News: Mark Foley, Condoms, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shanghai

road.jpg Rumors flying on Capitol Hill that the Mark Foley report may be released imminently. UPDDATE: CNN is reporting the house Ethics Committee will hold a 2pm news conference.

Condomroad.jpg The Associated Foreign Press deals a blow to male Indian self esteem: “Indian men’s penises do not match international sizes and most condoms on sale in the country are too big, according to a medical study.”

road.jpg Shanghai gets a new gay bar, Pinkhome.

road.jpg Rob Lowe devastated he coulda been McDreamy.

road.jpg Rumors that Tim Gunn may not be appearing on next season’s Project Runway appear to be false. Producer: “As we have in past seasons, we will find a way to work around everyone’s schedules, and are confident the team will be back.” Project Runway would certainly not be the same without Tim Gunn.

road.jpg The latest homophobic cartoon from the New York Post‘s Sean Delonas.

road.jpg Brandon Voss named new editor-in-chief of New York publ. HX.

Gyllenhaalroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal dines out at Orso wearing special garment which appears to become partially see-through when flashbulbs go off. Tease.

road.jpg Bette Midler blasts Britney for failing to wear panties.

road.jpg Tom Ford, who always goes commando, is teaming up with Ermenegildo Zegna to introduce a new menswear line and shop in New York City next year. Ford: “Men are becoming more feminine. They enjoy shopping, they take more time over the way they look, they travel and they shop around, they finally are taking better care of themselves. Men are not only there to buy cars and art, they’ve realized there is also fashion.”


  1. Ben says

    Tom Ford continues to put out dumb ass comments. Enjoying shopping and taking care of your appearance does not make a man more feminine.

    He’s such a Hollywood retard!

  2. John says

    All that was sexy about Tom Ford was lost when he left Gucci and started trying to become his own brand. Man may have marketing talent when it comes to luxury goods, unfortunately, he’s not a luxury good. You can find his kind at any cheesy club along the 27th Street (that’s NYC, kids) strip.

  3. gay is the new straight says

    More Jake please. If I can’t have my daily Reichen fix, then Jake will have to do.

  4. GBM says

    Sean Delonas is certainly a homophobe, but this cartoon isn’t much different from the Andre Boisclair Brokeback skit from a few weeks back, which relied on the same ‘bed-fellows’ punch line. It is interesting that the rugged Brokeback was chosen for George W.’s gay tryst, while an intimate bedroom play-date was used for the French (read: effeminate?) Chirac. The main difference, though, seems to be that Boisclair openly identifies as gay, even if he knows his opponents will feel ‘unmanned’ by his suggestion that they should too. Delonas, however, has made a name for exploiting hateful gay stereotypes and uses the suggestion of gay identity to (in his mind) completely discredit his targets.

  5. tjc says

    Andy —
    I thought AFP = Agence France-Presse?
    (At least, it used to.)

    I hadn’t heard of “Associated Foreign Press” before, but I admit that I do not follow the various press groups (press gangs?) all that closely.

  6. julius says

    I try not to judge people but it is pretty hard to ignore the shenanigans of Britney, Lindsay, Paris et al. One wonders where are their parents??? Their fathers? I don’t care if my sister is 26 yrs but if she does what these girls do in public (an aversion to underwear for example), my dad will smack her across to California.

  7. Daniel says

    I hadn’t heard the rumors but I’m glad Tim Gunn isn’t leaving Project Runway–I love that man. My partner actually gets a little jealous because I love that man so much.

  8. taiwandroo says

    TJC is right about AFP — Agence France-Presse. Such a rare mistake you almost hate to point it out. Doin’ a great job anyway, Andy.

  9. gabe says

    That Tim Gunn drama is just another ploy by Bravo to keep the public interest alive and kicking while the show is on a sabbatical.I guess its on working.

  10. Jack says


    Every time I come on this site I always here you people bashing some gay celebrity. They can never be good enough for you.

