Ian Thorpe Under the Magnifying Glass

Ian_thorpe_1Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe, who recently bought a million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills, is being targeted by media in Australia who say the swimmer is neglecting his career and settling into a life of socializing and Slurpees. They’re worried his competitors might get an edge.

Said The Age: “Out of the pool he has immersed himself in businesses including jewellery, fragrances, underwear and bottled water. But he has not competed for two years, having battled glandular fever, and in that time his weight has fluctuated dramatically.”

Eh, seems like a lot of speculation to me. Who wouldn’t look a bit out of shape next to maybe the hottest photo you’ve ever taken? But to Thorpe’s credit at least they’re still interested in talking about him. Let the boy take a moment to paint his nails and have an iced coffee. When he starts to show up in photos like this, then worry.

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  1. JT says

    Oh, Andy, you do live dangerously. The “I can’t believe you are dissing fat people!” and the “Oh my God, how shallow and stereotypically queer!” crowds are going to be flooding you with hate mail.

  2. MT says

    Eh. I still think he’s cute. Besides, the man competed for how long? Let him enjoy himself for a change. It’s not like he’s slacking. Sounds like he keeps very busy to me.

  3. says

    Let’s leave the poor boy alone. The Australians should just let him live his life. I’m sure at this point in his life, he’s a bit tired of swimming and being the best and all that pressure. Let him have some fun….and paint his nails, and then maybe he’ll come out!

  4. says

    JT, the reason I posted about is because it’s caused such a stink in Oz and I think it’s ridiculous. Everyone deserves a break.

  5. JT says

    Andy: The Travolta link was the issue I was going for. The talk yesterday, coupled with the finger waggings you got after the first time you had it up seemed sort of related. I am always shocked, too, by the fact that a Rupert Murdoch paper in Australia is so fixated on Mr. Thorpe. Incidentally, Mr. Thorpe is muscling-up quite a bit and I like it!