Banksy Fans Line up for “Iwo Jima” Prints in London

Hundreds of people lined up in London in order to buy a limited-edition Banksy print, which spoofed the famous photograph of U.S. soldiers in Iwo Jima.

BanksycarOne fan who stood in line all night expressed disappointment that the prints weren’t authenticated: “I arrived at 11.30pm with two friends and we slept in thermals wrapped in sleeping bags in the doorway. We were not the only ones. I have been trying to get my hands on a Banksy for the last three years, so I didn’t-want to miss out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It was machine-printed with no signature or number, which I thought was a bit of a mockery of all of his fans. I am probably going to sell mine on eBay.”

The sale, which took place at the annual Santa’s Ghetto exhibit I posted about recently, was for charity. Said a spokesperson: “All proceeds from the sale are being used to perform cataract operations on kids in Bangladesh. If anyone bought this print to re-sell for profit, they should consider making a further donation themselves.”

It looks, however, like people are doing just that. Several of the prints already on sale at the auction site are fetching a good price.

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