road.jpg Picasso’s portrait of his “private muse” Dora Maar au Chat sold for $95 million at Sotheby’s in New York, making it the second-highest price ever paid for a painting at auction. Picasso also holds the record for the highest price paid, for his work Garcon á la Pipe which went for $104 million back in May 2004.

road.jpg The dynamic duo: Beckham meets Batman.

Elijah_wood_baldroad.jpg The case of the hairless hobbit.

road.jpg The number of threatened species has reached 16,119: “The ranks of those facing extinction are joined by familiar species like the polar bear, hippopotamus and desert gazelles; together with ocean sharks, freshwater fish and Mediterranean flowers. Positive action has helped the white-tailed eagle and offers a glimmer of hope to Indian vultures.” Read it and weep.

road.jpg Giant elephant thunders through London after spaceship lands at Pall Mall.

road.jpg Tom Cruise does New York.

road.jpg Laura Bush sets all-time flip-flop record: “Yesterday in an interview with CNN’s John King, First Lady Laura Bush said ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong with singing [the national anthem] in Spanish.’ King then reminded the First Lady that her husband said the national anthem should only be sung in English. She quickly reversed her position, telling King ‘I think it should be sung in English, of course.’ Just 25 seconds had elapsed since her first answer.”

road.jpg Openly gay Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner (and uniformed hottie) Brian Paddick may face off against gay-friendly London Mayor Ken Livingstone in the 2008 election. Livingstone has said he wants to be mayor for the London Olympics which would mean winning two more elections. Paddick became the public face of Britain’s terror investigations following the London bombings in July 2005.


  1. Chad Hanging says

    Speaking of Batman, Laura looks like her cosmotoligy teacher was The Joker.

    Of course she flip-flops. It’s not like she has a point of view. She just forgets the talking points sometimes. They trot this mindless twit out in front of the cameras to turn on her harmless librarian charm because her approval rating is higher than her husbands, which isn’t saying much at 32% during a time of war.

    Funny, the leader of the free world and his family play these games of social concience as a distraction from the real problems of the world because they’ve failed at the really tough job. Now they’re all relegated to gossipy water cooler chatter when they’re not busy trying to destroy anyone who doesn’t tow their line.

    I feel it all crumbling and I’m loving the vibration. Can’t wait for the big one to hit.