South Africa’s First Gay Wedding Photos


Vernon Gibbs and Tony Halls today tied the knot in South Africa’s first gay wedding since same-sex unions took effect on Thursday. They adopted the joint surname Halls-Gibbs.

The couple wore ranger outfits to the ceremony because they “run a guest lodge and animal rehabilitation centre, which was attacked last year after it was marketed to gay tourists” according to the BBC.

Vernon Halls-Gibbs noted the fact that the ceremony took place on World AIDS Day: “This marriage… is for all HIV/AIDS sufferers and gay people who have experienced discrimination.”

He added, “I just have one message I would like to give to everybody that we are just two men who love each other and who have loved each other for a long time.”

Our best wishes to the happy couple.

Per a reader request, here’s a link to their guest lodge website.


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  1. John says

    Any information on a website with information on their guest lodge and animal rehabilitation centre? I have always wanted to go to South Africa and maybe this is a good place to support and visit.

  2. Zeke says

    Congratulations to the Halls-Gibbs and congratulations to South Africa! May God bless them all!

    Gelukwensen M. en M. Halls-Gibbs! De God zegent u allebei en de Republiek Zuid-Afrika bij deze gelukkigste gelegenheid.

    I wanted to congratulate you in your two official languages but alas I don’t speak Afrikaans. My rusty Dutch will have to do.

    It’s official, the US now ranks behind South Africa in Civil Rights bestowed upon its citizens! Fifteen years ago, during the last throws of Apartheid, that would have seemed absolutely impossible to believe.

    That’s what happens when they progress into the 21st century at the same time that we digress into the 19th.

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