Christian Teen Group BattleCry Rallies Against “Gay Sin” in SF


More than 20,000 teenagers with the anti-gay evangelical Christian youth group BattleCry converged on San Francisco this weekend for a two-day confab of “Christian rock, religious speakers and worship.” The weekend kicked off with a rally at City Hall which, according to Towleroad correspondent Michael Davis, became a heated confrontation between the group and progressives there to protest.

Battlecry2 Battlecry3

Davis sent Towleroad these photos from the event. A gay man argues with one of the BattleCry youths (above); a father and son broadcast their opinion on marriage; protestors gather on the mall; and young Christians pray for salvation (below).

Ron Luce, who runs the Texas-based ministry behind the event, told the AP: All the stuff that’s being rammed down their throats, it’s pillaging and raping this young generation of any virtue. They’re saying ‘we’re tired, we’re going to shape our culture in a different way…The Bible teaches us homosexuality’s harmful and is a sin, period. There’s lots of documentation that homosexuals have shorter life spans, and are more prone to suicide and depression, so it’s not very loving of us to let them stay in that situation.

The mayor’s office issued this statement on the event: “Their homophobic beliefs are offensive, but we hope they’ll become more tolerant after spending the weekend in our famously tolerant city.”



  1. FizziekruntNT says

    I could just puke. I have several clients that belong to large-scale Christian ministry organizations, but I will be researching to find out if any of them are related to this particular organization. If so, I will send them each a business letter letting them know that I can no longer serve them as clients. This kind of stuff is just outrageous and such a sick spin. It’s no less offensive than a KKK rally march through the streets of Birmingham.

  2. says

    “All the stuff that’s being rammed down their throats […]” Heh! But seriously, my fundamentalist kittens, if homosexuality’s so wrong and unhealthy… Just stop sucking dicks. But don’t come to other people’s cities and berate people who don’t agree with you and your petty little god. I swear sometimes you just want to go out and hang a Christian from a tree since they wanna be so much like Jesus.

  3. Jack! says

    Sick. I agree with you Matt, I think young gay people don’t realize the struggles that took place because they don’t learn that in school like other struggles. So they take for granted what they can do now. Also, I think gay people are tired of fighting. At every turn there is a fight. It wears on them.

  4. Rascal says

    How sad. These poor young people are being led so far astray that in the name of love they are promoting hate. What is really a sin is denying young people the message that God is not in scripture alone but also in one’s own soul. Fundametalists are taught to distrust their passions and, by extention, their compassions. These poor people are strangers to their own hearts.

  5. Michael W. says

    “There’s lots of documentation that homosexuals have shorter life spans, and are more prone to suicide and depression…”

    Well, Jesus! I wonder why the fuck that is!?! These people are fucking sheep to their parents’ idiotic dark ages mentalities.

  6. stolidog says

    it must suck to be young. whatever happened to childhood. Children today have been molded and politicized by their parents by the time they are ten years old. They are forming the armies of the right AND the left.

    Whatever happened to going out for pizza after a basketball game? Now it’s all christian empowerment weekends and gay/straight aliance bake sales.


  7. Patroclus6 says

    Ugh. I’m gay & a Christian, although more & more I feel that those two aspects of my life can’t live in harmony. Sadly, it’s the Christianity that would have to go, since I was born gay & chose to be christian. Personally, I see absolutely no disconnect between being gay and Christian, but the increasingly vocal movement in the Christian community which preaches hatred & intolerance has made me question whether there’s any validity left in the religion. When I was growing up, I was ashamed of my sexual orientation. Now that I’m an adult, I’m ashamed of being associated with what is being presented as Christian ideals. I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would do. Personally, I hope what he would do is kick some ass & take some names, starting with James Dobson, Pat Robertson & all the other nut jobs that have used Christianity as a platform for personal gain by appealing to the most base traits in our characters.

  8. Robert In WeHo says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Christianity is the problem, not the solution…

  9. 000000 says

    I wonder why they don’t mobilize against the “harmful” sight of Paris Hilton’s labia every other day. On the other hand, it’s a wonder what the city expected in the wake of its gay porn day.

  10. Bobby says

    Why can’t these fucking Christians worship how they wish and leave the rest of us alone.

    This is going to be bad. This is the new holy war and I tell you it’s going to culminate in something that will either push us all back in the closet or have us in graves.

    We have to fight them as vehemently as they are fighting against us.

    If you are a “gay Christian” leave your church, right now, leave your church and find another way to worship. Don’t give these haters one more penny, one more second of your time.

  11. Dan says

    Oh whatever, Robert. Not all christians are the fundy whackjobs you see here. Try not to engage in same kind of ugly stereotyping that they’re guilty of.

  12. anon says

    “…so it’s not very loving of us to let them stay in that situation.”

    Now, there’s the rub, isn’t it. They should worry more about their own salvation than ours. We’re not asking for their “help”.

  13. scientitian says

    Yeah, the average lifespan of a European Jew between 1930 and 1950 really dropped off…I mean, clearly the solution was a change in lifestyle.

