Koenig’s Case Study House #21 for Sale


If you want to spend the holidays this year in your very own Pierre Koenig Case Study house you may be in luck, as long as you have a few million to spend. Case Study House #21, located on Wonderland Ave. in the Hollywood Hills, is being put up for sale by Wright Auctions in Chicago on December 3.

The Case Study houses were a project by Arts & Architecture magazine which ran from the mid-40’s to the mid 60’s and featured model homes built by a range of prominent architects. Pierre Koenig designed houses #21 and #22. The one for sale has been restored to its original design, and Julius Shulman, whose photographs of the case study houses are some of the most well-known architectural images ever made, was hired to re-shoot the house, not a small feat as Shulman is 96.

(via le blog exuberance)


  1. Bernie says

    This looks like the house used in “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”… the house where Ferris’ buddy Cameron lived and from where they absconded with his father’s prize sports car. The movie was set in Chicago.. could this be the house?

  2. JT says

    Wow! This is truly a house designed for an exhibitionist to walk around in naked! How much did you say it was?

    Bernie: The house you’re thinking of is the Ben Rose Auto Museum in a Chicago suburb.

  3. Nato says

    I’ve been to this house several times. Lovely, but “petite” to put it politely. It’s in great demand for photo shoots, which could offset some of the $2.5 million they’re asking. Pity the furniture is extra. Mr. Shulman lives only about a half-mile away–in case you need some prints or books signed.

  4. just sayin' says

    Lovely. To me this is the quintessential LA intellectual aesthetics (I hope that’s not an oxymoron). I can just imagine someone like, say, a thirtysomething Joan Didion nursing a drink in the living room while she goes over her draft of ‘Play It As It Lays,’ paring off anything superfluous, making the lines as lean and taut as that of the house.

  5. ScotJ says

    Beautiful! I’d hope there would be some curtains or vertical blinds you could draw for privacy on occasion, especially the bedroom.

  6. rudy says

    Wonderland was the street address where the drug related murders in which John Holmes was involved occurred. Beautiful house and a notorious address. Such a bargain.

  7. MARKD2 says

    Jeez, that ain’t bad. Even the split-level homes in the less than favorable areas of the city I live in seem to start at an average of $500,000. Apartments get advertised as a steal at the $390,000 mark on pre-sale. Great if you already own, not so great if you don’t.

  8. Cory says

    any body else find it amazing that at 96 years old Julius Schulman re-shot the house? that’s incredible…