News: AIDS Vaccine, Esquire, Drunk New Yorker

road.jpg Gates Foundation gives over $250 million to researchers in 19 countries in order to facilitate search for an AIDS vaccine: “The grants are the largest private investment in making such a vaccine, the foundation said. They represent a significant shift in emphasis, to large-scale collaborative projects instead of small teams of researchers working independently. The money will be given over five years to 16 scientific teams, including two New York groups. The scientists applied for the grants before Warren E. Buffett announced last month that he was giving $31 billion to the Gates Foundation.”

road.jpg Anti-gay attacks rising at “alarming rate” in Scotland.

road.jpg Washington gay marriage ruling “imminent”, says judge, dismissing possibility that the decision would be held till after November elections: “We have never held cases. I resent when people say that.”

Fox_hollowayroad.jpg Lost friendship? Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway reportedly in feud over $250,000 bonus.

road.jpg Man passes out all night on the roof deck of the Eagle Bar in New York, wakes up trapped, is rescued by police who cut through the fence. Now that’s a night out on the town!

road.jpg REPORT: Gay Games “struggling to woo spectators.” ORGANIZERS: “Crowds are great.”

road.jpg Has Britney’s Manny been given the old heave-ho?

road.jpg The new lean and mean Carson Daly gets fugged.

road.jpg Why does Esquire magazine shun its gay readers: “It’s all interesting, engaging stuff, but why are there no questions about gay men, much less specifically for gay men? (Does Esquire think gay men don’t read their magazine?) In fact, the only two mentions of queerness occur when someone suggests Ryan Seacrest is gay and, in a section very briefly profiling a twenty-five year old from each state, where one participant identifies as gay. Meanwhile, female golfers get a four-page article devoted to them.”