Lance Bass: The Truth Has set Me Free

BassLance Bass told Extra that it was a Page Six item that his mother read that eventually forced him out of the closet, but the decision has turned out to be a winning one for his career.

“A little announcement and you’re everywhere. What do you know? I’m totally happy, I’m a completely different person, I think. It just sucks with all the lies you have to tell…It’s been crazy, cause everyone’s kind of been paying attention to what I’m doing now. Everyone’s been very supportive.

Bass tells the show that he’s working on a sitcom pilot with former bandmate Joey Fatone and a radio countdown show in Las Vegas.



  1. Leland says

    Happy he’s happy, but please keep him away from the ears of impressionable youth of all kinds until he’s grown up a little bit more than a celebrity fresh from the closet. Until he recants such insulting, worthy-of-ten-bitch-slaps references as “crazy activists,” and expresses regret that, potential career impact aside, he still didn’t feel good enough about being gay to tell his own mother. I have yet to hear one peep in that core direction. He’s nearly 30 and there are kids coming out in middle school now. Sure there are many still coming out at his age, but I wouldn’t want them sharing any residual misgivings they might have either. “No [poster boy] before its time.” Particularly those who would clearly STILL be in the closet to not just the public but their families if it weren’t for media shining a flashlight on their affairs with gay soft porn “models” willing to effectively go back in the public closet themselves or am I the only one who saw those picture of Lance and Reichen walking arm-in-arm not with each other but with the two two-bit “actresses” they’d gone shopping with. One minute, it’s just four seeming friends strolling along and seconds after they spot the photographer they become two apparent straight couples. Lance might have still been in the gay womb then but what the fuck was Lehmkuhl thinking? Maybe that will be in his next book.

  2. hoya86 says

    Actually, I appreciate Leland;s thoughtfulness and insight. He tends to provide a different POV than the normal “he’s hot” response we see so often.

    Just my $0.02

  3. Zeke says

    Leland, you don’t think or comment on anything too much. We could actually use more people who thought more and commented more on issues of importance to gay people. Carry on brother.

    I have been very supportive of Bass (being a famous 😉 gay Mississippian myself). I have been a bit put off by the negativity and nastiness that he and his boyfriend have received from many gay people. However, I don’t think he come to level of self acceptance and understanding yet to be a role model to up and coming little homettes. He still seems to think of his coming out in terms of its positive or negative publicity and gages the importance of his coming out by how much it positively or negatively affects his career.

    He does seem to have an after thought about how coming out was good for his sanity and happiness, but only an after thought. Once he settles in a bit more to his new found honesty and freedom, I think he may possibly be a very positive role model for others.

    Even though he has claimed he doesn’t want to be a gay role model or a “crazy activist” the fact of the matter is, with his celebrity, he will be a role model. As Eric McCormick said about being type cast, it’s just his pink cross to bear. It’s up to Lance if he will be a positive or negative role model.

  4. jimmyboyo says



    I myself came out at 16, but am finding that to many of the younger generation that is like way too late. LOL 14 year olds are coming out of the closet now a days. WOW

    Which totaly shows that waiting till one is in their 30’s is tired and weak.

    I am happy that lance is happy. BUT he should not be a poster boy for coming out.

  5. Ro says

    I don’t get it. Countless numbers of gay people complain about there not being enough people in the public eye being out so we pressure those in the closet (or presumed to be) THEN the chatter begins on websites or of all places like that idiot Perez Hilton about who’s gay and who’s not or even better:”A friend of mine slept with him,” etc etc.

    Not exactly the kind of place or people I would want to come out to either-would you? What we’re doing in essence is being schoolyard bullies and when someone finally does come out there’s countless comments like “he’s a huge power bottom, he’s not that cute, his career is over….” I could go on and on.

    Coming out is never easy and is someone’s personal journey, let’s not forget that when being making comments that are clearly filled with bitterness. This game of I can be snarky and make potshots is so tired.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    Ro yes, but when asked in the past Lance publicly said “NO, i am a good christian boy”

    Uhm…….lets not make a saint out of the guy

    He never went the tom cruise rout of saying scientology can cure homosexuality, but he did make some comments that were not healthy, sane, or respectable.

  7. Leland says

    Appreciate the comments of support, and respect the right of others to disagree. Just wish to add that I do, in fact, share Martina Navratilova’s optimism about Lance’s ability to grow, as each of us has, and some still are, after what is essentially a second birth. Perhaps we should start calling ourselves Born Again Gays and really piss off the pseudo Christian demagogues. My original point was based on the fact that, sad but still true in 2006, those in the process of trying to accept themselves [at whatever age] have damn few people to model themselves on. And they are not served by those still sending mixed messages, however unintentionally. The Victory Fund has some excellent programs to train community activists and LGBTs interested in running for public office. Unfortunately, it’s not likely we’ll ever have something similar for people already in the public eye about coming out, and, apparently, his and Lehmkuhl’s pillow talk doesn’t include such discussion.

  8. Anon says

    Lance is the youngest “B-List” celeb to come out, so until Leland’s gay-Christ arrives, he’s what we have. There are plenty of young guys outside the gayborhood who are not coming out at age 14 or 16, or even 28, so how do we reach them?? Lance has come a long way, even if it isn’t the end of the road.

