A Sexiest Men Alive DNA Preview


Dna80coverI'd have to say this cover shot is certainly one of the hottest I've seen from DNA and Lewis Payton.

Here is a special preview from their forthcoming "Sexiest Men Alive" issue, which features actor and model TJ Wilk in a 20-page fashion spread.

TJ lives in L.A. and recently appeared on reality fashionbot Janice Dickinson's reality show. He's also a champion diver and (Britney Spears take note) a full-time nanny manny.

According to reports, Lewis and TJ had a good time during the shoot using the pink pool rings. I'm sure there are plenty of you wondering what the shots just before and after this image look like. You'll have to get the magazine to find that out, but Lewis has given us two bonus shots (NSFW), which you'll find after the jump.

For the record, DNA is a longtime Towleroad advertiser. Click for larger versions and enjoy the show.

Tr_tj06_1 Tr_tj04i


Tr_tj03 Tr_tj01

Tr_tj08 Tr_tj07

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