road.jpg Rupert Everett dishes about the divas, plans reality show.
road.jpg Screwed: Paris Hilton is victim of art prankster Banksy in Britain.
road.jpg New book reveals Karl Rove’s stepfather was gay.
road.jpg On the cover of a magazine: Timberlake, Julian McMahon, Jake Shears.
road.jpg The state of gay marriage in Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Minnesota, SA.
road.jpg ABC’s 9/11 drama revealed to contain lies; Democrats urge revision
road.jpg Alan Turing’s codecracker is meticulously recreated at Bletchley Park.
road.jpg Crowd cheers two drunk men having public sex in Russia.
road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his stripes on a beach on Martha’s Vineyard.
road.jpg Jazz quartet or mess? New designs unveiled for the World Trade Center.
road.jpg The only gay in the village will marry his partner in little Britain.
road.jpg Gays hunted in Uganda after paper names them; Rights group condemns.
road.jpg He’s a lady. John Travolta takes on a Divine role.
road.jpg The Black Dahlia vs Six Feet Under: corpse-like cousins.
road.jpg Passing on: the grandfather of vogue and the crocodile hunter.

Posted September 9, 2006 at 11:00am ETC by Andy Towle
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