road.jpg Four men arraigned in beating of Kevin Aviance.

road.jpg Gay couple launches federal income tax protest: “Charles Merrill and his same-sex partner Kevin Boyle have launched a Gay Tax Protest, refusing to pay federal income tax because they cannot have the same tax benefits as other married couples.”

Hidden_frontierroad.jpg Star Trek fans produce gay-oriented series, Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: “The show, produced in Southern California by a group of unpaid volunteers, takes places aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior. Set in the Briar Patch, a chaotic area of space introduced in the ninth Star Trek movie, Insurrection, the Excelsior encounters many of the franchises noteworthy species, such as the Cardassians, Tholians, and Breen. Without elaborate sets, the crew of volunteers must shoot the entire series on blue screen backdrops, which makes the final product a bit choppy. The show’s fantastic CGI’s (computer graphics imagery), though, greatly makes up for it.”

road.jpg Taking iPod accessories one step too far.

road.jpg A few new shots have surfaced featuring Britney’s hot manny Perry Poppins back in his Naval Academy days.

road.jpg Judge orders trial for Jason Fiske, accused in the 2005 strangulation killing of Kevin Hale near Denver.