  14. says

    Wtf? I use to be in church and got out because i was beeing kicked out. I still love god and im still will be a good person. so why beeing gay make me so bad? omg if ur going to follow the bibles rules, follow them all (divorce,abortion,ect)let see how things turn out once u put yourself im OUR shoes “u fucks”. 😀

  15. sean says

    how very pre-meditated of them. what cities are next? south beach? provincetown? fire island? west hollywood? chelsea? to think that they would proselytize their beliefs in one of the epicenters of gaydom just adds insult to injury. these youths are merely parroting their parents’ beliefs rather than simply forming opinions of their own. talk about brain-washing. wasn’t it marx who said “religion is the opiate of the masses?”

  16. Paul says

    I was furious when I heard about this. I saw it on the news and immediately wanted to go to Pac Bell Park and pass out fliers. I had to go into work and didn’t make it but I have a feeling my worst assumptions were realized. Don’t the “progressive” activists realize that they are coming here from Texas for a showdown. They want us to come with bullhorns and to scream at them while they pose as soulful victims.

    If they plan on doing this next year we need to plan far in advanced, to be as organized as they are, and to do it in a way that doesn’t allow for publicity.

    …and a message to some of the gay Christians who read this blog: There is no such thing as a Gay Christian. If you believe in the supernatural you should find another faith, because Leviticus and Duetoromony couldn’t be more explicit. You shall be executed! You will spend an eternity in Hell!

    Of course Hell doesn’t exist, but you know what I am saying. If you want more read “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris.

  17. stolidog says

    i live in san francisco. this group wasn’t even a blip on the radar. it would take a lot more than some crybaby teen christians to ruin our weekend in the city.

  18. Leland says

    But, WHERE dear Dan, are all the “Christians” who are not “fundy whackjobs”? If they actually oppose this EXTREMELY DANGEROUS group which is affiliated with Falwell and Robertson [and one time, Ted Haggard], why weren’t they out there in equal/larger numbers? Because, with rare exception, like UCC and the Quakers, they don’t give a rat’s ass about us. Oh, sure, they’re less likely to be the ones attacking us literally with clubs and knives and guns, but their absence, their apathy, their silence effectively gives license to those who do.

    But there absence is less angering than that of HRC or NGLTF at these events. HRC can set up a store in the Castro to sell their shit but can’t bother to mobilize in the streets where they’re actually needed. [If nothing else, they might learn some marketing techniques from the antigay industry that has become HUGE business. Admission alone to the BattleCry event was $50+ and up, and then there were all the geegaws they brilliantly sell like “Branded by God” shirts. Check out their online store:

    Our gay youth aren’t to blame for their lack of similar militant activism. Once again, it’s the insular and incestuous national ADULT gay group “leaders” who are too busy preaching to the choir while Luce is preaching to and brainwashing future voters and more direct gay bashers.

  19. says

    Well, I’m trying to figure out what all of those young women are doing there. The Bible is very clear about the role of women in society and the church.

    1 Corinthians 14:34:
    34 women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says.

    1 Timothy 2:11 -12
    11 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission
    12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

    There is of course much more in the Bible regarding the 2nd class citizenship of women so I don’t understand why they’re not obeying the Bible.

  20. Tagg says

    SF Dog, maybe you need to lay off the Stoli and pay attention to what this group is doing and wants to do which if far more serious than simply spoiling your weekend.

  21. stolidog says

    Tagg, i’m well versed in the exploits of the chirstian rigth and the fundamentalist agenda.

    That said, don’t get your panties in a bunch, they were just some losers listening to crappy wanna-be rock songs.

    they’re pathetic. they want aknowledgement, first and foremost. Giving it to them is counterproductive.

    Ignore them and they fail. Aknowledge them and they win.

  22. griffin1573 says

    If there is a God….
    Oh what pain he/she must feel to see what suffering and misery the people have rought upon themselves and each other.
    In his/her name.

  23. Leland says


    Tivo and BattleCry are now partners. “Now we have a partner to help ensure that our values are on our TVs. It is like having the power to program your own TV network! And if you purchase TiVo through you’ll actually be supporting the work of Teen Mania! A portion of every sale will be returned to the ministry to further our work with teens. How’s that for a WIN-WIN?”

    Greed & Fascism—an unbeatable combination. Remember that the next time you time shift record “Brothers & Sisters” or “Nip/Tuck.”

  24. Leland says

    “Ignore them and they fail.” Too bad you weren’t around to share that wisdom with the Jews in 30s Europe, Matthew Shepard, etc., etc.

    You’re retarded.

  25. says

    I went on a mission trip with these guys when I was 15. The ministry, Teen Mania, is about as far-right as you can get. On Friday I began to write on my blog about my experiences with them. I spent two months with Ron Luce, Teen Mania and the rest of the nuts and, well, it was eye opening

  26. mike says

    Wow.. what a bunch of ugly and horribly dressed kids. They should pray to god for some fashion sense.

