road.jpg Singer Kevin Aviance is gay bashed in NYC’s East Village.
road.jpg Gay rugby hunk Ian Roberts featured in Superman Returns.
road.jpg Bryan Singer: Superman‘s not gay. Brandon Routh: I’m not gay.
road.jpg David Beckham has made a habit of kissing his teammates.
road.jpg Sistine Chapel of hot footballers comes alive in Cologne’s railway station.
road.jpg Warsaw gay pride goes off with protests but no violence.
road.jpg Nick Lachey insists he doesn’t play for the other team.
road.jpg Shirley Phelps-Roper and news anchor in onscreen battle of the mouths.
road.jpg Paul Walker and Scott Caan show off their special fraternal bond.
road.jpg Lead attacker in St. Maarten gay bash case is arrested.
road.jpg Marc Jacobs breaks up with his boytoy Jason Preston. Despite tattoo.
road.jpg Rufus Wainwright dazzles as Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall.
road.jpg Biographer says Alec Baldwin “too fat” to play Halston.
road.jpg Peter Parker reveals the metrosexual behind the Spider-man mask.
road.jpg I interview Lewis Payton on the release of his special edition of hotness, 10.
road.jpg Condoleezza Rice: Republicans are sensitive, gay people are real.
road.jpg Macy’s offers lame-ass apology for removing gay pride mannequins.
road.jpg Pierce Brosnan’s son Sean, all grown up and shirtless with a big guitar.
road.jpg Queen celebrates 80th birthday surrounded by men.
road.jpg Gay barman’s killers jailed for life in England.
road.jpg Anderson, Janice, Madonna, Britney: Towleroad guide to the Tube.

Posted June 18, 2006 at 10:58am ETC by Andy Towle
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