Warsaw Gay Pride: Look Who’s Hiding Now

Warsaw_1 Warsaw_2

The gays will no longer hide their faces in Poland, a nation where homophobia is sanctioned by the government. Approximately 2,000 people participated in the Equality Parade over the weekend, which was patrolled by as many police.

A quick glance at the crowd will show where the shame is in this country. Many of the neo-Nazis who showed up to try and pelt the marchers with eggs (they were held back from the crowd by police) hid their faces behind masks like cowards.

Last year there were protests following the Equality Parade. A gay rights march in Poznan, Poland resulted in the detention of 65 people recently. In March, a speech in Berlin by Polish President Lech Kaczynski was interrupted by protestors objecting to his anti-gay policies. And in May, a March for Tolerance in Krakow erupted in violence.


Thankfully, the march in Warsaw was spared any blood. It’s obviously very close at hand. Bravo to those in Poland willing to risk their lives to march for human rights.


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