  27. Robert In WeHo says

    Well said Leland, well said…

    Dan, religion is the great evil of our time. It creates arrogant, intellectually self-lobotomized dilettantes who are easily manipulated and used to further the deceitful, manipulative ambitions and lustful greed of those who profess to lead them in the name of “righteousness.” Religion is the excuse used to justify tyranny, prejudice, oppression and even genocide all in the name of some far off “reward” that can only be earned after death. No, dear Dan, religion IS the problem, NOT the solution…

  28. Zeke says

    As usual, I agree with Leland.

    As a Christian and a proud member of the United Church of Christ (UCC) I can say that being a progressive and outspoken Christian is a VERY lonely existence. My particular UCC congregation is very, very outspoken on issues of justice and equality (we organized a rally of 300 Christians and Christian leaders in Largo last week to protest the firing of a transgendered city employee), but most often we find ourselves standing alone when we challenge anti-GLBT bias.

    If this rally is like most other religiously inspired anti-gay rallies, then you can bet that there were more homos in that stadium for two days than there were in ALL of the Castro. These functions, as well as religious colleges and anti-gay religious organizations always have a higher than normal percentage of gay people; especially when they target the young.

    And they say WE recruit!

  29. Marco says

    Fuck these teens and their not very Christian-like hate.

    Seriously, and sorry to offend believers here, but why even engage in debate with people who believe in the big fairy tale?

  30. Zeke says

    The abuse of and misuse of spirituality is the problem.

    And since the abuse of and misuse of spirituality is pretty much the definition of religion, I would have to agree with ROBERT IN WEHO that religion IS the problem.

    However, I would not agree that spirituality itself is a problem.

  31. John says

    Young people fueled by fanatical fundamentalism rally against gays…frightening and deplorable. Remember the Hitler Jugend, Mao’s cultural revolutionaries?

    I’m surprised at the measured response.

    What if the KKK were marching in a black or Jewish neighborhood?

    Is there a difference? Can someone explain it to me?

  32. peterparker says

    I think we need to contact Tivo to let them know just how we feel about their partnership with Battle Cry. You can contact the corporate office at 408.519.9100 or by writing to Tivo at 2160 Gold Street, P.O. Box 2160, Alviso, CA 95002.

    If you own stock in Tivo, contact investor relations at 408.519.9345 or send an email from this link: Their stock, by the way, is in the toilet.


  33. Dan says

    Leland et al – the main reason you don’t see these ‘normal’ Christians is that it’s generally only the fundy whackjobs who make all the noise. Although they account for 90% of the noise you hear, they probably account for 10% of the overall population.

    Numbers aside, you’re missing my point. You’re engaging in simplistic, irrational, hate filled stereotypes by saying Christianity = Evil. Christianity, just like any other religion, is only as ‘evil’ as the individual that practices it. Even though I’m not Christian, my parents raised me to be a tolerant individual. I know that, even though there are Christian nutjobs out there like Falwell and Robertson, there are still many valuable lessons that can be learned from the Bible. Christianity is a fundamentally compassionate religion. By twisting a few select passages from the Bible, you’re no better than the people you see pictured above.

  34. says

    “There’s lots of documentation that homosexuals have shorter life spans, and are more prone to suicide and depression…”

    Yeah, cuz of you toolbags. Yeah, it’s been said before but it can be said again. Oh, and Christian music is shitty. Especially Christian “rock”. Those kids need to get jumped.

  35. mark m says

    First let me chime in on what is spirituality vs. religion. Christianity is a belief system. It’s a faith. Baptists, methodists, Mormons, Those are religions.

    On the whole I would agree that most religion is bogus because religion is a man-made institution constructed to practice a faith. Humans are flawed.

    But you can be Gay and be Christian. It’s the radical evangelicals and the oppressive Catholic Church who have made us feel otherwise.

    “I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would do.”

    He’d do what he did then — call out hypocrisy where he saw it. The Pharisees, the leading religioius class at the time, were often called out by Christ for their greed, piousness and falsity.

    It’s no different today.

  36. scientitian says

    I don’t know if grouping all religions into the “problem” category is the most accurate. To lump folks like Buddhists in with these mofos is a bit much, but I would agree that mainstream, socially and financially powerful religious institutions are either a) the offenders, or b) complacent.
    I still fail to understand how people (not so much these kids but their parents and leaders) can be so fucking pigheaded and presumptuous as to waltz into a public arena and expect everyone to take on a “Christian” dialogue on homosexuality. Religion should never, NEVER factor into public debate in this country. I’ve given up trying to point out the flaws in the Bible or the selective beliefs of those who follow it, because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rule of law in this country. We might as well start a religion following the rulebook of Hungry Hungry Hippos and enter the national dialogue on gay marriage at this point. I’m sure we’d get a lot of support from the deep south.

  37. ShawnSF says

    I wondered why there were so many more young people out in the Castro this weekend?? I guess after they got done “preaching” their hate and intolerance they decided to party with all the gays they couldn’t “convert”. Hope they enjoyed beautiful San Francisco and got to have some fun before returning to hate filled Texas.

