Polish Prime Minister: We’re Not Anti-Gay

Jaroslaw_1Poland wants more clout in the European Union, so the country’s prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski traveled to Brussels to appeal to the EU commission and explain to them that homophobia and anti-Semitism in his country are on the wane:

“I ask you not to believe in the myth of Poland as an anti-semitic, homophobic and xenophobic country…People with such [homosexual] preferences have full rights in Poland, there is no tradition in Poland of persecuting such people.”

The commission should have asked him about the Equality Parade that his twin brother Lech, now the country’s president, cancelled when he was mayor of Warsaw.

PoznanOr how about the 65 protestors who were detained and interrogated in Poznan, Poland last November for rallying against discrimination based on “sexual orientation, gender, race, and disability.”

And what were the punishments given to the violent protestors who hurled objects at Equality March participants in Warsaw and Krakow earlier this year?

According to the EU Observer, “[Kaczynski] admitted that an anti-semitic ‘fringe’ exists in Polish politics but said it is in a process of change, while showcasing the fact Poland has many gay nightclubs and magazines, as well as ‘people of such a persuasion holding high public positions, on the right and not just on the left.'”

Why is it then, that even in Berlin they’re knocking down doors to speak out against Poland’s policies?

Gay-friendly Poland wants more EU clout, prime minister says [eu observer]


  1. Etrigan says

    I still remember participating in the Warsaw Equality Parade just four years ago… Strangely enough, no-one really paid much attention to it then: the media were warming up to the idea of gays being a visible part of the new Polish society; the government stayed away from the topic as it was busy repairing the economy; the crowd around was curious rather than violent… The parade itself was about fun and pride rather than about voicing a political / ideological statement. One thing is for sure: Poland is not the only country out there that has become a breeding ground for righteous, well, right… Unfortunately.

  2. George says

    {Homosexual} preferences? Sexual orientation has never been a preference. His use of such language shows how backward thinking the Polish government is. It closely mirrors a certain church’s teaching on the subject of sexual orientation and behavior. If any myth exists, it is in what the Polish government says versus what it does.

  3. says

    Hey! I’m from Warsaw and I’m girl-gay
    You absolutely right! We have no rights in Poland! The don’t want to agree for peace-love demonstrations and they close gay-clubs ( La Madame where was John Malkovich to protect club against closing) for example.
    Do you know that there are the rumours that everybody knows that this man upstairs IS GAY? But nobody could say anything…
    Fuck the government and this fugly twins.
    Big hug from our celeb gossip site!

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