog is named “The Gay Species,” with all the double entendre one can imagine. It’s also a loose way of saying “different” and “unique.”

    Have we become so sensitive to every linguistic use, that we’re tongue-tied? I confess it took some time to accept “queer” into my lexicon, but now that I have, I actually enjoy it. One doesn’t have to be a radical (Leftist) to enjoy all the implications (mostly good). “Faggot” will never take time to get used to!

  14. Chad Hanging says

    DSH, I think it has to do with the context of the comments. He is a school board chairman who mockingly refered to gay people as “protected species” in the context of including gays in the new anti-bullying measure. He should have known better given the topic. If he had refered to every other group included in the measure as potential target for bullies as “species” then gay-rights people would have less of a reason to be bothered because they weren’t singled out with the use of this word.

    Your use of the phrase The Gay Species to name your blog is very different. Anyone who reads a bit of your blog knows you’re not coming from a place of ignorance to the concerns of the gay community or intelligent people in general.

    Two very different uses of the phrase there.

  15. noah says

    Calling gay people a separate “species” implies that they are not human. And that which is not human is quickly made into being subhuman and deserving of less respect and less care. Biology has been used to discriminate and justify genocide against Jews, Africans, Native Americans, and others, leading to their subjugation and/or murder just within the last 100 years.

    It’s fine to have a blog called the “Gay Species” that is tongue in cheek, but it’s another for a pseudo government group. The day any government group officially calls gays and lesbians a separate species is the day to flee to a different land.

  16. carl says

    Chad, you say “Most gay people I know, and most of those I’ve seen here, are smart enough to discern beyond the immediacy of a headline. ” Please, I beg of you, introduce me to these friends of yours!: )

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