News: Pink Elephant, JC Chasez, Clinton Tears

road.jpg Gay German couple attacked in Croatia: “The two German men, ages 20 and 39, were beaten late on Wednesday while walking on a street in Split, a police spokeswoman told AFP. The 39-year-old suffered serious injuries and needed medical treatment for a broken nose, she said. According to local media, the two were holding hands when they were attacked. It was the fourth attack against gay and lesbian tourists in the Split area since July.”

Banksy_elephantroad.jpg Banksy’s painted elephant, as suspected, has angered animal welfare activists: “Here we have an endangered species. And we’re taking it and moving it into a warehouse and painting it. It’s a mockery. There’s no reason. This isn’t a religious ceremony in India.” The elephant’s trainer disagrees: “Tai has done many, many movies. She’s used to makeup.”

road.jpg Google and Apple in “video talks” over content deal for new iTV streaming device. Apple iPhone on track for early 2007.

road.jpg Letter to government from Indian luminaries: repeal 145-year-old law criminalizing gay sex. Letter: “In independent India, as earlier, this archaic and brutal law has served no good purpose. It has been used to systematically persecute, blackmail, arrest and terrorize sexual minorities. It has spawned public intolerance and abuse, forcing tens of millions of gay and bisexual men and women to live in fear and secrecy, at tragic cost to themselves and their families.”

road.jpg Janet Jackson stages comeback as neo-Barbarella.

road.jpg Gay Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit wins re-election handily.

Lrroad.jpg Here’s what we’ll ask: Do the unambiguously gay duo have more love for each other or for the cameras?

road.jpg That other former N-Syncer JC Chasez looking dapper at last week’s Heatherette show.

road.jpg Bill Clinton escorts casket at Ann Richards funeral, cries, pays tribute: “First she was big. Big hair, big bright eyes, big blinding smile. She also had a big heart, big dreams. Big, big dreams.”

road.jpg In South Africa, a massive Christian protest against upcoming parliament vote on gay marriage: “The protests, spearheaded by the conservative African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), came days before a parliamentary committee holds hearings on a bill that would accord same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual ones.”


  1. Not for you says

    South Africa should be more concerned with fixing their social and crime situation rather than cornholeing. They have got a shitload of problems they are no one to look up to.

  2. Jack says

    Hope the couple doesn’t have lasting trauma from the attack. The attacks could be related. The police should do more to ensure everyone’s safety especially if they know it will happen in a certain area.

    I don’t know why it’s acceptable to paint an elephant for religious purposes or not. They need to hold everyone to the same standards if they don’t like it.

    Congrats to Wowie!

    Religion at it again.

  3. says

    Reichen’s former husband of five or so years now lives in Miami where those pictures were apparently taken. Wonder where Chip was while they were in town smile fucking cameras and floating in the drool of local barflies? Oh, yeah, now I remember: up north riding 275 miles on a bike to raise money for AIDS services. “Paging HRC! White Sanity Phone. Paging HRC!”

  4. says

    I love Janet, but I think the last time she courted edginess successfully was by goin’ all martial arts warehouse for Rhythm Nation 1814. I like the pic where she’s throwing her hair, tho….

  5. Jim says

    “it’s like he won the lottery” ROTFLMAO! Three months ago Reichen had to put his house up for sale and move in with Lance. Now they’re bouncing from coast-to-coast-and-back and from Canada to Jamaica like lavender ping pong balls. He’s not traveled this freely since he had access to the magic CBS “Amazing Race” credit card. Of course, with Lance’s card, he never has to fly Coach. Cue Donna Summer: “She works hard for the money! HARD for the money!!!”

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