Apple Introduces Revolutionary iPhone


It’s a widescreen iPod, mobile phone, and “internet communicator” all in one using a touchscreen navigation. Only one button, the home button. Thinner than any smartphone. Comes with full-featured internet browser, integrated Google search and maps, free Yahoo push IMAP email (like BlackBerry), runs OSX, widgets. Shipping in June in $499 and $599 models, exclusively with Cingular. Developing

Iphone Iphone2


  1. says

    don’t forget the TV box, which routes streaming media from your computer to your TV. I just got my Treo last spring, so I don’t think I can justify changing it yet, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to get streaming media from my mac to my TV without burning a disc (’cause I’m a techno-moron). . . so I’m diggin *that*. ($299).

  2. roger says

    A phone, an iPod and “Internet communicator.” It has proximity sensors – it adjusts sound/light when pressed against the face. It automatically switches from between landscape and portrait views. It has “multi-touch” capability – you make a “pinching” motion against screen to zoom photos. 200+ patents. Truly revolutionary.

  3. Dave says

    Revolutionary? Really? In a couple of years it will be obsolete, so what’s with all the excitement?

    I guess that if consumerism is the state religion of America, the iPhone = the coming of the messiah?

  4. Ian says

    Dave – yes, in the technology world this product is revolutionary. Nothing to do with consumerism dude, it’s called technology. Like that new fangled computer you are using…when it came out (IBM PC) it was revolutionary. Just like the first iPod. All of these products spawn many generations of new products. Behold, these revolutionary products only come out every few years in the tech world, many of us appreciate that.

    Now you can cynically get back to slitting your wrists.

  5. burnssuit says

    Looks very pretty, very functional (which is insane for any kind of PDA device), but damn if everything from Apple isn’t god-awful expensive. Probably best I don’t even look at their products, because I could never afford them.

  6. says

    I read the “revolutionary” comments. Uh, nope that’s only cool, not revolutionary. Sorry, it’s just bells and whistle improvements on a user interface. Very cool.

  7. says

    Looks innovative and revolutionary to me (sometimes, as I’ve learned in grant-writing.. innovative and revolutionary can be putting pre-existing things together in new ways..)

    I don’t care about the price, I’m drooling. Don’t think I can wait till June…

    what am I to do!?!

  8. Sean says

    Revolutionary indeed! Like the cell phone, PC, original iPod…not many realized they were looking at a revolutionary application of existing technology at the time. iPhone is in that league I believe. Those enlightened industry analysts are almost unanimously declaring this revolutionary and to me, it’s clear. This is a quantum leap in the world of portable devices, and a clear look into the future of things to come from everyone. Cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, etc haven’t changed much in years…the iPhone announced today will inspire significant changes in all of these devices and how we use them in the near future.

    I am definitely not an Apple fan boy, but I do realize the impact of what Apple has done here. Bravo.

  9. Michael says

    Ultimately, IT IS A PHONE. It’s understandable that apple chose GSM for its international flexibility, but I will never get this BEAUTY until it’s available with a different wireless carrier than Cingular. Did Apple miss the satisfaction/reliability surveys of wireless carriers? (Consumer Reports have Cingular consistently in the dumps in practically all major metropolitan areas.) Maybe this is the beginning of the end of the “APPLE EXPERIENCE”.

  10. D. R. H. says

    Cracks me up when people criticize other’s punctuation and spelling in the comments section of a blog in order to make themselves feel more intelligent than the rest.

  11. BJ says

    Apple isn’t afraid to spend gobs of money in R&D. Other companies wait for them to do the work, then copy and rip them off. It’s disgusting. Worse than those fake Spade bags and Rolex watches sold on street corners.

    Look at the dozens of iPod rip-offs. Consider how Microsoft stole all Apple’s window software innovations. The examples go on.

    The copier are careful to be just different enough to avoid lawsuits, but it’s still theft. I hope that Apple’s patents on these innovations are strong and they sue the butts off the followers who copy their ideas.

    So all those grousing about the cost…. it’s the price of innovation. The engineers must be paid for their hours of research and the entrepreneurs need a profit incentive to support invention. I think those are reasonable costs for what you get.

    Michael said it best… a tech boner for sure. Glad I bought my Apple stock when it was under $30. It’s more than tripled and bound to keep going.

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