  11. 000000 says

    Gay celebs? What for? I think you underestimate the importance of musing on the thread count in Gyllenhaal’s blouse.

  12. Daniel says

    I love Tim Gunn, Jake Shears (and the rest of Scissor Sisters), Nathan Lane, Anthony Michael Hall, Rupert Everett (although I understand if I actually knew him I might not love him so much)… there are so many more. But then I don’t usually post negative responses to them.

  13. Daniel says

    Sorry, I didn’t mean Anthony Michael Hall–I meant Neil Patrick Harris and his name escaped me briefly (all those three name people). Good thing Mary Elizabeth Mastriantonio didn’t spring to mind.

    I tend to like people unless they’ve done somethng mean to me personally.

  14. Jack says

    Just as I suspected. Only one person liked more than one gay celebrity. It’s a shame that gay celebrities get very little support from gay people. Even though those same gay people want every gay celebrity to come out. And they come out to crikets chirping because everyone has left them. What a shame…

    On a positive note, Tim Gunn is staying on Project Runway. He is the keystone of that show and it would not be the same without him. I love him and admire his integrity and character. He is a great role model for gay kids.

  15. Dex says

    Hey, I’ve got no beef with any gay celebrity (except Perez Hilton [ugh], but is he really a celebrity?)! Make that TWO people, Jack!

  16. mark m says

    let’s see… gay celebrities I respect and admire….

    Tim Gunn (since we’re talking about him on this thread). Really seems to be a man of integrity.

    Ian McKellen – came out before coming out was cool. Proof that gay men over 50 are NOT dead or invisible.

    John Wesley Ship, who briefly played “The Flash” on TV. (that’s going back far). I just always thought he was a beautiful man.

    Melissa Etheridge

    Ellen Degeneres

    Queen Latifah (though she’s not officially out)

    And how could I leave out Andy?

    Now Jack, am I allowed to still drool over pretty straight men? Pleeeeeeeease?

  17. Jack says

    Hey I’m not the one that comes on this site everyday to slam every gay celebrity. I don’t know why you people keep doing it. They are out and take abuse regularly from straight people for their sexuality. The least you can do is support them and not knock them down by critizing what they do, say, wear etc. unjustly. It’s already difficult being gay, they don’t need any more grief.

    Mark M, you can drool over anything you want. But why is it always straight men? Where are all the hot gay men that we can drool over? Why doesn’t the gay media look for these men? Why does the gay media (almost) always show us straight men? There are plenty of hot gay men out there. What’s wrong with being a hot gay man?

  18. woodroad34 says

    I don’t know why Tom Ford has to tell people he goes “commando”. All I can think of is when he goes to the bathroom, there will be pee stains and skid marks on all those fancy gabardine pants. Geez! And talk about men going all feminine well, …look at him. Gurrrrl.

  19. Jack says

    Here we go again. Woodroad34, Tom is a masculine man. Gay men can be masculine you know. He can wear anything or nothing he wants. And I don’t mind him telling people that he goes commando.

    Everyone please read my thoughts a couple comments up.

  20. mark m says


    Where do you get off assuming that I only drool over straight men? Exactly how is it that you know me well enough to know who I find attractive? This is a site which features celebrities and most celebrities in film and television are either “not out” or straight.

    If Jake G or Brad Pitt came out tomorrow I wouldn’t stop finding them attractive, but where are the high profile gay celebrities in film and television who are sex symbols?

    Before you launch into your argument about how difficult we gays make it for celebrities to come out, that is not the point here. You asked why it’s ALWAYS straights we drool over. Look around… find me some high profile, drool-worthy gays and I’ll be HAPPY to check them out!

    If you knew me you would know that I don’t discriminate where my “drool” is concerned. I do own gay porn, you know and regardless of who may be gay-for-pay, I assume they’re all gay and enjoy it very much thank you.

