News: Spencer Tracy’s Hustler, iPhone, Janet Jackson, Condi Rice

road.jpg Condoleezza Rice snarls back after Clinton 9/11 interview: “The notion somehow for eight months the Bush administration sat there and didn’t do that is just flatly false – and I think the 9/11 commission understood that.”

Spencer_tracy_1road.jpg New bio Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn details the gay escapades of Spencer Tracy: “It was at gay director George Cukor’s estate that he met a Hollywood hustler identified as ‘Scotty,’ a mechanic who staffed his gas station with ‘handsome young bucks, just home from the war’ who for $20 were ‘happy to wash their hands (or not) and take a trip with a client to the back room,’ Mann writes. ‘Tracy would always be drinking when I arrived,’ Scotty told Mann. ‘He’d get so loaded. He’d sit there at the table drinking from five o’clock in the afternoon until two in the morning, when he’d fall onto the bed and ask me to join him. … And in the morning he’d act like nothing happened.'”

road.jpg Judge tosses out David Gest assault suit against Liza Minnelli. Judge: “The plaintiff complaint must be dismissed in its entirety. There is no triable issue of fact.”

road.jpg REPORT: Cingular to be exclusive carrier for Apple iPhone at launch.

Kylie_bookroad.jpg Kylie Minogue: author.

road.jpg The NYT hits up the new, slim Janet Jackson.

road.jpg Gay British couple searching for other gay families in rural England criticized for placing images of their children on Gaydar website: “The couple resides in the English countryside and opportunities for meeting other gay families and gay men are limited. So they posted family photographs on a registered gay website designed to help gay men find new friends, companions and network professionally. Child safety campaigners are angry, accusing the gay couple of putting their children at risk of being identified by pedophiles, kidnappers and assorted crazies.”