News: Paris Attack, Bus Driver Bigot, Brokeback Bee Gee

road.jpg A Minneapolis Metro Transit bus driver who requested to be allowed not to drive buses with gay-themed advertisements because of religious beliefs is having his wish granted, according to public transit officials. Union leaders accused Metro Transit of “condoning intolerance”. The ad that brought up the objection was one taken out by Lavender Magazine emblazoned with the catchphrase “Unleash Your Inner Gay”. So the bus driver instead unleashed his inner bigot.

Posjnroad.jpg Paris under attack by hungry Fembot.

road.jpg Gay Iranians offered asylum in The Netherlands. Gay rights group applauds: “Homosexual Iranian asylum seekers can now find a safe haven in the Netherlands from the persecution and inhuman treatment they face in Iran. A year ago, an Iranian asylum seeker with a death sentence hanging over his head was still sitting at Schiphol airport waiting to be deported.”

road.jpg Bee Gee Barry Gibb and buddy release DVD featuring Brokeback Mountain parody.

road.jpg American Idol contestant RJ Helton comes out of the closet.

road.jpg Keith Olbermann calls out Bush on Military Commissions act: “And if you somehow think Habeas Corpus has not been suspended for American citizens but only for everybody else, ask yourself this: If you are pulled off the street tomorrow, and they call you an alien or an undocumented immigrant or an “unlawful enemy combatant” — exactly how are you going to convince them to give you a court hearing to prove you are not? Do you think this Attorney General is going to help you? This President now has his blank check. He lied to get it. He lied as he received it. Is there any reason to even hope, he has not lied about how he intends to use it, nor who he intends to use it against?”