1. Lead says

    Hmm…I’d say more Shrek and less Hobbit and frankly neither have much appeal. Truth be known he has a mean streak and on the field is rather an unpredictable nutter. Good player but a bad role model. I predict a two pump jump and potential future wife beater.

  2. John C says

    Unlike other sports, soccer and fascism go together all too easily so the Croatian thing is no surprise. UK football terraces were recruiting grounds for far right groups in the 70s and 80s. Something about the intense tribalism involved appeals to the basest thugs, unfortunately.

  3. Gary says

    Well…Shrek Rooney let us Brits down with World Cup and yesterday’s CRAP game against Croatia. He’s an inconsistent player on a team that scores OWN goals.

    I’m keeping my eyes now on the Welsh team.

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