Eva Longoria’s Gay Future, ‘AIDS Fatigue’, Manhunt, and more

Evalongoria_1road.jpg Eva Longoria wants to go gay: “I wish I had a full-on gay experience because I think women are beautiful creatures. They’re much more attractive naked than men and it sounds like fun. Maybe I’m just holding out for the future.”

road.jpg The Washington Post on ‘AIDS Fatigue’: National and local health-care officials say they fear gay men have “gotten collectively numb” about the [HIV/AIDS] epidemic. Some gay rights groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis among them, say a generational gulf has emerged. There was a time when AIDS united the gay community. Now, in subtle ways, the epidemic has divided it. Across the country, HIV has become its own subculture. “It’s almost like us versus them, the guys who are negative versus the guys who are positive,” Henderson says. “It’s almost like, ‘It’s your fault that you got it now.’ “

road.jpg Gay-policy discharges soar at Fort Campbell: Fort Campbell had the single biggest increase of discharged soldiers under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in 2005, according to the Department of Defense. According to the Department of Defense, 49 soldiers were dismissed from Fort Campbell, an increase from 19 in 2004. Officials say they don’t really know why the spike is so high at Fort Campbell. It was at Fort Campbell where Pfc. Barry Winchell was bludgeoned to death in 1999 by a fellow soldier who believed Winchell was gay. Gay discharges from the base went up sharply on the heels of that murder but later subsided.”

Estoniaprideattackroad.jpg Gays attacked at Estonia gay pride parade: Police skirmished with protestors who battered marchers in a gay pride parade Saturday in Tallinn, Estonia. Officials said that about 15 people in the parade were injured when the demonstrators rushed into the parade. None of the injuries is believed to be serious. Several protestors were arrested. In neighboring Baltic state Latvia a gay pride parade was banned last month. Gays instead held a tolerance prayer service in a local church. Hundreds of skinheads, members of the Orthodox Church and people identified as members of the ANSS and threw excrement and eggs at about 50 gay rights activists and their supporters as they left the service.

road.jpg The US-based gay dating site manhunt.net has hit upon a novel way of promoting safe sex among gay men. An outreach worker, posing under the sign-in name of VIPBoy, is paid to talk about AIDS and STDs to site users and to give out advice about safe sex practices. Among other innovations at manhunt.net are AIDS counselling. The site recruits men for HIV-drug studies and surveys and has a unique system whereby HIV-positive members can contact other members they may have infected while remaining anonymous.


  1. Kamasutra Jones says

    Regarding the Washington Post article about AIDS and the divisions between young and old, poz and neg, if you become HIV+ at this point in time, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you want to remain HIV-, then use a condom, plain and simple. What’s so hard to understand about that?

  2. Damon says

    “If you want to remain HIV-, then use a condom, plain and simple. What’s so hard to understand about that?”

    Personally I think its more complicated then that. I mean seriously, when straight people have typical hetero sex, they don’t sit around worrying about HIV/AIDS and why should they? HIV transmission can usually be traced to prostitution, drug use, or homosexual sex.

    Strangely enough, there’s a subculture of gay men developing who seek to seroconvert themselves and/or other men. Some don’t even care to give notice to their intention.

    Its way more complicated then it looks.

    This isn’t about using condoms. Its about the soul of this community.

  3. peterparker says

    Dear Kamasutra Jones,

    I hate comments such as the one you made regarding HIV infections in this day and age being the fault of the person who tests positive. Not only does the comment blame the HIV+ person, it also takes a very black and white view of HIV transmission and fails to see the nuances involved in transmission of HIV.

