Towleroad Guide to the Tube #32

MY PET GOAT: Students remember Bush’s 9/11 classroom visit. (source: pam’s house blend)

SPACE INVADERS: The human version. (source:

WEATHERMAN vs. COCKROACH: A hurricane may be dangerous, but it’s no match

ATTENTION GODLESS SODOMITES: Westboro Baptist Church‘s Fred Phelps goes after Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in his latest online sermon. Thanks to YouTube, we don’t need to give the asshat traffic.

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  1. Zeke says

    Space Invaders was as impressive as the Weathergirl was hilarious.

    Miss Thang will NEVER live that down! Poor thing is all over the evening news and on just about every blog on the net.

  2. Anon says

    So Colbert says “Good Evening all you sodomites” and then Phelps says “We have become a nation of sodomites”. Am I missing something?? Why is Phelps complaining? He and Colbert are in agreement here. I’m sure hoping that Colbert will respond to clear this all up. One thing that Phelps should clear up: what nations are not doomed? China: no. India: no. Russia: no. Hmmm, the list is short it looks like.

  3. mac says

    I sat next to Fred Phelps on my flight from St Louis to Kansas City over labor day weekend…he looks like skeletor which just made my skin feel ice cold. He doesn’t get his bags checked like everyone else…he gets to pick them up at the office…probably afraid someone might put something in his bags…like a horse head or something.

  4. Zeke says

    MAC, you should have winked at him, licked your lips at him and blew kisses at him throughout the flight. He would have been a captive audience.

    The Air Marshal and flight attendants would have had to subdue him and strap him into a straight jacket before you got to your destination.

    Brings scenes of Silence of the Lambs to mind.


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