Ashley Cole Addresses “Gay Orgy” Libel Lawsuit

Ashley_cole_1Brit Footballer Ashley Cole (seen here with fellow countryman Becks), who this week signed with English Premier League Champions Chelsea, recently spoke out about the highly publicized lawsuit against Brit tabloids The Sun and The News of the World, following the publication of photos that suggested he was gay and had been involved in gay orgies.

“The story suggested I was dishonest about my sexuality and therefore my marriage to Cheryl was going to be a sham. I weren’t having that. Taking legal action meant I was bringing it all out into the open, but that was the risk I had to take. A wild rumour had become a newspaper innuendo, had become a Chinese whisper, had become gossip in internet chat rooms, leading to me being identified as a gay Premiership footballer. I was angry.”

In June, the tabloids were ordered to pay damages to Cole for spreading the rumors.

Footballer Sues Brit Tabs Over Gay Orgy claims [tr]