    Certainly the biggest factors in HIV transmission are whether or not one uses a condom and what sex acts the person engages in. However, infection with HIV depends on a host of other, mostly uncontrollable, factors such as the HIV- person’s immune response to HIV, the viral load of the HIV+ partner, whether or not drugs are involved at the time of sex between the HIV- and HIV+ person (drugs can suppress the immune system), the health of the mucus membranes (gums, urethra, rectum) of both the HIV- and the HIV+ person at the time of sex, etc…

    I have a friend who, regardless of the other guy’s HIV status, always swallows cum when he gives blowjobs. The same friend occasionally gets high on meth and has bareback sex with men he knows are HIV+, yet he remains HIV- to this day. I know another guy who never took cum in his mouth when he gave blowjobs, never had bareback sex and was always sober when he had sex, yet he tested positive. Are you still ready to blame all HIV+ guys for their status, Kamasutra?

    Infection with HIV really isn’t such a black and white issue, Kamasutra. You’d be doing yourself, your fellow faggots, and HIV+ guys and girls around the world a favor to see it in a more nuanced way. You’d also sound like a nicer person.


  4. Damon says

    Herehere Peter

    I just don’t understand why people think its nothing but a condom issue. It just isn’t. I know a guy who claims he’s never used a condom in his life (he’s 45) and parades his negative results like a twit. But lets say he never tests positive…does that mean he gets to enter the pearly gates of HIV- Men who adhered to the practice of safesex?

  5. griffin1573 says

    Its no that “complicated”.

    Lets not try to justify bad decisions and bad behavour by cloaking it with the idea that using a condom is complicated.
    We’ve knowen,for the better part of 25years,that a condom protects you from a life alterating and in most cases a life ending dease.
    Altered states, caused by drugs or alchol, not with standing.
    We’ve been drilling it in to guys heads for 2 decades.
    As for typical “hetro sex”,even though protecting yourself and your partner should be a consideration that transends sexual proclivates,is comparing apples and oranges.
    You can stomp your feet that all those “hetros” don’t have as much of a chance as homosexual men of contracting as much as you want.Its erelevant.
    The reality is that we,as gay men,are the ones under the greatest threat.
    Its an insult to all of our friends and family that we’ve lost to soft side the use of a condom as “complicated”.
    Wear a seatbelt when you drive use a condom when you fuck.
    As for the subculture of gay men looking to zeroconvert or “bug chasers”.
    These people obviously have some problems that require more analysis than we could possible detail in a blog.
    Whether its an emotional,physchilogical,chemical or any other reason. Theres a problem with those individuals and they need assistance.
    But thats no excuse for those who are not dealing with said problems.
    As for those looking to zero convert others.Thats assalt…if not attempted murder.And should be dealt with accordingly.

    The “soul of our community” is in our actions and our deeds.Not our excuses.
    Plain and simple.

  6. griffin1573 says

    Quick sub note to Peter and Damion,
    No one ever said the the use of condoms is a guarentee of not getting infected.
    But to use the reasoning that “i would’nt at least attempt” to protect myself.By useing the best available information and tools at my disposable.
    Or because someone else manages to act out and not get stung is rediculous.
    Go out…have fun…have sex.Just take some precautions and hope for the best.

  7. says

    Juat a comment about the outreach work being done on manhunt.comm. I work for an AIDS Service Organisation in Australia and myself along with 4 other state ASO’s have recently begun, in May 06, a similar netoutreach on Gaydar within Australia. So far it has been a very good experience.

  8. Damon says

    “Go out…have fun…have sex.Just take some precautions and hope for the best.”

    Hey Griffin. I’ll try to make this one of my last postings because I don’t want this to become “Damon’s Rant Corner,” but maybe I’m just beating around the bush.

    I believe in individual responsibility, don’t get me wrong. I think of it this way; Christians argue that accepting Jesus is an individual decision but the fact is, if your born and raised in an atmosphere of Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc, your less likely to “accept Jesus” as your lord an savior. Or black men for example.

    Yes, people should be held accountable for their crimes, yet at the same time, the black community seems to breed more criminals than any other race in America.

    What I guess I’m saying is, is that our atmosphere seems to be breeding the types of people above. It looks as if a promiscuous lifestyle usually breeds a lot people who for a short term or maybe a long-term don’t care about the health and well being of themselves and others as well.

