Gay Marriage: Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Minnesota, SA

Ritterroad.jpg Colorado Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez jumps on Democratic candidate Bill Ritter’s gay marriage flip-flop: “Let me get this straight: He’s for marriage between a man and a woman with exceptions? Adding, subtracting or amending the definition of marriage is a significant departure from what he has said before.” Beauprez opposes gay marriage and civil unions.

Bredesenroad.jpg Tennessee Republican Gubernatorial nominee Jim Bryson jumps on Governor Bredesen’s refusal to sign a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, though both say they will vote for the amendment in November.

road.jpg Opponents of gay marriage in South Africa promise they will have tens of thousands of people on the streets on September 16th in a mass demonstration as the legislature prepares to take up the issue of legalizing same-sex unions.

Koeringroad.jpg Gay Minnesota Republican Paul Koering, who joined Democrats in effort to block anti-gay marriage amendment, feels the heat in upcoming election. Opponent: “People of high moral values and integrity must rally and support candidates who will work to bring ethics, morals and family values back into government.”

road.jpg As Virginia voters come to realization that a broad anti-gay marriage amendment would affect business and commerce in the state, momentum against it is growing.