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Chad W. and Nick Lachey: The Pin-up Boys


Remember the scene stealer from the Mischa Barton BeBe ad I posted about earlier this week? Trent over at Pink is the New Blog did some investigating and found out his name is Chad W. from Major Models. It looks as though Chad is not like a lot of male models who won't dare pose for the cover of a gay magazine. Here he is on the cover of the UK's ReFresh and France's Tetu. More at Pink.

And speaking of models who look like they should be on the cover of a gay magazine, take a look at Nick Lachey's latest photoshoot for Wenner Media. The top shot is from Rolling Stone.


When I saw this issue of Us at the supermarket I had to do a double-take to make sure they weren't selling Unzipped at the register.


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  1. The shot of Nick on US magazine is a bit strange. I've never seen so much man cleavage on a national magazine cover before. In fact, I've not seen this much man cleavage on any cover before. Not sure it's very attractive. Maybe he's trying to show his ex that she isn't the only one sporting some serious boobage?

    Posted by: Barton | Apr 20, 2006 10:55:20 AM

  2. Poor Nick. Bad hair, bad tattoos, and a face robbed of spontaneity. Yuck, I say.

    Posted by: Sue | Apr 20, 2006 11:01:34 AM

  3. Awww, poor Nick.
    Come on over, I'll rub your back.

    Posted by: fred | Apr 20, 2006 11:17:40 AM

  4. Didn't Nick have a 98 Degrees tatoo on his arm?

    Posted by: Steve | Apr 20, 2006 11:37:50 AM

  5. Yeah. It was covered up in the sun circle on his shoulder.

    Posted by: tommy | Apr 20, 2006 11:44:24 AM

  6. his boobs are bigger than jessica's.

    Posted by: rhino | Apr 20, 2006 11:54:02 AM

  7. Hmmm, doesn't an armband tattoo on the right arm mean he's a bottom?

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 20, 2006 12:02:16 PM

  8. Why must the tabloids whiten the whites of eyeballs so much? They make people look absolutely alien. (Compare his eyes in both pictures. The "Rolling Stone" shot at least looks somewhat normal.)

    Posted by: Keith | Apr 20, 2006 12:28:08 PM

  9. Why is he covering his stomach? No abs or trying to have the push up bra effect?

    Posted by: Donald | Apr 20, 2006 12:33:12 PM

  10. You queens are terrible. I LOVE my Nick!

    Posted by: Ozzie | Apr 20, 2006 1:15:37 PM

  11. He'd marry Jessica again? EWWWWWWWWWWW!! That talentless skanky scarecrow? COME ON, NICK!! You could have pretty much any woman (or man for that matter) that you wanted. Why go back for a second helping of that crap?

    Posted by: Jonathon | Apr 20, 2006 1:23:46 PM

  12. nick has one pose in his repertoire: fold arms to 1) hide paunch, 2) create the appearance of pecs, and 3) create the illusion of bi/triceps by placing hand under arm. sad.

    Posted by: erik | Apr 20, 2006 1:27:35 PM

  13. CanNOT stand that skank, Jessica Simpson, and she sunk lower on my list when she sang TO Dubya (with adoration) at a fund raiser before the 2004 elections. Fuck her talentless, gassy ass, figuratively.

    Nick came up a couple of notches in my book after dumping her.

    Posted by: Rad | Apr 20, 2006 2:43:21 PM

  14. Nick. NICK. My working-class hero.

    Posted by: Jacko | Apr 20, 2006 4:03:57 PM

  15. R.S. article here:

    Posted by: Grant | Apr 20, 2006 6:02:17 PM

  16. i don't know if he smokes dick or not but those tattoos are hugely gay.

    Posted by: whitney houston | Apr 20, 2006 7:32:31 PM

  17. He looks like they just woke him up. Besides his cleavage, his breasts are sagging in the frontal shot. I've seen him look hot but here he is not.

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | Apr 20, 2006 8:41:24 PM

  18. P.S. You guys are all tired old queens who don't care about gay-bashing victims because you're interested in hot gay men.


    Posted by: Chad Hanging | Apr 20, 2006 8:49:24 PM

  19. P.P.S. Does anybody have any full nudes of Nick or his brother? Thanks in advance.

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | Apr 20, 2006 8:50:18 PM

  20. Well... I used to love watching him on the newlyweds series as I couldnt believe a woman could be so wet and stupid as to not know where to put rubbish... and his big ole macho hands would come on over an make everything alright..... wooof wooof wooof.... he is virtually unknown in the UK, his 'boy band' especially so... but oh man! I would lick n' slurp n'...ermm.. struggle to find those incredibly tiny nipples of his. Bet he has had anal bleaching done too.....LOL
    Cheers lads :-) Your fellow fan in London, UK

    Posted by: Philip | Apr 20, 2006 9:54:42 PM

  21. I love Nick. I wish he is gay, man, he's very attractive.

    Posted by: mark | Apr 20, 2006 10:36:29 PM

  22. Does anyone else think he looks stupid with a shaved chest while simultaneously growing a beard?

    How unrealistic! I admit, the whole saved chest thing does nothing for me, but when you have a distinguishable five o'clock shadow and no chest hair, you look like a nancy boy. Or just fucking weird.

    Posted by: J | Apr 20, 2006 10:47:47 PM

  23. Yeah I think he looks stupid but not for that reason. Men who never grow hair on their chest have facial hair so it doesn't look abnormal. I just don't get why his people would approve such pictures since this is supposed to be the "don't get mad get even" photo spread.

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | Apr 21, 2006 12:08:13 AM

  24. Nick wants to have a beefcake look to sell his new cd coming out in May.. It's all for publicty. That's what I think.

    Posted by: mark | Apr 21, 2006 1:17:03 AM

  25. he looks like his soul had been removed through his nose...

    Posted by: Toto | Apr 21, 2006 1:45:19 AM

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