    Not to mention when my husband and I go out to “check out” guys we don’t go to straight frat houses… we go to gay bars to check out other gay men. It’s fun. It’s what we gays do. But on this site, high profile celebrities are mostly straight so they get the bulk of the attention.

    I just don’t understand this mission you are on to require us all to narrow our sexual attraction to only gay men.

  21. holdensf says

    it is interesting to note that nearly everyone who posted on the matter considers tom ford’s use of the word “feminine” to be derogatory. i’m not the world’s biggest tom ford fan, but i’d bet it isn’t an insult in his eyes (or mine) to suggest that men buying eye cream might not be the butchest thing the world has ever seen.

    is “feminine” our sworn enemy? because true or false, nothing gets the gays more uppity than suggesting there might be any aspect to their lives that isn’t hyper-masculine.

  22. Jack says

    Mark M, in a perfect world I wouldn’t mind what people find attractive. However it is not perfect.

    Every gay knows that the straight bartender is getting the most tips in a gay bar. Why? Because he/she is straight. The attitude within the gay community is that being straight is better and desirable. And yes I am on a mission. My mission is to elevate gay people so that gay men and women will find other gays just as attractive and desirable as straight people if not more.

    Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend are just as good-looking if not more then Jake Gylenwhatever. Luke MacFarlane from Brothers and Sisters is hot. Chad Allen and on and on.

    Holdensf, there is nothing wrong with gay men that have feminine qualities. The problem is that Tom Ford is just as masculine as any straight guy. The knee jerk reaction is to call him a girl, fag, nancy boy or any other derogatory name to question his masculinity. Many people don’t see gay men as being men. That is what I am objecting to because those comments boil down to the stereotype that gay men are not men.

  23. holdensf says

    jack, tom ford didn’t say “gay men are becoming more feminine.” he also didn’t say, “straight men are becoming more gay.” he didn’t mention the word gay at all.

  24. Daness says

    Posted by: Jack | Dec 9, 2006 1:13:04 PM

    Thank you Jack for all your comments, they are the best words I read all day.

    I’ve been saying this all along, that gay men have not understand their power yet; hence why they’re turned towards straight men and keep idolizing them the media over..Yes, because it starts with the bloggers and our press, who have a responsibility to set a tone, but all they do is call the gay men names and uplift the straight celebs with superlatives like school girls gushing a jock (embarassing).

    I think our true power to transform ourselves will come when we understand that by promoting our culture, and our people (the queer, the drag queen, the fem, the lesbian) and by speaking highly of it all – THEN we will make everyone wish they were like us, and wish to be a part of us.

    It’s a decision everyone has to make, and so far a lot of people deny their own responsibility in the matter. Not me, I love queers, I research queer, I promote queer to my friends and I’m more happy for it.

  25. Hadassah says

    Brokeback clebrates its 1 yr anniversary today & you haven’t marked the occasion.
    For Shame.

  26. Who cares says

    Jack, who here is slamming gay celebs? The only ones I see getting slammed are Andy for posting what he wants on his blog and Jake Gyllenhaal because he isn’t gay (or out as some people would say that he is in the closet.) I mean what does Jake have to do with a post about Jennifer Holiday vs. Jennifer Hudson? Nothing, but he was brought up in that thread.

    If you don’t like what Andy posts, either skip over it or create your own blog with who/what you want to promote or talk about. Andy does a great job of discussing all things queer, including gay celebs. Just because he includes a few others, like Jake (who I love) does not change that. And if you read around the internet Jake gets some of the most idiotic and homophobic comments posted about him. A lot of which comes from comments or stupid blind items from bloggers like Ted Casablanca and Michael K of Dlisted and Perez Hilton.

    Point is that Andy does a lot of good, instead of posting some of the bullshit that other bloggers do about the gay community. So what if he includes some straight actors/celebs.

