Jimmy Kimmel: Three Musketeers Way Gayer Than Snickers

I hadn’t seen this great spoof of the Snickers Super Bowl commercial from Jimmy Kimmel until today. Enjoy.

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  1. xavier says

    I laughed out loud. It’s funny and somehow titilating. The idea of the guy with the big sideburns looking for chocolate in my pockets is somehow…. er….

  2. bambambam says

    OMG. Now 3 Musketeers is going to have to do all kinds of expensive marketing to dissociate itself from Snickers…

    Man, is Snickers’ ad agency still in business? The clients must be fleeing in droves.

  3. Giovanni says

    Hilarious and yet strangely titillating much like the sensation I get when I bite into a york peppermint pattie.

  4. Kurt says

    OK, that was good – too good. Best clip you’ve posted since Samantha Bee made over Al Jazeera. Thanks, Andy.