    Its not condoms I think should be assessed, but your lifestyle and the morals that leads it. I’m not saying that if your promiscuous, you’re obviously some kind of sick “gift-giver” but I am saying is that currently what our community has going doesn’t seem to be affecting many of our individual’s actions and deeds for the best.

  9. Giovanni says

    “yet at the same time, the black community seems to breed more criminals than any other race in America.”

    Ummm… think it’s called poverty.

  10. jon says

    Unprotected anal sex between two healthy men is no more risky than anal sex between a healthy man and healthy woman. In both scenarios, the risk of transmission is zero. Bottom line is that if two people are healthy, there is no reason for them to use condoms.

    Of course, if you don’t know the health status of the person you’re having sex with, it is wise and reasonable to request condom usage. A little bit of common sense always goes a long way.

  11. Damon says

    “Ummm… think it’s called poverty.”

    Yeah, sure…poverty…

    I suggest reading “The End of Racism” by Dinesh D’Souza and “Race and culture: A World View” by Thomas Sowell.

  12. Robert In WeHo says


    I hope you realize that both Dinesh D’Souza and Thomas Sowell are arch right wing propagandists who are about as out of touch with reality as they come. Both work for the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. While these individuals are certainly entitled to express their opinions and disseminate their thoughts on any subject which the so choose, It is also incumbent upon all of us, the readers of such works, to absorb anything which they write (and insist to be the truth) with a highly skeptical, questioning eye. Propagandists at the Hoover Institute are often far more interested in being perceived to be intellectually unassailable when, in reality, their motives are quite often highly questionable due to their highly partisan political activities.

  13. griffin1573 says

    “Lifestyles and morals that leads it”.?

    I for one will not judge anyone elses lifestyles and morals.Its not place…I’ll leave that for the Cathloic church,the moral right and the rest of the due what I say or burn in hell group.
    Humans are going to have sex.In relationships out of relationships…no matter.Its been going on as long as we, as a species,have been on this planet.Gay and Straight.
    The concept that the “atmosphere” is breeding promiscutie is not a gay issue but a society issue.Straight and gay.
    And I doubt theres enough people out there,moral rightwingers not with standing, who are willing to regress to a “50’s” mentallity of conservatisim.
    Promoting safe sex does not lead to sex…
    the “popes” arrgument dosn’t hold water.It never did.

    “Its not that complicated….if your going to fuck wear a condom….”

  14. Damon says

    I know who both guys are and I often disagree with them considerably. I do check the facts and make sure their facts are straight and usually they are as all intellectuals are falliable.

    Do these guys have an agenda? Yes. But although their motives are “questionable” when it mostly comes to race, culture, and politics, they’re pretty much on the money and we can either sit around trying to fish out motives or we can discuss the pink elephant thats sitting in the middle of the room.

  15. Damon says

    “I for one will not judge anyone elses lifestyles and morals.”

    Its one thing to judge, its another thing to be an asshole when judging. Recognizing that people’s principles lead them down a road of confusion, suffering, and constant struggle isn’t judging.

    “Humans are going to have sex.”

    I’m not knocking sex. I love sex. Not to many people don’t. :) I’m not even necessarily knocking sex out of a relationship for that matter. *Although it seems like a healthier way to go. I’m not saying we should bring back the 50s but we can’t gloss over the fact that despite our victories, HIV/AIDS as well as the multitude of STDs that are prevalent in our community hold testement to our need for change. It isn’t 50s Style thought we need but 50s style restraint. Moral relativism seems to be more of a burden than a savior.

    No ones saying that promoting safe sex leads to sex but the “promoting safe sex” argument rests on the belief that people will do whatever regardless of whatever we’re taught. In such a hypersexual society we live in, I bet. But even more in the gay community where there are hundreds, maybe thousands of venues out their to fuck and contract all kinds of diseases.

    A new mindset is needed, not the same ol condom talk cause it just ain’t working.