Marriage Amendment Heads for Symbolic Vote in House

Quiet_faggot_1In order that members of the House of Representatives be able to go on record for or against the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage, the issue is set for a symbolic vote today.

Last month, the Senate rejected the proposed amendment and there’s wide consensus that it has no chance of passing the House. Yet supporters are determined to keep the topic alive as they push an “American values agenda” this week. Apparently, bigotry and discrimination are American values, at least for the Republicans.

Said Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank to Republicans on the Rules Committee: “I do not understand what motivates you. I don’t tell you who to love.”

The Traditional Values Coalition, an anti-gay conservative group, expressed relief that the measure won’t pass because, they say, it doesn’t go far enough. They want whatever legislation is put forth to ensure that same-sex civil unions will be banned as well.

UPDATE: House rejects gay marriage ban, as expected. The House voted 236-187, 47 votes short of the 283 required to endorse adding the provision.

Posted July 18, 2006 at 1:13pm ETC by Andy Towle
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