road.jpg Rudy Giuliani distancing himself from pro-gay past as election nears…

Henson_goldroad.jpg Bonfire of the Vanity: Charlotte Church fired off a salvo at Pink after the “Stupid Girls” singer expressed her disbelief at the vanity of Church’s boyfriend, Welsh rugby glamazon Gavin Henson. After meeting Henson, Pink told the press: “I met Charlotte Church’s boyfriend Gavin Henson when on the Jonathon Ross show (British chat show). I was sitting next to him and he pointed to the cameraman and was like, ‘Hey you, why don’t you point that camera at me and put it on the screen so I can see how good I look?’ I’ve never heard a guy say that. That was the first thing I heard him say. I thought, ‘Who is that dude?'” Said Church recently: “[Pink]’s desperate for PR, what with her new album. I think she said it because Gav turned down an offer to be in her next video. We were stunned because after the show, she posed for pictures with him and gave him loads of her CDs. Why do that if she didn’t like him?”

road.jpg Can we get together? Some fear Madonna may create “a logjam of humanity” at electronica tent when she appears this month at Coachella Music Festival.

road.jpg Doctored photos of Minnesota Senators thumbing their noses at the camera are being used by supporters of an amendment that would ban gay marriage in that state. The targeted Senators, who voted against the amendment in committee, think the group’s tactics may work against them. Senator John Marty: “It’s a cheap shot. It’s juvenile. To me it’s what a 6th-grader would do to ridicule someone they don’t like.”


  1. MT says

    Dumping on Madonna has been a sport since she first began that has intensified as she gets older. I don’t see how anyone can not admit that the woman has ‘it.’ She can sell 100,000 tickets in 10 minutes in cities around the world and her performances are anticipated to cause human floods. Lots of people genuinely connect with her for whatever reason. When will the naysayers give it up?

  2. Greg says

    They won’t give it up, MT. Who cares.. Madonna rocks..

    Where can I see an example of the doctored photos of the senators? Wish there was a link with the post…

  3. xolondon says

    Re Pink, that quote doesn’t really imply that she didn’t like Gavin Henson. She’s right – he is much more concerned with appearance than most men. I think Charl is in more need of press than Pink right now, to be honest.

  4. Liam says

    Typical Giuliani. Such a weasel. A brave face and a few smart words on September 11 won’t change that. He won’t get too far. These right-wing Republicans he’s raising money for will be the first in the queue when it comes time to sling mud and resurrect that old CNN footage. Perhaps his gay friends will allow him to live with them again whilst he licks his wounds.

  5. Kevin says

    Re Giuliani: It would appear that political advisers have begun their puppet show with their more than accommodating marionettes. Ahhh… For the politico who can dance without strings!

  6. says

    I’m with XOLONDON. Pink’s quote isn’t demeaning, really. She’s just stating how she was surprised that a man was very into checking himself out. The headlines on the stories read more into her quote than they should.

  7. CJ says

    “On Tuesday, Giuliani appeared at a rally for U.S. senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a vocal opponent of gay rights, who has said that states should regulate homosexuality “the same as they regulate human sexual contact with animals.” Giuliani said of Santorum, ‘In any age you don’t have many leaders. Senator Santorum is one of them.’ ”

    Who the FUCK cares about Pink or Madonna people. WAKE UP. We’re being compared to animals that people believe should be regulated. This is why we are losing the battle. We’re so caught up in irrelevant issues when we should be acting. Of all the “headlines” to discuss I’m surprised more people aren’t outraged. One day we could all be sitting around bitching about Madonna and Pink while we have our civil liberties stripped away…

  8. Chad Hanging says

    CJ, please post a list of all the things you’ve done personally to rid the world of anti-gay discrimination and make sure you post definitive, measurable evidence of each action. When you’re done with that, present evidence to support your logic that any gay person who shows an interest in Madonna or Pink (using fewer words in their post than you did to chastise them for it) must not be interested in, or have been involved in, activities that might have lead to our communities’ mutual goal. Caveat: your internet rantings about tired old queens on gay blogs don’t count.

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