Gay Marriage: Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Minnesota, SA

Ritterroad.jpg Colorado Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez jumps on Democratic candidate Bill Ritter’s gay marriage flip-flop: “Let me get this straight: He’s for marriage between a man and a woman with exceptions? Adding, subtracting or amending the definition of marriage is a significant departure from what he has said before.” Beauprez opposes gay marriage and civil unions.

Bredesenroad.jpg Tennessee Republican Gubernatorial nominee Jim Bryson jumps on Governor Bredesen’s refusal to sign a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, though both say they will vote for the amendment in November.

road.jpg Opponents of gay marriage in South Africa promise they will have tens of thousands of people on the streets on September 16th in a mass demonstration as the legislature prepares to take up the issue of legalizing same-sex unions.

Koeringroad.jpg Gay Minnesota Republican Paul Koering, who joined Democrats in effort to block anti-gay marriage amendment, feels the heat in upcoming election. Opponent: “People of high moral values and integrity must rally and support candidates who will work to bring ethics, morals and family values back into government.”

road.jpg As Virginia voters come to realization that a broad anti-gay marriage amendment would affect business and commerce in the state, momentum against it is growing.


  1. i.e. says

    Mary Cheney lives in Colorado yet I haven’t read anything about her efforts to stop the amendment. I wonder why?

  2. Rad says

    Thank you for this political update. With our state primary next week (RI), and the national elections in 8 weeks, it’s nice to get a refresher on whom is doing what to undercut whom.

    Interesting that gays are making their way back to the top of the list of debate topics.

    There was an interesting comment on NBC News with Brian Williams last evening about how “…the administration, out of respect for our service men, would like political candidates to NOT make an issue out of the Iraq war…” I just about rolled off the couch. It came off as “DON’T TALK ABOUT THE WAR WE GOT US INTO!!! DON’T TALK ABOUT THE WAR!!!”

    I just hope that the tide will turn come November.


  3. John T says

    “Out of respect for the servicemen” is something like the logic of sending more troops to die in Iraq so that the troops who have already died there won’t have died in vain. I would be interested to visit the universe in which that idea makes logical sense.

  4. Jethro says

    “…the administration, out of respect for our service men, would like political candidates to NOT make an issue out of the Iraq war…” – That really takes the biscuit now! The GOP was more than happy to talk up a non existent threat to lead the US into war. Now they don’t want the unimaginable mess they got the US into to be talked about? Wouldn’t it be a little more respectful of the service men not to send them to an unnecessary death in the first place?I live in London. I just hope Americans really aren’t that stupid to fall for this in your upcoming elections.

  5. Rad says

    God, Jethro, I hope not, too!

    But in each of the past elections, polls and pundits all said “Democracy will prevail”, and all we got was further and further into this theocratic abyss that has only served to polarize the country.

    More often than not, I feel like the only moderate/liberal on the planet.

  6. Zeke says

    Before we go out of our way to present Paul Koering as some sort of gay Republican hero for his vote against the marriage amendment in Minnesota, let’s look at his recent clarification of the reason why he voted against it.

    He recently said that he only voted against it because of procedural issues but that he believes that the amendment (to deny rights to a minority) should be sent to the voters so that the majority of Minnesotans can decide the issue. Additionally, he said he would vote to do just that the next time the issue comes to the floor.

    One minute he’s crying the blues because he’s being challenged simply because he’s gay. In the next breath he’s throwing gays under the bus to appease the very people that are challenging him.

    That may qualify him for the “Republican Heroes” list over at the Log Cabin website (where the standard is INCREDIBLY low; check it out for yourself) but it only qualifies him as yet another political opportunists weasel in MY book.

    He plays the Gay card like a Wild card – Gay Card High: Poor me. I’m the gay victim of anti-gay conservative Republicans; Gay Card Low: Look at me, I support the anti-gay conservative Republican Party line to send this discriminatory amendment to the people for majority rule.

    I can only imagine how far African-American rights would have progressed in my home state of Mississippi had they been put on the ballot for majority approval. I honestly don’t see the difference.

    Ball-less/spineless politicians disgust me, regardless of their Party affiliation or sexual orientation.

  7. Anon says

    Funny, Republicans used to run on anti-abortion platforms in off years, but they’ve dropped that recently. This was something gay men didn’t care about too much. Now they’ve switched to gay marriage and the like. I wonder why.

  8. Mark says

    I’ll be watching the Virginia issue closely. My employer is headquartered there. Currently, it has a very far reaching diversity policy.

    As for Colorado, ever since Gale Norton opened her piehole, Colorado has gone down hill. It used to be very much live and let live. Now, it is FEAR GOD! I’m still trying to figure out how Focus on the Family got a state provided sign on the interstate!