  38. says

    I’m tired of religious people. I am tired of religion, too. Religion is the problem here. It’s the problem when it’s the Christians or the Muslims or the Jews (though it’s rarely the Jews, for some reason).

    I don’t see any atheists coming to my town and giving me shit for living my life. Just fucktard Christianists.

  39. stolidog says

    i just want to point out that comparing gay rights with those of European Jews in the 1930’s is the height of alarmism (and awfully depressing).
    In the 1930’s the Jewish peoples saw their rights being constantly eroded, leading to horrible consequences.
    It’s exactly the opposite for the glbt community. Sure, we are facing some setbacks in our push for marriage equality, but on every other front, our rights are expanding, acceptance is higher than ever, and it’s become a global issue.
    So, please, don’t compare the two.

  40. KevinSF says

    The day before the event ABC/Disney (the Evil Empire) did a news story interviewing the PR person for Battlecry at SBC Bell Park. She of course was the most innocuous looking thing, pleading for tolerance of her group that simply wanted to praise Jesus and spread the word to troubled youth. She stated emphatically that they were apolitical and were definitely not anti-gay. Those “Christians” sure play fast and loose with that commandment about lying don’t they?

  41. Robert In WeHo says

    STOLIDOG, what planet are you living on? The comparison with pre-war/war fascist Nazi oppression and scapegoating of European Jews is VERY accurate. The United States of America, was until recently, the world leader in the advancement of human rights and equality of all people under the law, has now sunk to the same level as Saudi Arabia and Iran on such issues. Certainly, as a nation, it’s true that we’ve had some pretty serious bumps in the road to achieving equality. The shame of slavery and segregation which continue to stain and color America’s ability to live up to it’s own ideals is nothing to be proud of. But, without question, the march towards equality in this country was real and our society was beginning to actually live up to it’s own principals until, that is, the contemporary anti-gay drumbeat and crusade of legalized oppression being waged by Christians against the gay community began in this country. Christians have managed to single handedly turn back the civil rights clock to the “good old days” of government sanctioned tyranny against a minority group of it’s own citizens. The Christian crusade of hate has only one legitimate comparison, to Hitler’s “final solution.”

  42. says

    Religion really can bring you down. My bi(well he’s OBVIOUSLY gay, but he says “bi”) friend who has lots of problems with his religous family s very conflicted. He’s very big into the church and stuff and he kinda thinks it’s a sin like his family tells him it is. But he’ll just shrug it off and say “God forgives”. tsk, tsk…

  43. atheist says

    “(Religion) With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion” – Steven Weinberg

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire

    All hail Science and Reason!

  44. jimmyboyo says

    SECULAR europe has a longer average life span than xtian america. Does that mean xtainity is deadly to its practitioners?

    It is currently impossible to do a valid study on the life spans of gays due to the “closet affect”. Many long lived gay men do not admit to their sexuality for a study and after the deaths of many 80+ year old Great uncle erberts…families do not admit to their gaynes.

    Anyway; xtianity and ALL religions are crazy (yes orthedox jews do throw stones at us gays and stab us gays with knives as evidenced by the news reports that come out of israel) but since this is a particularly xtian group I will focus on them. How can any sane person follow a messiah (myth that it, he, she is) that Yes did heal the SLAVE of the Roman Centurion but did not mention or teach 1 word against slavery. Roman slavery allowed for the raping, beating, killing, instant ownership of slave’s children, etc of said slaves…yet a supposed messiah (if he even ever existed which is doubtful) never ever ever taught against it especialy when healing a slave owned by a roman centurion. Paul even said “slaves obey your masters” when asked if slaves should run away to freedom.

    Such a mythological messiah and his suppsoed followers never condemned slavery though we being more enlightened know it is against any semblence of good. Said messiah’s religion just on that one fact alone is proven a moraly corrupt, inept, ignorant, and foolish myth for enlightened 21st century gay men to follow.

    PS to the person who said they didn’t know of many jewish homophobic responses to us….try walking down the street in an orthedox community here in the USA while holding your boyfriend’s hand….and both of you would be stoned instantly. many jewish gays are stoned on a regular basis by orthedox jews in israel when coming out of gay bars. All religions are foul, foolish, and evil

  45. jimmyboyo says

    PS to the people defending budhism. The Budha taught against us gays. Also on the simple fact that the suppsoed budha left his wife and son to fend for themselves when he went off to seek enlightenment makes him a moraly corrupt person. It is ok to seek enlightenment but one needs to wait till the kids are all grown up unlike what the budha did.

    All religions are foul

  46. says

    I especially love how they use the very thing that their hate causes to justify their cause. Uh, when are these people going to realize their “salvation” being shoved down our throats is the reason for that high depression and suicide rate?

    These don’t sound like very moral or “christian” people at all. Boo!