  9. Leland says

    Beg pardon, Anon. I hate to shake you from your ignorance, which, hopefully, is not as invincible as your arrogance. First, who’s “B-List” and who belongs on some other rung is almost entirely subjective. But, in terms of simple math, Rufus Wainwright was younger than Lance when he came out publicly, as was Martina, while Chad Allen was the same age. So if you’re passing out laurel wreaths, let’s begin with them, shall we? Particularly Martina who not only came out at 25, but 25 YEARS AGO when Lance was TWO and there were far fewer open arms than he’s finding today [blame Martina and those other “crazy activists”]. And, unlike Lance, she was still fully involved in [and financially dependent on] her profession. Her coming out unquestionably cost her millions of dollars in product endorsements—an opportunity Lance even at the peak of his popularity was not in line for. Yes, he’s accomplished some good by coming out. I’m sure there are some for whom that will be the final little push/inspiration for coming out themselves, and bravo. But let’s not encourage him to pose for a statue too soon. After all, that’s Reichen’s ambition.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    Leland thanks for bringing up Rufus, martina and Chad

    chad in particular is interesting int hat he was forced out by pics of him kissing a guy in a hot tub

    BUT!!!! since then chad has turned himself into a great advocate

    unlike Lance who does not want to be an activist….chad is an activist.

    Chad is constantly doing activist work when he isn’t producing gay theater, gay tv, or acting in a movie

    Chad Allen is a much better candidate for a laurel wreath than lance. lance by his comment “I don’t want to be an advocate for anything” (pretty shallow and selfish) wants to reap the rewards without the effort

  11. weege says

    Leland – “But let’s not encourage him to pose for a statue too soon. After all, that’s Reichen’s ambition.”

    How nicely put!

  12. Anon says

    Alas, ask any of my straight friends and you get “Rufus who?” or “Chad who?” I’m not denigrating them, but defending Lance a bit since people do know who he is (particularly under age 35). Chad has a hard time getting publicity while Lance does not, so I’m afraid we don’t get to make these choices and it isn’t so much what he says as to what kind of press, good or bad, he gets. I’m not sure about everyone’s age here either, though Lance is currently the youngest I would think. Martina, according to Wikipedia, came out in 1981 as a bisexual at age 25 or so, which is great (it did involve some kicking and screaming as I recall), but this is before our current crop of gay teens were even born, so how are they going to relate? She also gets little press. Again, perfection is the enemy of excellence. Let’s not wait a thousand years for this Messiah of yours, Leland.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    Interesting point anon

    Chad does not get anywhere near the press that lance so far has.

  14. Anon says

    Thanks jimmyboyo!

    One more thing about ignorance, let’s not forget the immortal words of Leland regarding his hero Rufus just this past June on these very pages (Quoting):


    While Wainwright’s gall and ego dwarfs most everything they encounter, the ignorance of the NY Times writer is still worth a major bitch slap…

    Hate her, mock her, be indifferent, but get the facts right. And, rather than spending my money on tickets for the Rufus Goofus show, I’ll be hoarding the new Judy US postage stamp, the second one she’s appeared on.


    Well, if Wainwright is to Judy impersonators what Bush is to Presidents, at least we can be thankful Rufus doesn’t have an entire army at his disposal, even if he did pull off [pun intended] a 21-gun salute to his similarly shameless and bottomless ego last night. Now where’s that CD of Aretha annihilating “Nessum Dorma” that I was using as a coaster?

    (end quoting)

    So, I guess we can’t count on Rufus either.

  15. Leland says

    You continue to go from Anon to Ass. No one’s holding out for a gay Christ or Messiah—those are your inane words, and typical of the juvenile discussion skills of too many on the Net. I do appreciate you’re not [yet] stooping to, “I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?” Repeating that Lance is better known—in some circles—is not a defense of his Baby Gay faux pas. And it IS entirely about what he says—just ask Mel Gibson. We do not need ANY gay celebrity bad mouthing the people who created the world in which it is possible for them to be out as he has. We do not need ANY gay celebrity equating being “straight acting” with “normal” and, therefore, by implication, that those of us who aren’t straight-acting are abnormal as he did in the same People interview.

    I definitely have been impressed with how some media are simply treating them as yet another celeb couple, sometimes including their latest sighting in a catalog of comments about the latest about Brad and Angelina or Jennifer and What’s His Name. That IS serious progress but in no way anything Lance can take credit for, while Reichen and former partner Chip did contribute to that evolution.

  16. Zeke says

    Wow, all I can say in response to the last few comments is, THANK GOD you’re BOTH on OUR side!

    Obviously both of you are highly intelligent, well spoken and have strong opinions. I personally admire you both and really enjoy reading and reflecting upon your comments. HOWEVER, I do not admire your seeming inability to debate each other in a civil, if not respectful, manner. I won’t even hope for polite.

    I really think that this is unfortunate because so much of the brilliance of your opinions gets lost in the Napalm that accompanies it.

    I’m not trying to be you boys’ daddy but it seems that you need to be grabbed by the back of your necks and put in corners until you are willing to play nice.

    Really, I think highly of both of you guys and hope I will escape your wraths for saying this, but for God’s sake let’s put things into perspective here. Ya’ll are about to come to blows over who’s more popular, Lance or Rufus. That sounds like a fight between two ten year old girls, not two intelligent, grown men.

    You guys are way too bright and way to articulate to waste time and energy on such nonsense. Try redirecting some of this zeal, passion and venom toward our REAL and common enemies. Heaven help the bigot that the two of you tag team!

    Love ya, mean it. Be gentle. :)