News: FMA, Gay Vito, Gay in Cuba, Abbé Pierre

road.jpg Sen. Wayne Allard and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave are giving up on attempts to revive an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would ban gay marriage. Allard: “If we thought there was a decent chance to bring it to the floor for debate, I would, but with the new Congress, I’m not sure we will ever have that opportunity.”

Gayvitoroad.jpg Remember Joseph Gannascoli aka gay Vito from The Sopranos? He’s getting ready to host his own diet radio show: “The radio show has an odd seventies vibe; 1976 Olympic superstar Bruce Jenner is even mentioned in promotions. There is no possible way Gannascoli will not be wearing a velour tracksuit during the interviews.”

road.jpg French Catholic priest Abbé Pierre, a champion of the homeless who angered the church by voicing his support for gay adoption and gay marriage, dies in Paris at 94.

road.jpg Downhill skiing with Lance and Reichen.

road.jpg The FBI admits they screwed up on the Foley case: “While finding no official misconduct on the part of FBI officials, the inspector general said ‘the e-mails provided enough troubling indications on their face’ to have warranted follow-up steps. Instead, the inspector general found, the supervisory agent decided there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and ‘placed the e-mails in her in box and took no further action’ even though she found the e-mails ‘odd.'”

Havanadragroad.jpg As time marches on, are minds becoming less narrow in Havana?

road.jpg Bristol, England man wins damages in sexual orientation discrimination case against his former employer, Bristol County Sports Club: “After about eight-and-a-half years I got tired of living a lie and told them that I was gay. After that they just started to make my life hell. They just were looking for an excuse to get rid of me. One member of staff told me that all gays were evil and one told me that he thought all gays should be shot. When I went to this disciplinary hearing there were eight members of the committee there and they drank all the way through it.”