  47. atheist says

    Oh and check these out for just how sick and twisted these fundies are – this is child abuse/brainwashing at its very worst. A lesson in how to create bigots

    And this is our old friend Ted Haggard opening his mouth again. This time boasting about the Great Sex Lives of Evangelicals. Now we know what he was referring to and Ted, you were the one enjoying the pounding, not your wife…
    Pass the sick bag…

  48. Rascal says

    Here’s the contact info page for TiVo:

    Really, people, we need to make our voices heard to this company. I’ll bet we made up a significant percentage of the early adopters of TiVo brand DVR programming. I just hate that I have to be shamed by my beloved TiVo now.

  49. scientitian says

    The Buddha taught absolutely nothing in regards to homosexuality. He taught against doing sexual harm to one’s self or others, but this is normally used to support homosexuality (since sexual repression is regarded as unhealthy and untruthful).

  50. jimmyboyo says

    Scientitian actualy you are wrong

    The Budha taught not to harm homosexuals for their actions BUT that said sodomy was a crime against nature

    That isn’t even the main reson for dismissing the supposed budha. his running off from the responsibility of his wife and son to seek enlightenment made said man into an utter rebrobate. Oh, I am going to go and be lay under a tree for years while my wife and son must strugle through life all by themselves in a scoiety far removed from today’s which means sigle motherhood was far far far harder than today.

    All religous l;eaders, messiahs, saviors, teachers were are frauds criminals when viewed with our more enlightened 21st century lorals, and most likely myths anyway

  51. jimmyboyo says



    sorry for my typos

    morals as verses lorals etc.


    The budha’s view on homosexuality summed up “love the sinner hate the sin” BS that uncle toms think we should grovelingly be happy about “at least they aren’t stoning us”. F that and F all religions when homosexuality is evident in nature amongst the animal kingdom and thus proven by nature to be completly normal and natural. Religions that disagree with nature are the ravings of lunatics and people out of touch with reality

  52. C says

    For what it’s worth, I just sent a very detailed message to TiVo about why I have just this moment decided not to purchase one of their units.

    I am neither gay nor male, but I find such an alliance perplexing and disturbing.

    Keep fighting the fight, guys.

  53. Da says

    “But there absence is less angering than that of HRC or NGLTF at these events. […] Our gay youth aren’t to blame for their lack of similar militant activism.
    Posted by: Leland |

    Once again you GET IT Leland! How I am inspired by you.

    I think the fact this march took place in San Francisco was very symbolic. All the elements are there to send us all a message: Battlecry are declaring open war on us. And we have to react now, or we’ll see their numbers rise.

    Here are a few steps I suggest individually we can all start taking today, in order to take our to take our power back against these people!!

    1) Contact:
    Write to ALL your friends, every single on them, or phone them – and make them aware about our need to start getting involved and speaking up about injustices we observe on our end. Ask them to spread the word too!!…[You may use the “email this” link at the bottom of Andy’s posts to send it to friends you know. Do it!]..
    I’ve already selected a list of people from my address book, and I’m readying to put together my own “circle of friends” who will discuss and work together to take specific actions or campaign in favor of our rights.

    2) Mediatize:
    If you’re in the LGBT media, or have friends in the gay media (magazines, newspapers, radio, newsletters) – send them these stories too, and generally encourage them to start allocating more content to gay politics; campaigns; boycotts; denouncing of companies which discriminate against gays; fight for equality; etc..

    3) Celebrity Speak Out:
    If you are artists, or people in power reading this thread…I don’t care if you’re closeted or not: start speaking up about these issues in interviews!! DENOUNCING is the key word. What these groups like Battlecry who manage to gather 20,000 to march against gays count on is our silence. It’s the time they need to grow stronger and for mentalities to sway in their favor. – But I tell you: silence will start deadly soon, I promise. So be brave, and SPEAK.

    4) Blog:
    If you run a blog then start using your column to write more stories about LGBT life and politics. Speak up and rage on. Defy and inspire..As those are the surest ways to raise awarness, and a create a spirit of bravour which will start spreading across the whole gay community. It always starts with one, and extend the rest..

    5) Educate ourselves:
    Learn some basic info GLAAD, NGLTF, HRC, and other LGBT in your area. Find out their info, and what they offer. Learn what you can do to spread the word about them.

    We are definitively not powerless. That’s why I’m going to start this today:

    -Celebrity Speak

    Feel free to copy this post if it’s of any help, or reprint it.

    And keep up the good fight everyone! We shall overcome!!

  54. jimmyboyo says


    Interesting point.

    I didn’t even think about this as a decleration of war. This group and their actions are bad enough in any city anywhere, but to purposefuly go out of their way to do such in San Francisco is a throwing down of the gauntlet.

    ^5 on drawing that conclusion

  55. Leland says

    Excellent suggestions, DA. Even IF our national groups had their acts more together and weren’t trying to fight back primarily with press releases [I think that’s called “shooting blanks”], more of us would still need to be involved on a grassroots level.

  56. gwyneth cornrow says

    I don’t have a problem with Christianity. I have a problem with bad haircuts. Does it say in the bible that the uglier your hair the closer you are to god? No. Maybe if these evangelicals actually read the real word of god they would see that Christianity is not anti-gay and that having a bad haircut does not make you more Christian.