  27. Jack says

    Who cares, every time there is a post about Rupert Everett, Anderson Cooper, Reichen, Elton John, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, TR Knight and any other gay celebrity they get slammed. The majority of the comments are negative. And you even point that out with Ted Casablanca, Perez Hilton etc. There is a knee jerk reaction by gay people to tear down gay celebrities. I am sick of it. It polarizes the gay community and slows progress toward equality.

    Almost all of the eye candy presented on Towelroad is of straight men. I can’t remember the last time a picture of a gay man was posted for us to lust after. Every step Jake Gylenwhatever takes is recorded here. Is he gay or what? If people know that he is gay then it would be fine for him to be posted every two seconds. Otherwise I don’t see the point. I’m still waiting for Andy to post some hot pics of Thomas Roberts and his boyfriend. They are hot.

    I was thinking about starting my own blog but I don’t know. It takes too much time to say what I want on a daily basis. LOL

    Yes, I have been extremely hard on Andy in the past. I acknowledge that. I do appreciate that he has provided a forum for gay people to discuss issues, it is one of the best. And his hard work in keeping the site current daily and writing nice tidbits are unbelievable. I have no problem with the news that he provides. My disagreement with Andy is with the eye candy. There is not a gay man to be found among the men posted here regularly.

  28. mark m says


    You make many valid points. I think the problem I have with your view is that it is so myopic. You are right about the negative comments on the site when gay celebrities are mentioned.

    I have a particular problem with some towleroaders who demand that gay celebrities be not only OUT, but perfect role models, ideal representations of the gay community, AND fierce advocates, politically, socially for all things homosexual.

    That’s just not realistic. We’re talking about humans not archetypes.

    And your argument is noble and true in the extent that there is a bit too much hetero-worship on this site. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Neil Patrick Harris is definitely worthy of drool.

    But as a red-blooded man-loving homo, I do not find NPH more attractive than Jake G. Sorry, that’s not straight worship…that just comes down to hormones and biology, bro.

    I can also name plenty of gay men (most are not celebrities) who are way more sexy than Jake G.

    Your mission is noble but you’re dismissing much of what is innocent and seeing disparity where there is none. It’s worthy of mentioning, but futile to campaign against.

    If you want to make a difference, start your own blog (not being glib here). I will definitely join it if you do because I’d welcome a blog dedicated to gay-worship :)

  29. Jack says

    Mark M, in most cases the hetero-worship is not coincidental. As I mentioned before, straight bartenders in gay bars get the most tips. That just doesn’t happen for no reason. There is a mindset that being straight is better and desirable. If Jake Gyllenhaal came out tomorrow, his popularity within the gay community (and outside of it) would fall. Many gay people that find him attractive now will look at him different.

    It is not a futile effort to change people’s minds. If there were more attractive openly gay men presented in the gay media it would change the way gay people looked at themselves. This will in turn strengthen our community and enable better representation in all of media.

  30. mark m says

    I’m sure you have been in a bar or two where straight bartenders got the most attention. I have been in plenty of gay bars but have not seen the same thing. It always seems to be the guy with the best body…. and yes, I’m sure many straight guys who work out and have nice bodies serve drinks at gay bars that you go to.

    Maybe it’s a geographic difference. I live in the South, where a straight man is less likely to seek work in a gay bar because of what his friends would say. So all the handsome, hunky bartenders are gay. And when that is the case, it’s the bartender who takes off his shirt who gets the most tips.

    Add body fascism to the crime of straight worship… we do a lot of that too.

    Where are these bars you speak of? I will be sure to avoid them :)

  31. says

    There are no 100% “straight” bartenders in gay bars, only men who are stimulated by the homoeroticism of the scene but just can’t take that first step to coming out and breaking the girlfriend’s heart. In pre-Gay Lib days there may have been gay men who felt straight men were better or more desirable, but that was DECADES ago. Today gay men know that any guy can be gay, and there’s a type to suit every taste. One can admire and find a straight guy attractive, but we certainly don’t need them in our bars or in our beds.