  57. Da says

    Jimmyboyo: I have been studying The Religious Right for a long time now, and have come to understand their tactics, so I know they never ever do things by hazard.
    The religious warfare they’re waging against us is based on psychological war technics used by the army, which consist of trying to break the spirit of the ‘enemy’ and destroy their will to fight back. Hence why they picked San Francisco. Cause it’s the place where a LGBT would feel the safest. Those Battlecry leaders who sent in those packs of teens in SF may be some crazy, power-hungry fools, but you all NEED to read about their ways because they’re serious – Be aware of their warfare tactics, and pass the info to friends and the media, so their weapons are demystified and rendered nil.


    Leland: That’s exactely it! We don’t have to wait for our leadership to take action; it’s always about TAKING YOUR POWER BACK in situations like this. Transform your anger into action. Regroup and fight back. I’ve always said that the people who go are working against don’t know who they are up against, and they’ll never win because we have on our side 1) truth 2) intelligence. Those are unbeatable.

    Like I said: I’ve had my list ready for a while, and I’ve just started to phrase a message to send to them. But it’s going out TONIGHT. I’ll be sure keep you all guys updated on the kind of actions we’re going to be taking, if it can inspire you to do the same!!

  58. Da says

    By the way..

    There are over 20,000 visiting this site everyday.

    If each one of us send emails to 5 just friends in our lists, that’s 100,000 people combatting in favor of justice for LGBT.

    Very symbolic, indeed.

  59. LightningLad says

    The Black civil rights movement was a religiously inspired and organized movement, led by many Black preachers.

    Does that mean the Black civil rights movement was “foul” and “evil”?

  60. Jimmyboyo says

    Lightinglad but did you know that the first…the very first anti-slavery organization in america was founded by benjamin Franklin an avowed atheist

    “lighthouses are more helpful than churches”

    Since large groups of african americans were forbiden to gather or at least looked upon by the police with scorn…the only logical place to safely meet were churches….that leaders would arise from such is no kudos for religion. Otherwise you must bless islam because the evil shah of iran was overthrown by people who were forbiden to meet in large numbers except in mosques and the natural progression of such resulted in the rise of mullahs and radical islam.

  61. el polacko says

    when did being “anti-gay” become THE main tenent of christianity ?? oh right, when we began to make some POLITICAL gains. pretty much says it all, no?

  62. Da says

    LightningLad, is that a case of you having second thoughts about the cause you’re supporting!?

    -The Black civil rights movement worked FOR the liberation of black people.
    -The Conservative Right crusade works AGAINST the liberation of homosexuals.

    That’s the difference…Even though the latter’s ulterior motives is really “for” political influence.

    But since you’re here LightningLad, there’s a message I’d like you to pass along to the extreme right group, or whichever “Secret Society” has dispatched you as watchdog to Towleroad’s gays (you know what I’m talking about).

    Here it goes:


    Dear Bigots-In-Chiefs,

    Following the BattleCry Rally you organized against the good people of San Francisco, which effectively declared war on the gay community, there are things I want you to know :

    I want you to know that I’m now aware of you.

    And I want you to know that I’m knowing of the conspicuous timing of all the attacks you have recently launched in your warfare against our community;…beginning with Ann Coulter’s “fag” name calling; Matt Sanchez’s gay fame washout; Conservative director Frank Miller’s movie “300” and its biais against LGBT; Gen. Peter Pace’s transfer attack at homosexuality….and all other offences at our lives and sexuality which I expect to follow in the media.

    I also want you to know that I’m aware (and have been for a while) of the few misguided souls you have dispatched to watch over & attempt to derail Towleroad’s gays: LightningLad, Joe T., and co…- And just in case you’re wondering, let me assure you that they’ve been doing a piss-poor job at hiding the purpose of their presence here…but who can blame them? It’s the most ingrate and despicable task to be assigned to by you lofty users, and I can understand them finding fault in trying to reconcile themselves with the lowly and amoral actions they have to carry on a daily basis.

    But we do not hate them, nor do we hate the 20,000 misguided teenagers you used in that rally against San Francisco’s LBGT. Oh No..

    It’s YOU, dear Bigots-In-Chiefs, that we hate and despise. And it’s YOU we will effectively go against, relentlessly expose, and ultimately upset in the Religious & Political warfare you’ve ill-advisedly decided to wage against our community.

    I want you to know that, as of tonight, I have emailed a few dear friends of mine, and invited them to join me and take action against your bigotry.

    But what do I know, again?

    I know what you’re up to. I know your warfare tactics. And I know exactely what it takes to defeat you.

    Please accept, dear Bigots-In-Chiefs, the assurance of my highest disdain and the expression of my gleeful affront!!


  63. says

    no one can tell your gay by looking at you. It cannot be compared to the civil rights movement or women suffrage in iran and saudi arabia. You can comment because you have a computer something you cant do in the afore mentioned countries. You at work which is why some post have nsfw something you also could not do. Are you paid less did lawsuits have to come for yo to get these jobs. Do people assume your intelligence is lower and treat you as such. If you wish to buy a house does the property value go down or the real estate agent refuse to sell it to you.

  64. Greenpoint Guy says

    You know, anti-homosexuality in Christianity is simply a hangover from old Hebraic laws, reportedly given by God, and assigned only to the “chosen people”.

    The new testament references are those of Paul (a rabbinical Jew named Saul), who reportedly met Christ in a “vision” and began to preach Hebrew morality to Christians.

    Even if you believe in the core story of Christianity, Christ said nothing about homosexuality.

    Even in the Old Testament, while there are hundreds of archaic rules (some of which have been mentioned in these posts), that are now ignored, there were 10 that God personally gave to Moses.

    Number One of those 10 was “Thou shalt not kill”.

    It’s pathetic and tragic that these kids weren’t out there protesting the carnage in Iraq…

  65. Jimmyboyo says

    Greenpoint you are wrong

    Jesus myth’s own words mathew 5: 18 “Not one word or ttille will pass from the law till the end of the earth”

    He supported and upheld the law which was explicit in our condeming us to death. Stop trying to reconcile yourself to that outmoded myth…let it go…it is a crap myth anyway

  66. Greenpoint Guy says


    Don’t worry, no reconciling here…I think ALL religious belief is mythological hooey…

    However, I’m fascinated by your reference…didn’t know this…was “Jesus” specifically referring to Jewish Torah law?

    Would that mean that he was condoning slavery, the subjection of women, stoning adulterers, and all the other horrible crap in the Old Testament as well?

  67. Jimmyboyo says



    People suppsoedly asked if he had ocme to replace or destroy the law of moses. The myth said “I did not come to destroy the law, but fulfill it. Not one word or …blah blah blah”

  68. ricardo says

    Ron Luce, who runs the Texas-based ministry behind the event, told the AP: All the stuff that’s being rammed down their throats, it’s pillaging and raping this young generation of any virtue. They’re saying ‘we’re tired, we’re going to shape our culture in a different way…The Bible teaches us homosexuality’s harmful and is a sin, period.
    the next time that i watch vanilla sky, the wizard of oz, or consider grand theft auto….i’ll skip the wizard of oz and ponder all of those queer references or not — apart from messages in these that lead to such profoundly healthy and delicious organic farm produced toxin free carrots loaded with crystal meth tinged flavor or atmosphere….ultimately a reminder of mein kampf like bunker sentiment — so much intentionally placed in the dark.

    never knew about buddha and the notion of loving the sinner but not the sin….the latter always seemed to be a derivative of western theocracy. i’ll ignore that thought.

  69. pterygotus says

    Let them be. Their own words and actions will testify to the odiousness of their views, and attacking them will only lend credibility to their ridiculous claims of “persecution.”

  70. John says

    Gays need to stop overreacting. Citizens (Christian or otherwise) have a right to protest the policies of the government.

    San Francisco and the State of California have endorsed abortion rights, evolution in the classroom, and same-sex partnerships. These folks find those public policies objectionable. Now, I strongly disagree with their position, but there’s a freedom of assembly in this country. And as long as it is peaceful and doesn’t interfere with public business…it should be allowed.

    Besides, Battlecry is far from being a “significant” event by San Francisco standards.

    20,000 Christians isn’t even enough to cover half of the square in front of San Francisco’s City Hall. The initial protests against the Iraq War in 2003 drew 150,000 to 200,000 folks to the same space. A typical gay pride parade attacts 750,000 to 1,000,000 people. Halloween draws 350,000 to 500,000.

  71. says

    “Gays need to stop overreacting.”
    Posted by: John |

    You know, I’m tempted to tell you to shove it with the condescending talk on how gays -or any other minorities- should or should not react to groups attempting to directly attack their civil rights..

    But, let’s look at the facts regarding this group you refer to as “insignificant”, Battlecry, and suddenly a much different picture starts to emerge, as it did with Ann Coulter and Gen. Pace’s slip offs – and John if you are a defender of democracy (and hopefully place it above partisan politics) you should be “overeacting” too about all of it, cause democracy’s going to be the real loser here..


    The Truth About “BattleCry”
    ( factsheet)

    Battle Cry is a Christian fascist youth movement. It is led by politically powerful theocrats who prey on the fears, search for meaning, and moral dilemmas that are facing today’s youth. They claim their religion and values are under attack, but it is Battle Cry – and the intolerant theocratic movement they are part of – that has declared war on everyone else! They are raising an army of youth to conquer the world and impose a theocracy where their hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism is made law.

    -FACT # 1: Battle Cry is connected to very powerful theocrats and leaders in the country.

    Bush appointed BC founder, Ron Luce, to the White House Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities.

    Battle Cry Partners include: Pat Robertson (who Karl Rove called to approve Alito before the nomination was announced), Tim Haggard (who brags that his concerns will be responded to by the White House within 24 hours), Jerry Falwell (who blamed September 11th on homosexuals, feminists, pagans, abortionists, etc.), and others.

    Battle Cry speakers have included Barbara Bush (by video) and former President Jerry Ford.

    -FACT # 2: Battle Cry’s talk about violence and war are NOT metaphors.

    -FACT # 3: The Bible taken literally is a horror!

    -FACT # 4: Battle Cry is highly funded, well-organized, and has great influence. [Not surprised! who paid for the travel and accomodations of 20,000 teenagers?]

    -FACT # 6: BattleCry is anti-gay.

    -FACT # 7: BattleCry lies about nation’s founders in order to argue for a theocracy.

    -FACT # 8: BattleCry claims a mandate to conquer the world.

    The complete article and many others at


  72. samii & mandii says

    We are 16 year old Battlecry girls and we stumbled upon this website while reading battlecry articles on google.
    We love battlecry!! It changed our lives forever and we’ll never be the same. The love and happiness we feel is so amazing and impowering we couldnt even begin to explain it to you. We can only pray that someday God will open your eyes and make you see the lies that you are living out in your lives. We do love you and we are not anti gay. Infact we have family memeber who are gay and we love them just the same as any one else. There is nothing you could ever say or do that could shut us up. Our voices are loud and will only grow louder. The teenagers of Battlecry are linking arms and hearts and are finally taking a stand for what we believe in. & you can’t defeat us. We have the God of the universe on our side. So who can be against us? and you think inteligence and truth is going to save you? the truth is in God’s word, with out it you are lost. It looks to me like you guys are a little scared, well we aren’t. We have no fear with God on our side, no one can defeat us. and griffin1573 The joy of the Lord is my strength. He finds great pleasure in seeing His children rise up and do what they were created to do. We are not brain washed. You are, the devil has a hold of you and God is the only one who can set you free. And thanks for the tivo idea peterparker and rascal.. we will tell everyone we know to contact them and thank them for joining together with such and AMAZING organization. and for those of you who think we have bad hair and clothes, we arent on this earth to please you. we live to please God. We are in a real war and people are really dying. We’re sorry, but theres no more playing pattycake with the devil for us. No more letting him destroy precious lives. We cannot just sit by and hope that the devil will just give up and stop fighting against us. Its NOT gonna happen. We love you all, God Bless you. <3

  73. says

    My name is Patrick Flanagan. I run a non-profit theater company in the Tenderloin. We put on shows for the low income and homeless in the neighborhood. Most notably Song of Bernadette and A Tenderloin Christmas.

    Lately there’s been complaints about an Evangelical Christian group called Youth With a Mission (YWAM). Some homeless people who happened to be gay went there because they wanted food and a shower. They sign a contract for a program called Reach-up where they agree to do 30 min of work duty in exchange for the food. The work duty consists of washing windows or sweeping. The issue I’m having is that if the homeless person is gay they will encourage him to go to a “Jesus will make you straight” program. One guy told me that he paid $3,000 for such a program. He said the longer he stayed there the more suicidal he felt. I’m not going to sit around and wait til someone commits suicide before we do anything about this.

    The other issue I have is that if the homeless guy is Catholic they will tell him that the rosary is idol worship. One missionary even attempted to throw a homeless guys rosary into the garbage if he didn’t put it away immediately.

    So I got on the internet and did a little research. Here’s what I found:

    Youth With a Mission (YWAM) has been under investigation as a dangerous cult. Several former missionaries have accused YWAM of using brainwashing methods in their Discipleship Training School (DTS). Rick Ross, an internationally recognized cult expert, was called on to investigate. In his report he stated: “YWAM practices the so-called “shepherding” leadership method. Implementing direct control over their members through “discipleship” training. This training appears to employ recognized techniques of thought reform and mind control…”
    See for the complete report. Or just Google: YWAM Cult.

    Several complaints have also been filed with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services regarding YWAM’s repeated harassment of homeless Catholics, and Gays.

    Homeless people have described YWAM’s Reach-up program as “brainwashing” and “mind games”.

    In 2006 YWAM produced and directed the ABC TV mini-series Path to 9/11 which Democrat and Republican pundits alike derided for it’s gross inaccuracies and distortion of the events leading up to the September 11th attacks. Some scenes are widely recognized as “complete fabrications”.

    Jesus warned “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” (Matthew 7:15). I think it’s safe to say he was talking about YWAM.

    Patrick J. Flanagan IV
    Artistic Director

  74. says

    Having done my own research into previous commenters accusations of the group YWAM, it turns out that his accusations are either significantly altered or patently false. YWAM is by no means perfect, but Patrick’s accusations are tantamount to libel. Oh, and Rick Ross is by no means a reliable cult expert, usually quoted (ironically) by the far-right, ultra-conservative Evangelicals. No trust worthy cult-expert would define YWAM as a cult.

    YWAM San Fran has been attacked repeatedly and ruthlessly with these accusations in many ways, largely at Patrick’s hand. He quotes Scripture in his defense, but he acts nothing like the Jesus Christ I see in the Bible.